10 Tips To Improve Your Writing Skills!


Tips on writing

Writing fast doesn’t necessarily compromise the quality of the article; it merely means writing a professional article as soon as possible. So how can you do a 500-word article in less than 20 minutes?
Here are my answers!
Prepare an outline and use the “word count format,” period! If you like to build your first money making a blog, then check this amazing guide on building a successful blog that generates $4000 per month income in 2019.

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1. Prepare An Outline

Write out an overview of the article. For instance, I like breaking it into three parts…

i. The Introduction

Meant to introduce the subject matter, the problem or whatever you
plan to discuss in the body of the article.

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ii. The Body

This should be a few paragraphs explaining different units of the subject. For a 500 words article, 3 groups or sections is just perfect for the article body.

iii. And The Conclusion

This should summarize what you have written and probably carry a call to action. Your format is how you tend to develop the points in your outline.
Following the outline guide above, every 500 words article you write should have at least 5 paragraphs

i. the first paragraph for “introduction.”
ii. the second, third and fourth paragraphs for “article body.”
iii. and the fifth paragraph for “conclusion.”

Now to write a 500 words article, all you need is 100 words in each paragraph and you are done. A 600 words article would take 120 words in each paragraph. If you are going to write up to 800 words and above, then add a point or two in the body of the content, and you have less number of words to put in each paragraph. For instance, for a 1000 words article, I would put 2 more points into the body of the content and then write 143 words in each paragraph. That’s how simple writing can be if you have the right approach.

Here are other tips to supercharge your writing speed.
Read about the topic before writing. Not while you write. Don’t make the mistake of trying to read and write at the same time. You will write faster if your research period is different from your actual writing period.

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2. Work At Your Peak Time

We all have our peak periods in a day. It could be early in the morning, right after lunch in the afternoon, towards the evening hours or perhaps in the night. Whenever you discovered is when you are always in your best mood and motivation is your peak time and you can accomplish more if you try writing during that period.

3. Get Rid Of Distractions

Disconnect from the internet and use any of the word documents on your computer. If you use an online program, then toggle the full screen to take up your entire monitor.

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4. Use Bullet Points

If you want to write fast, bullet points should be your friend. They make it easier to go from paragraph to paragraph while taking care of content coherence. In addition to that, they help you hit the point, write faster and make the article sound more professional and well researched.

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5. Don’t Edit While You Write

Despite how bad you sound or how ungrammatical you think the content is, don’t edit anything until you are done writing. This is the fastest way to write, trust me! Grammarly is one of the best tools for editing content. I use Grammarly for all the time for content edition. That’s my own observation that with this tool, you can create content very fast as you don’t need to much worry about the grammatical and spelling errors. Everything is going to take care of by Grammarly. You can use the free version, it’s really nice but I use a premium version.

I am using Grammarly Premium for 3 reasons. You can use the Free version of Grammarly and see how it helps to create amazing content. You can check out my detailed Grammarly review to understand its all functions.

1.Amazing grammatical and spelling error

2.Plagiarism Checker

3.Suggest an alternative and better word suggestions

6. Time Yourself

You will likely get more focused if you know you have limited time for the task at hand. So go ahead and time yourself. Set the timer at 15 minutes for a 500 words article and once you are done, set it again at 5 minutes and do the edit.

7. Take Short Breaks

I know, sometimes the ideas won’t just flow either because you didn’t prepare very well, you are not in the right mood or you just can’t help it. It’s alright, don’t force yourself. Take a short break, work on something else to have a change of feeling or just go read more about the topic.

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8. Move On

I am not perfect, you are not perfect, so don’t beat yourself up over little mistakes and don’t hold yourself longer just to make it too perfect. Perfectionism is no good for a writer. There is always a word to change, a new point to add, a paragraph to revamp, a better title to use, etc. Even if you spend a full week on an article, you’d still find something to change in it later.It is the writers’ curse. You did your best, move on, and always strive to get better.

9. Get The Trending Tips For Your Content Easily

When you are creating content, there might be a chance that words don’t appear in your mind. You waste a lot of time in thinking and brainstorming the idea.

If it happens to you, then don’t worry. You can always use Google alerts for better ideas and content research. You can get fresh and the latest content in your inbox, that will provide a good idea and help to recover from writer’s block.

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10 Tips To Improve Your Writing Skills!

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