10 Epic Ways To Make Money Online Without Investment


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What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you come across,

“ Make Money Online” 

” Make money online without any investment.”

“ Quit your job and start making money online” etc.

Oh, this is a scam. How can you make money online without investing? But let me stop you there. Yes, there is a way you can earn money online. In fact, there are plenty of ways. But just for you, I have come up with a Top 10 list!


Quick Moneymaking Ideas with Amazing Bonuses:

Want to earn money instantly? Here are a few fantastic platforms to earn up to $20 – $50 in the next couple of minutes!

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So what are you waiting for ? Go ahead and go through the article! 

Survey sites!

Surveys are the easiest of all if you ask me. You’re earning money by giving answers to surveys online. You can make a few dollars per month by:

  • providing answers to questions,
  • email responses,
  • watching videos or even playing games.

Now what I would advise you to sign up for multiple survey sites. The companies may send only a specific amount of surveys you might be qualified for. So, the more survey sites you sign up the more money you are able to make. All these sites are FREE to sign up and super easy to use. You will basically get paid for doing a very easy task. Let me jumpstart you on few survey sites. They are:


I hope the above list helps you.

Start a fantastic blog!

For a person who shows interest and holds expertise in a particular niche can start a blog. There are plenty of niches to available for you like fashion, health, lifestyle, affiliate marketing, food, self-help, etc. Pick one and start your blog.

Those common red flags about “I am not a tech-savvy person” or “I don’t have the investment that it takes” etc. are not valid. If you’re a person who knows his way around basic internet workings or can put his ideas into content, then you’re very much capable of coming up with your blog. A blog can earn you millions of dollars in the form of passive income.Start your first money making the blog in 2019 by following this simple guide.You can use this amazing hosting service called “Bluehost” for your first blog!

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start a Youtube channel!

Like I said above to start something new and to own it is a great feeling to have. Starting a new youtube channel is no different. If you put your mind to it and explore any niche above or even if you share your experiences or show those well-curated travel videos you can very well create good content for youtube. Youtube generates you income in two ways:

  • One is with ads and,
  • Another is through selling products or affiliate marketing.

Now, when it comes to ads, it creates revenue based on a couple of factors like the number of views you’re getting, or it also depends on the niche you’re in or if you’re using google Adsense. How Adsense works is that it pays you a few dollars every time someone ( viewer) clicks on an ad that is shown on your videos and will also pay you by impression, i.e., you would get 1$ for every 1000 or so views along with the ad click money. If you’re not comfortable with Google Adsense, then you can also look for the alternatives. See, it’s not that intimidating as it sounds.Start your first channel on ​​Youtube today ! I am teaching you on this article that you can also make easy money using youtube and clickbank without any investment.

Affiliate marketing !

What affiliate marketing means is promoting someone else’s product or service. Now when someone purchases the product using your referral link, then you will receive a commission. I know I don’t have to press on the fact how so many people are earning/making money from affiliate marketing. There are plenty of companies that offer such services such as Amazon,  Clickbank, JVZoo, Warrior Forum, and more companies have the affiliate program.

You’re going to make yourself a decent amount of commission by this program!

Affiliate Marketing is definitely for those who can manage a few tricky steps like to make a landing page for the products or to know how to drive traffic you can for sure earn a decent amount of money.

Online tutor !

This one is quite useful for mom’s who wish to work from home or students who would want to get back to work. This is helpful for students who wish to work and earn some money which might help them to cover a few of their expenses.If you like to learn more about teaching jobs then follow this article, 12 Best Online Teaching Jobs to Make $5000 Every Month!

How does this work?

There are plenty of online platforms who wish to hire a tutor online. As an online tutor, you can make $20 – $30 per hour teaching the subject of your choice. If you’re a person looking for a part-time gig or have a busy schedule and can only squeeze a few hours for work, then this will work for you. For some of those platforms, you don’t even need a degree. They will go through a background check before they hire you and on a few of the platforms, the sometimes allow if you don’t hold a degree.

All in all its decent money by investing a few hours of your time.

Freelance writing!

You think that creating content is your strong suit? Well then get ready actually to use that as a tool to earn you money.  There are a couple of websites or blogs which are always in need of fresh content on a daily or weekly basis. Freelance writing can be an opportunity which you can opt. A freelancer with excellent writing skills and someone who looks forward to reading and creating good content can look up jobs like these. It will make you money on the per article basis. Isn’t this easy and amazing?​If you want to make money without creating any content as a freelance writer, then check out this post on article arbitrage. You will get lots of details about different freelance sites in this article.You can also read this article to earn money as a freelance writer in less than 48 hours !

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Virtual assistant!

Work hard and make every penny count. Do you agree with me on that? Then I have just the suggestion for you.

A virtual assistant is a person who works for the client and earns money on an hourly basis. Your job description consists of managing their day to day schedule. For example:

  • Email Management/Filtering.
  • Setting up Autoresponders (Aweber, MailChimp)
  • Booking appointments with clients.
  • Following up with clients/customers (sending thank you and other reminder emails)
  • Receptionist duties (answering occasional calls)Calendar Management.

Eventually, you end up developing interactive skills as well as you acquire management skills with proper pay

    Join fiver!

For those who seem to be busy but still need to earn few extra bucks, this is the right choice for them. For example, College students who do not have much time to work but the need for money is an issue to them, so for them, Fiver Is the best choice. It is considered to be one of the best sources of online jobs. Those Freelance services which start selling at an interesting price of $5 can be found here. And the service you will be providing is more of a programming type, and you can also offer to make graphic design and charge according to the market price.

The awe factor in this is you can fix the service delivery time. Now sometimes there may come a time when you got busy, or you might be facing some emergency issues, and you’re unable to finish the project. Not to worry because the clients are quite flexible that way. For when you complete the work before the service delivery time, you can demand extra payment as you reduced the waiting time for the customer.Hurry up and join Fiver!

Sell Instagram shoutouts!

We all know that Instagram is top in the market right now. Hence it is all the more worth it to use the platform and gain monetary benefits. Plenty of businesses look out for influencers for promotions. They look for influencers who have a decent number of followers. They pay them to promote their products.

This might not fit the category but it comes with a lot of benefits like free stay in hotels or a special discount on flight bookings and many more in return for Instagram shoutouts. It takes time to build the Instagram following but once you’re familiar with the Instagram following in no time would you be able to get millions of following on your account.

Create an online course!

An online course just requires you to have knowledge about something that might help others. Today, a lot of people turn to videos then an ebook when they want to gain knowledge about something because it is simpler and easier to understand. These videos are interactive and help the viewers and hence they are ready to pay a higher price for them. If you feel you don’t wish to show your face in the videos then you just record it in a tutorial form.

There are 2 best platform to create and online course and sell it.



There are plenty of platforms you could approach and there are plenty of topics you could cover and convert it into an online course. One suggestion is to link your course on Clickbank and let the affiliates do the work for you. Keep in mind that for affiliates to pick your course you need to have to things in mind one is charge high commission rate and two is it must have good value.You can get paid by Paypal easily by teaching your own course.I love getting money into the paypal and I like to genuine business methods so I like to suggest you to stay away from scam like Paypal money addder.

10 epic ways to make money online


These were few of my ideas that I thought might earn you money. If at all I have missed a few ideas then feel free to suggest them. Also, share your experiences good or bad. Let others know about it.

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  1. These are great ideas. I am learning the process of blogging. Currently, I am blogging on a third party website and having success on this. Though I want to achieve the same success with my own site. I want to learn more about creating a course too.

  2. I have tried at least 3 of the ones you have suggested and I did make some money. It does take persistence and hard work, so not for people who just want to sleep and make money. But I do think there is enough out there that people can do to make some money.


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