Top 10 Virtual Assistant Jobs – Make $30 Per Hour By Working At Home!


Virtual Assistant Jobs

Are you looking for a work from home job?

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What Does One Mean By Virtual Assistant?

Someone who provides support completes the given tasks from a remote location. Virtual Assistant jobs can be similar to an assistant’s job, but a Virtual Assistant can be done from home as well. For example, Virtual Assistant might be situated in Seatle and might be offering his services to the client located in Germany. Therefore, work opportunities are not geographically constraint.

In this 21st century, the world is connected with the help of the internet it is so simple to work. Hence, Virtual assistants can provide about any service just like an in-office administrative assistant.

Qualities Needed as a Virtual Assistant!

Now, the skills required will differ from job to job, but these are few of the standard abilities one should keep a look out for.

1. Multitasking! Prioritizing!
2. Excellent verbal communication skills.
3. High-grade Grammar and spelling skills.
4. One should have proficiency in office programs, like Excel and Word.
5. Knowledge of other platforms, like Dropbox or Google Drive.
6. Should be able to conduct useful Internet research.
7.Can write the required material effectively.
8. Is calm and collected under pressure and doesn’t shy away from responsibility.
9. Require limited direction and can improvise!
10. Is quick and takes commands well!

If you deem yourself to be a Jack or Jill of all trades, you’d probably make a great virtual assistant.

We all know how maintaining grammar skills and being efficient in writing reports or coming up with any simple material has become a requirement. I have a tool which will help you make your task a bit simpler and easier. Check out this Grammarly tool!

Virtual Assistant: Job Description

Now, generally, they work with business owners, entrepreneurs, website owners, companies, bloggers, and a wide range of other organizations or individuals to assist them with a variety of tasks preferably admin work. But a few general tasks which might help you understand the job a little better are:

1. Scheduling appointments and noting significant events.
2. Regular Data entry.
3. Responding to emails.
4. Making phone calls to prospective clients or customers. (depends on the job)
5. Social Media Management. (also, depends on job assigned)
6. Booking events. Or Making reservations.
7. Payment of bills.
8. Maintaining or formatting spreadsheets.
9. Organizing computer documents.
10. Noting down conference meetings. (minutes)

You can look more online jobs to the following link:


Now, the average pay range for a Virtual Assistant who Works From Home varies approximately (up to $45,000). There may be fewer opportunities for promotion based on the skill level, but you can expect an increased pay based on location and years of experience is still possible.

Now, that we are aware of the existence of Virtual Assistant jobs, let me help you find a fantastic work from home job as a Virtual Assistant. For that, you have to go through the list of jobs that I have done just for you!


List of Work at home Virtual Assistant Jobs:

1. Upwork

From the beginning, these companies have been similar, and eventually, they merged in late 2013. On each site, prospective clients post their requirements and then wait while the freelancers place a “bid” to work for these companies.

While this strategy may work efficiently for plenty of professions, but there is a source which says many freelancers believe that bidding can be too time-consuming and that they would rather prefer promoting themselves through their respective social media.


2. Craigslist

We all know Craiglist is famous for creating a lot of opportunities for there clients. But there is also another known fact that Craigslist doesn’t offer any safety net services for example similar to Elance’s escrow service to protect freelance Virtual Assistants from payment risks. But come on a little risk hurt nobody right? Craigslist is known to be one of the most convenient, easy-to-use, sites to look for any work. Bottom line one should always be: “Just beware of scams!”


3. is set up specifically for virtual assistants. It is a social network as well as a forum for Virtual Assistants. Also, it is found by a Virtual Assistant. About half the posts posted on the forum or social media are from Virtual assistants sharing tips, experiences, advises and then there are customers posts looking for potential hire. Perfect for beginners looking to find a job as a Virtual Assistant!



This one is also highly recommended. offers a job board for remote workers. Now, I know what you might be thinking that WAHM means Work At Home Moms so how is it beneficial to everyone? Well although being WAHM they cater to everyone, regardless of gender or whether you have kids. So, win-win for everyone.


5. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is well-recognized as one of the most reputable job sites for freelancers. All you have to do is name your services, along with that set your hourly rate. Then wait for customers to respond to you. Another way around is you can search for prospective clients in search of services and submit them your (hourly) proposal. There ain’t it simple?


6. Zirtual

This is probably the youngest site on this list. Earlier on Zirtual used to be “invitation only” for both clients and VAs. That has changed since January. Zirtual has opened their virtual doors to the public. Now, you can easily find a job of your liking.

Zirtual serves as an agency for Virtual Assistants. They assign Virtual assistants to clients. Zirtual pays a minimum of $10 an hour for the part-time work. Unfortunately, they only accept applications from United States residents. Recently they haven’t hired Virtual Assistants. If they do start hiring VAs again, I’ll be sure to write an update!



Recommended by plenty of Entrepreneurs HireMyMom provides only to work-at-home mothers. So this one is a special one just for the work from home moms who are looking for a steady yet flexible job! I’ve heard nothing but big things about their services. But I should make you aware that this is not for beginners or someone who has a cash crunch because you need to pay if you want to become a member of HireMyMom. Don’t worry though it’s the only paid site on this list. You can opt for the others if you would prefer not to pay a fee.


8. Lifebushido

They are always looking to hire.
They Provide Part-time work starting at five hours a week with the option to increase to 20 hours based on respective Virtual Assistant’s performance. Also, they Hire worldwide.
Don’t wait any longer go ahead and send an email [email protected] to receive information about the hiring process.

Find the best and suitable jobs for you!

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9. Worldwide 101

Worldwide101 are Actively looking for:
1. Executive Assistants,
2. Marketing & Social Media Specialists,
3. Project Management, and
4. Virtual Paralegals etc

Worldwide101 also has a program specifically for Military Spouses. To learn more check them out.
Although you should have seven years of experience in your field.
One more requirement is in-depth internet knowledge.

If they consider you as Qualified applicants, you’ll hear back within 14 days of applying. The hiring process includes two video interviews, psychometric testing, and background/reference checks. It sounds challenging, but I am sure you can survive a little test round!


10. Contemporary Virtual Assistance

Contemporary Virtual Assistance gives both full as well as part-time virtual assistant jobs for potential beginners looking for jobs.

Few requirements of Contemporary Virtual Assistance:

1. Favors individuals with specialized experience in a particular field.
2. For instance should be familiar with ex-social media, WordPress, graphic design, Google tools, etc.
3. Availability: At least four hours a day Monday through Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST.
4. Should have high-speed internet and reliable phone access.

Pay rate starts at $10.00 per hour with room for raise after 60 days.


Yay! We are done with the list. This was my Top 10 Virtual Assistant jobs. I hope it was helpful for you!

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