16 Best Travel Jobs: Earn Easy Money While Travelling! (No Scam)


16 Travel jobs

Are you in search of jobs while you’re traveling?

Do you love to be on the road?

Do you wish to know about jobs that require you to travel a lot?

Well, good for you I have come up with a few ways which can assist in finding such jobs! Who doesn’t like traveling? But traveling can get a bit expensive sometimes. So, why not be a little independent and find out a way around to cope with such expensive trips?

And then for those who don’t travel often but would love an opportunity that will allow them to do so, well then do stick around. This is just the list you should go through.

Before any further delay, let’s start the fruitful ways that will help you get a job while you’re traveling! So, feel free to filter those that aren’t related to your skillset or passion! Plenty of people need stability. And for those people who want a perfect employment position and would like to seek a permanent job then work abroad is your option else you should go ahead with the other option that is getting a lesser permanent job while traveling. While we trvel we used to click many photos and I am going to show you a couple of sites where you can sell your photos and earn money online.

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List of Travel Jobs:

1. Teaching English Abroad

paypal money generatorIf you’re a fluent English speaker, then this is it for you! Teaching English abroad is quite a generic concept and the best way to blend in the culture. There are plenty of job opportunities everywhere. And the employer will pay for your flight as well as your stay.

2. Work at hostel or hotels!

travelThese jobs can either be short term or long term. There are plenty of hotels or hostels or even resorts who are looking for staff. You can apply for jobs like reception staff, housekeeping, a driver for airport pick-ups, etc. Few of these are paid gigs whereas few offer bed or accommodation or food in exchange for work!

just to get you started here are few suggestions you could try:

  1. Work In Hostels
  2. Hotel Jobs
  3. Hotel Career
  4. Hostel Travel Jobs

You can also earn money by following these articles tips while traveling the world.

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3. Become A Scuba Diving Instructor!

paypal money generatorAre you a diving enthusiast? Do you love diving? You should consider getting a scuba diving certificate. There are plenty of places where you could pursue it, such as Mexico, Maldives, Honduras, Philippines, Hawaii, Egypt, etc. You can give travelers diving lessons and enjoy a laid-back life by the sea, including free dives.

just to get you started here is a suggestion for you to try:

Dive Zone Jobs

4. Cruise Ship Jobs

quotePeople who love traveling. This one for you! You can work on a ship as we all are aware that a  cruise ship is like a massive floating hotel in the sea, with all kinds of entertaining facilities. There are plenty of jobs available on a cruise ship like a bartender, or shop staff, receptionist, chef, casino staff, DJ, hair stylist, massage therapist, nurse and many more. The opportunities are endless. The Salary varies between $800-$8000 per month. You don’t have to make any expenses. Plus, you get to travel as well.

Just to get you started here are few suggestions:

All Cruise Jobs  

Cruise Ship Jobs

5. Agricultural And Farming

paypal money generatorDo you love working outdoors? Do you care for the environment and don’t mind getting your hands a little bit dirty? Then agriculture job is best!

Just to get you started here are few suggestions:

Ag Careers

Agriculture Jobs Board

Need A Farmer

Farm Travel Jobs

6. Flight Attendant

paypal money generatorGet Paid while traveling. JOBS LIKE CABIN CREW ON THE AIRPLANE ARE one of the options you can pursue. It comes with a lot of perks as well. Such as 90% discounted flights, cheaper fares for family members and great hotel discounts. You don’t require to get a degree of some sorts but knowing languages well would be beneficial.

Just to get you started here are few suggestions:

Airline Career

Flight Attendant Career

7. Start Fruit Picking as a job!

You can participate in Picking vegetables, fruits and flowers is a popular job among travelers. It’s a seasonal job and often very well paid. I mean imagine picking up grapes in Italy, or mangos in Australia and kiwis in New Zealand, you should apply for this job before the harvest season begins.

Just to get you started here are few suggestions:

Fruit Picking Jobs Australia

Picking Jobs

8. Construction Work

save money momThis one is for all the hard working people! To get hold of these jobs you need to spend some time locally in any of the abroad places! You will get paid on the job instantly!

9. Au Pair

paparazziAu pair is usually offered to women! It’s an amazing job if you love kids! While working as an Au Pair, you get a taste of living in a foreign country. The job description requires to help a family with their housework and taking care of the children. Au pairs get to live with the host family; they receive free accommodation, meals and often a payment on top.

10. Surf Instructor

save money momSimilar to scuba diver, a surf instructor’s job comes with a great location near the sea. Although, it’s not very well paid, but definitely a fun and adventurous job! If you have the skills to teach people how to ride waves, go for it!

Just to get you started here are few suggestions:

Surf Instructor Jobs

Surf Travel Jobs

11. Bartender or Waiter

night jobStick to the touristy areas during the high season, and you’ll be easily able to land a Bartending job! just show up at bars and cafés and ask if they are hiring rather than looking it online! Your chances increase if there is a new bar opening. Make it a point to go before the peak season starts, and you might be able to score a job for the entire season.  

Just to get you started here are few suggestions:

Caterer Global Bartender Jobs

12. Become A Massage Therapist

night jobAre you a certified Massage therapist? If not then you can easily get it. You can obtain a massage certificate while you’re traveling. You can take a course of Ayurveda massage therapist. And later on, you can offer massage therapy services. You could reach out to various spas and resorts to get a job for a season.

13. Become A Yoga teacher!

Yoga can be the ideal job for you! It can be quiet inspirational, and you can also be a great instructor! In this current fast life yoga is quite a necessity. So, yoga is quite popular! You can always teach at a yoga retreat (so many of them in Bali!) or even apply as a yoga teacher job at a resort.

Just to get you started here are few suggestions:

Yoga Travel Jobs

Yoga Trade

14. Become A Chef

product review templateAre you passionate about cooking? Do you hold a professional degree? Would you like to cook while traveling across the world? Well, you can definitely do that. There is always a high demand for chefs. There is always vacancy in season workers in resorts, restaurants, cruise ships and more. You can opt for the websites I suggested below, or you could look around locally while traveling!

just to get you started here are few suggestions:

Season Workers Chef Jobs Abroad

Caterer Global Chefs Jobs

15. Become A Local / Tour Guide

blog templateThis one is the most generic option of all! Want to earn money while traveling? Become a tour guide! You can create your kind of guide that covers your favorite places of those particular places. You could apply as a freelance guide at travel agencies that sell tours to travelers. During the holiday season, there is always a demand for tour guides. They require a license for being a tour guide. But some places it is not mandatory! What is the best way to be an approachable tour guide? Make an online advertise! Or a website that promotes your business. And people can keep an eye out and can approach you for prospective tours easily! If you are ever surfing on the internet to make quick cash then never get into this money adder into your Paypal scam.

just to get you started here are few suggestions:

Show Around

With Locals


16. Become a Street Performer or Musician

surveyIf you enjoy playing music or you have a passion for music you can pursue this. Also, this can be a quick way to make money instantly! You could perform anything like you could sing, play guitar, juggle, breakdance or even perform any funny body performances – just try your luck and do whatever you can do best! Location can vary as well. Like you could try any busy public square, or perform in front of train stations, or you can make decent cash by entertaining people who pass by. Important fact: this isn’t legal everywhere, please check the local laws before you start performing!You can even earn money by listing music on your phone.

Final Thoughts:

I hope the above post has helped satisfy the purpose! Like I hope you get yourself a decent gig while you’re traveling! If you have any funny experiences or even some worth learning experiences, then do share in the comment section below! Happy Reading!

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