Top 10 Transcription Jobs: Work From Home And Earn $15-$20 Per Hour!



If you’ve clicked on the article, you’re definitely curious about what Transcription jobs are all about and how fast one can start earning money, yeah? So, what are we waiting for?

Before we jump onto the vital information about Transcription, let me introduce you to the topic so that you get a little familiar with the subject.

Transcription is a flexible, work from home job for anyone who isn’t too fond of 9-5 job or wants to have a side hustle or is looking for an extra way of saving money! The reason I said its flexible is because you get to set your hours and work as much as you like.

Transcription jobs are classified into three categories. They are:
1. General Transcription,
2. Medical Transcription and
3. Legal Transcription.

Now, assuming for a second that you’re a beginner, I would urge you to start with general transcription. In my opinion, this category is easy to follow through and does not require much training or experience.

All you need is good listening skills, and a knack to be detailed-oriented and most important a fast typist. If you even manage two of them, you’re good to go.

While we’re on the subject why not go through the qualities in detail. These qualities will help you better yourself at the job!

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List Of Transcription Qualities In Detail:


The client wishes to have a well written and adequately formatted transcript.  If the prospective file has multiple speakers know how to differentiate who is saying what. There may be instances where the client may have poor audio quality. It’s up to you how you should be able to interpret what’s being said. Don’t worry though there is a bonus pay for poor quality audio/accents. So, having excellent listening skills hurt nobody!


If you wish to be a professional transcriber having fast typing speeds is a must! If you ask me it will help you stand different from the crowd. Many transcription clients do emphasize this,  although it isn’t mandatory. It can be estimated that a Transcriptionist can provide a 60-minute audio file within 3-5 hours.


I could not emphasize it any further on how vital it is to have a well formatted and grammatically correct transcript. Whether it is Verbatim or non-Verbatim it’s out of the question you must be thorough with Grammar.
So, make sure you use grammatically correct sentences, and you will have clients coming back for more.

Here is a tool that will help you maintain and keep a check of grammar! check it out!


In addition to the above skills, you must also learn how to research on the internet. I am not implying you have to be a web research expert. Just enough skills to get you that company name which will, in turn, will save your time and energy that you can use on other important tasks. Always remember, Google is your friend.

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All You Need To Know About Transcriptionist In Detail:

How the process works is that transcription requires listening to audio files and then typing out what you hear. While there are three categories of transcription jobs, the latter two will needs prior schooling and work experience.
If you’re a beginner at this job, you should start by looking into general transcription. Most of the companies that hire beginners are more lenient in their equipment requirements, so all you’ll require is a computer and a high-speed internet connection.

Easy-Peasy Right? How Hard Can Transcription Job Be?

Work can be repetitive at times. You might have to listen to the same audio over and over again to be sure you have transcribed it correctly and accurately for the client. If repetition makes you anxious, transcription might not be the line of work you’re looking for.

But, the flexibility of the work overshadows the challenging and repetitive part of the job. If you appreciate a flexible work schedule, transcription might be the right fit for you.
Also, getting to manage your schedule means you can plan time off for yourself whenever you need it.  

It is a known fact that Most of the companies give you a 48-hour turnaround time on work allocated to you.
According to me what you could do is start something, take a break in between for a while, then come back to it and work again efficiently. And many companies allow you to make as much or as little work as you like.

How Much Flexibility Are We Talking About?

The flexibility of your hours solely depends on the type of transcription job you achieve. Few are entirely self-directed, while others are incredibly flexible. If you find work for at a more traditional company, then you’ll probably be assigned a specific work schedule. Shifts are set, and they might change every six months.

Other companies are a bit casual. They let you log in, claim work at your will. These positions come with a lot more flexibility, but you might not always have a steady job. Then there will be companies that will give you an assignment which is to be submitted within a deadline. It won’t matter when you do the work, as long as it’s delivered on time.

If freelancing is what you’re looking for as a transcriptionist, this is most likely how a lot of your work will be structured.

Does It Pay Well?

Yes, I am not just saying to please you, but General Transcription does pay well in comparison to most work at home jobs. Also, for those who have specialized in legal can make an even higher wage per hour then the general ones. The exact amount a transcriptionist earns entirely depends upon the company he/she is working for.

In a broad perspective, most companies are willing to accept beginners but unfortunately they do not pay well as the companies do set a requirement for past transcription experience. You might want to note that transcription companies usually pay the price per audio hour or a rate per page — the audio hour pay rate being the most common.

For instance, you got a job that pays you $50 per audio hour, which means you’ll be earning $50 for every hour of audio you transcribe. Assuming it will take you anywhere from two to five hours to transcribe just an hour of audio, depending on the complexity of file and your transcription skill level. This shows how a decent amount of savings is generated only by investing a few hours.

Rates below $45 to $50 per audio hour are often considered too low by Experienced transcriptionists. But if you’re a beginner to the industry, you may find it’s worth working for a lower rate and learn valuable skills that could help you land a better-paying transcription job later on. You might be looking at a small investment for the equipment, usually under $100, assuming that you already have a computer.

Beginners Lookout! Top 10 Transcriptionist Jobs Done For You!

1Actural Global

Accutran Global is for Beginners. Like they should definitely look out for this one. Accutran Global is “constantly” interested in new transcribers. Accutran Global’s working schedule has its fair share of ups and downs throughout the year. For instance, there might be times where work would be at its peak, and then there will be times when work would be slow moving.

Pay Rate:   Per word ($0.005 to start with).
Payments:  15th of each month.

To get hired you will need to pass a transcription test. Important note for parents or caregivers is that Accutran Global is not ideal; you are expected to finish claimed work ASAP, and you might not be up for it. In other words, you may want to avoid having distractions while opting for such jobs.
All in all this job is a win-win for the beginners!

2 Appenscribe

Appenscribe is known to offer global transcription jobs online. People who are fluent in multiple languages, you will have a blast when you opt for this job. There’ll be plenty of work available for you which only leads to getting paid more often which leads to an increase in savings.

First thing first you will need to register an account and pass their two easy and short transcription tests. Now, the report says that Contractors proclaim different pay rates, but I can assure you that you can expect a rate of around $0.005 per word.

Pay Rate:   $0.005 per word  
Payments:  Twice a month.  

So, what are you waiting for? Go, Grab that job!

3  CastingWords

Transcriptionists can find work on CastingWords in two ways. They are:

1. The CastingWords Workshop and
2. Mechanical Turk.

By opting for the above two ways, you gain access to their Workshop, which offers transcription jobs online in more than 66 countries.

Also, Mechanical Turk (MT) you’ll always up for a surprise! There are plenty of HITS (MT lingo for jobs). But there might be times when you might not come up with anything. That is okay just keep on looking, and you will also land a job.

Pay Rate:  Vary from job to job.
Payments: To request payout, all you need is $1.00 in your account.

4 TranscribeMe

Transcribeme comes up with a short and manageable test. If you can pass that transcription test, you will be added to the waiting list for their transcription projects.

They offer you simple work, for instance, A short, 10-second audio files with no deadlines so you can work on it whenever you want. For beginners, this job is perfect and easy to follow through.

Pay Rate: $20 per audio hour
Payments: Weekly by PayPal

Also, an important fact is that they do not require any special equipment for transcription before getting started. It’s a treat to beginners!

5 Rev

If you’re an expert at being:

1  Transcriptionist
2  Captioner
3  Subtitler
4  Translator

Then REV is the option you’re looking for! This will definitely help you. You’re looking at making $200 -$1000/month as per the work. But you also, have to pass a test. But after that, you have got yourself a high-income job!

Read this detailed Rev transcription review!

Let’s take a detailed look into the payment method:

1  Transcriptionist-  Per Audio Minute – $0.36 – $0.65
2  Captioner-  $0.45 – $0.75  Per Video Minute.
3  Subtitler-  $1.50 – $3  Per Video Minute.
4  Translator-  $0.05 – $0.07  Per Word.

I hope this detailed information motivates you to go ahead and sign up and earn yourself a decent side income!

6  Daily Transcription

Daily Transcription provides work in namely three categories, they are:

1. Corporate,
2. Legal, and
3. Entertainment

As the name suggests, it offers regular turnarounds. They don’t provide work with guaranteed hours but are always in search for transcriptionists at any experience levels as long as they are reliable.

To get started with them, you just need to submit a short form and later on head over to their testing page.

7  GMR Transcription

GMR Transcription consistently has general transcription positions available for beginners. One of GMR Transcription’s projects, i.e., medical condition interviews has enough work available.

The catch here is that you must be willing to transcribe and proof audio of 60 minutes per day to be even considered for the job.
Remember, as I mentioned earlier that an audio minute & a real minute are two separate things.

These opportunities are open to typists or beginners who have no experience. But as long as you can pass the test.

8  Scribie

If you’re a beginner in this niche and looking for a job, then Scribie is the place you should look at. Plenty of aspiring typists prefer Scribie when they first look for transcription jobs online. Although Scribie has a waiting list of thousands (yes, you read me right, thousands!). They hire Employees worldwide.

Pay Rate: $10.00/audio hour.
Payment: Pay via PayPal. Complete three hours of audio in a month-get a bonus of $10.00

Pros:  There are no cashout limits and no commitments.
Cons: Low Pay.

9  Tigerfish

Tigerfish is one of the older transcription company. It has been flourishing since 1989. It hires home-based transcriptionists to transcribe audio files for their respective clients.

To work with Tigerfish, you need to pass a skills test.

Tigerfish is very particular; Unlike some of the companies mentioned above, It prefers that you use transcription software as well as a foot pedal. However, the company hasn’t publicly shared information about pay rates, method, and job frequency. So until you apply, you won’t be aware of these core details.

10 Quicktate

Quicktate is always keen on hiring beginners. All they have to do is pass a skills test. Most of the time Quicktate offers jobs that require you to transcribe short voicemail messages.

After you have done transcription for Quicktate for some time, you may be promoted to You get promoted to iDictate — a sister company of Quicktate but only after you’ve transcribed at Quicktate for a duration of time. Speaking of iDictate, it pays somewhat more for transcribed files then Quicktate.

Comparison of Pay:

Quicktate:  One cent for every four words transcribed
IDictate:   Pays two cents for every four words transcribed.

Payment:  Done weekly by PayPal.

Final Thoughts: 

In Conclusion, I hope the above list helps you land a job which offers you a decent amount of money. I wish you reach that savings goal by opting for one of the jobs listed above. If you’re a beginner, I would really push you to pursue one of the above-listed jobs.

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