10 Best Things To Sell As A Scrape And Make Money From Recycles


What if I say, you can make money from scrap?

Yes, you can!

There are many things or appliances which is dumped being useless in your house. You just have to to go and sell it to the scrap dealer.

Also when you clean your house you will find many useless things which you should have to spare in scrap.

But do you know that some things and appliances are made of metals or they have some portion of metal within?

I am asking this because metals are the best things to scrap and you can make money up to half of the scrap!

you’d never know right?

Let’s scratch the scrap!

Ferrous Metals:

The metal which contains iron is, simply considered as a ferrous metal. For example, Steel. Yes, steel is a ferrous metal.

How do I come to know about steel that is ferrous metal?

So do one thing just go and take a magnet and check whether it gives a magnetic effect with steel or not.

If it sticks to any metal, it is ferrous metal, and if it doesn’t, it is non-ferrous metal.

You might have played with sticking magnets on the refrigerator at your home!

You can consider your refrigerator as a ferrous metal.

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Something to be aware of:
There are varied grades of stainless steel, and they have different pricing.

Here is the list of all some ferrous metal.
-Carbon steel
-Tool Steel
-Cast iron
-Wrought iron
-Alloy steel

Now break the list down about ferrous metal.

1. Household Appliances

I don’t know that you are aware or not that most of the household appliances are made up of ferrous metal like washing machine, microwave, dryers, oven, refrigerator, etc.

Most of the time, we think of replacing it for a new one. So why not to scrap these things for cash.

Secondly, you will need a huge vehicle to carry this item to scrap.

2. Cars

If you are tired of using that 15 years old cars which takes a push whenever you start.

You really need to scrap it.
Yes, you need to scrap the entire car.
Honestly, you won’t gonna earn much from your car, but if your car is really unusable and all its spare parts are almost dead, then you must take this step.

scrap car

If your car still has some components working you can sell it to the automobile dealer who is dealing with second-hand spare parts.

Taking this step, you are scraping your car but also earning from the automobile dealer selling some spare parts of your old car.

This approach will surely help to maximize your profit.

3. Structural steel

Structural steel is rarely found. When one demolish any building, bridges or superstructure, the rods of structural steel can be seen.
But it can give you nice cash!

Pick up these unused materials and metals from the demolished sites and turn them into money!

You will need a large van, lorry or a truck to carry this material because most of the material is so big, so you need to pay the driver, but still, you are in profit!


Here you will be paid by analyzing the market value of iron and steel.

These heavy pieces of steel is a great money-making opportunity for you!

4. Old Scrap.

We already have some habit of collecting some scrap and selling it to the scrap dealer altogether around our house.

Yes, we have!
We have things like AC Units, water heaters, bicycles, lawnmowers, etc.

So you can go and scrap it, and you can make little make money.
The pretty much magnetic things have higher chances of hard and cold cash!

Actually, these old unused ferrous metals are the great things for scrap to make more money.

Old appliances are really the best scrape metal items, which makes easy to come by!

Non-Ferrous Metals

Simple the metals don’t react with magnet is non-ferrous metal.

Non-ferrous metals are easy to help hold, and you can make a quick money at a time.

Non -ferrous items are most profitable to get big bucks from scrap items!

Let’s look about some non-ferrous metals:

-Stainless Steel

Now break down each one and make money!

1. Aluminum:

Aluminum is relatively common metals and one of the best thing to make money from scrap as it comes with a high price of around $0.30 per pound!

This is amazing!

Aluminum is commonly found in frames and sidings. Other than this, you can find in car rims, wires, building structures, etc.

You can also get aluminum cans, but you will earn more money by recycling these aluminum cans.

Go and grab this non-ferrous metals from your house which needs to be scrapped!

2. Brass

Brass can be found in bullet cases, pipefitting, castings, rods and also in valves. It is the best metal for scrap as it has $1.40 per pound.

So if you have brass around, you consider itself and recycle it for making great money.

Brass is the most valuable things to scrap.
Even you can collect more brass items and scrap it into a bulk; you will get more money!


3. Copper

If you wish to earn more money from the scrap, You can include copper in your scrap list as one of the best metal to scrap.

Coppers are of multiple types, just like aluminum, but copper tubings are the common types of copper.

Building Structures and plumbing works usually consist of copper metal.

Bare bright copper wire, one of the best thing to scrap and even the best metal item to make extra money!

4. Stainless Steel

There are many types of stainless steels, and average scrape price for this is $0.25 per pound.

As I told before, you can simply apply the magnetic rule to check whether it is stainless steel or not.

If it doesn’t stick, it will be considered as stainless steels.

Now let us discuss about the prices of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Prices of Ferrous metal:

Usually, the price of ferrous metal is between $0.05 to $0.10 per pound.

Here, you are not making money from the nickles and dimes, but the weight which adds up fast while weighing.

Prices for non-ferrous metal:

I will make a quick list for the non-ferrous metal prices so that you can derive easier.

Aluminum – $0.30 per pound
Copper – $2.00 per pound
Insulated Copper Wire – $0.50 per pound
Brass – $1.40 per pound
Stainless Steel – $0.25 per pound

Obviously, metals are the best thing to scrap and make money scraping it.
But there are other items to scrap. Let’s have a look towards it!

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Other things to scrap:

1. Electronics:

You can scrap electronics if you wish to replace the new one. But if that electronic appliances are working well, you can sell it on Declutter, eBay or Craigslist.

scrap phone

Doing this, you will make money profitable money on buying the new electronic appliances.

Even you can buy in the exchange offer of same market price and can enjoy the new electronic item of your choice.

2. Bottles and cans:

Do you drink cold drinks or soft drinks?

I usually have cold drinks and soft drinks and I collect the bottles and cans of it.


Because I can make nice money scraping the same!

Collect all the bottles and cans of cold drinks you had. After collecting a number of bottles and cans scrap it.

Of course, you will make good money as cans contain a metal called aluminum.


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