20 Most Successful And Influential Female Entrepreneurs of the World


successful femaleNot only men, but women also have played a huge and beautiful role of female business entrepreneurs in society. This is a Highly prominent thing for society. Not only males, this world now have females to conquer on. There are some women with whom this world have brought broad change in the entrepreneurial sector and the mindset amongst society.
Today Females are setting their business under different niches, namely publishing, fashion, technology, broadcasting, beauty, and many more and turning themselves into a self-made woman on this planet.

Here is the list of 20 most Successful female entrepreneurs which will motivate you to conquer your world.

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1 Sophia Amoruso:

An American Businesswoman, Sophia Amoruso, founded Nasty Gal. She is the CEO of women’s fashion retailer enterprise called Nasty Gal, which is named as the Fastest growing company by Inc Magazines. She was named as self-dependent woman by Forbes.

She had faced many knockbacks in the earlier of her business, but she pushed herself towards the success and built her inspiring empire brand.

In 2017, Sophia founded Girlboss Media. It is a company that creates videos and podcasts for the female audience.

Sophia AmorusoCompany: Nasty Gal and Girlboss Media
Age: 35
Net worth: $5 Million (2019)


2 Huda Kattan:

Huda Kattan is a Freelance Makeup artist, Beauty Blogger, and an entrepreneur. She is a Founder and a CEO of Huda beauty.

She started her career in beauty after she quit her finance gig in Dubai.
Huda ranked first as “2017 Influencer Instagram Rich List.”
False eyelashes were the first product she started to sell. Great sales in Eyelashes achieved Huda as Beauty Label.

She then started expanding her business by selling liquid lipsticks, Lip liner, High lighter Palettes, foundations, concealers, Liquid eye-shadows, etc.

Huda has been named as “Kim Kardashian West of the beauty influencer economy.”

Huda KattanCompany: Huda Beauty
Age: 35
Net Worth: $550 Million (2019)

3 Tory Burch:

Tory Burch is an American Fashion Designer, Entrepreneur, and philanthropist.
After gaining the experiences with the biggest fashion houses, she wanted to spread out her wings and decided to build her empire.

After that, she became the Executive Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of her brand. She began her Fashion Label as TRB by Tory Burch.

Later on, she launched her retail shop in Manhattan’s Nolita district. It has grown into 250 stores, 3000 departments and specialty stores in 2015, she introduced a separate performance activewear line, Tory Sports in the worldwide.

Torch BurchCompany: Tory Burch
Age: 52
Net Worth: $800 Million (2019)

4 Arianna Huffington:

Arianna Huffington is a Greek-American author, syndicated columnist and a businesswoman.
At the age of 16, she moved to the United Kingdom and studied at Girton College, Cambridge, under economics stream. There she was the first foreign and third foreign female being a president of the Cambridge Union.

She is the founder of The Huffington Post, Author of fifteen books, and founder and CEO of a Wellness site Thrive Global offering six weeks course to improve peoples wellbeing.

Her most recent book is “The Sleep Revolution.”

Arianna HuffingtonCompany: Thrive Global
Age: 68
Net Worth: $50 Million (2019)

5 JK Rowling:

Publishing the first book is not a pinch of salt to taste.
JK Rowling faced much obstacles and rejection in the earliest of her career in publishing her first Fantasy series “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.”

After facing the barriers in publishing her book, it became hit instantly overnight. Her work turned into series, movies, and adventure parks.

After the Publicity, she became the first billionaire author in the world.

She is the Best Selling living author of United Kingdom.

J K RowlingProfession: Novelist, Film Producer, and Screen Writer
Age: 53
Net Worth: $1 Billion (2019)


6 Vera Wang:

Vera Ellen Wang is the American Fashion Designer in New York.
Compared to the rest of the females, she is the late bloomer entrepreneur.

At the age of 40, she designed her wedding dress and started her fashion label.

Vera was hired as an editor in Vogue immediately after her graduation. She has worked 17 years for Vogue. At the age of 40, she resigned and started became an independent Bridal designer.

In 2018, Forbes placed Vera at 34th in the list of a self-dependent and richest woman of America.

She achieved Council of Fashion Designers of America Womenswear designer of the year in June 2005.

Vera WangCompany: Vera Wang
Age: 69
Net Worth: $630 Million


7 Martha Stewart:

Martha Stewart is a retail businesswoman, writer, former model, and a television personality, also a founder of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.

She started her career as a celebrity chef. Later on, she has written numerous bestselling books.

She achieved her success through many business ventures like;
– Encompassing Publishing
– Broadcasting
– Merchandising
– E-Commerce

In 1990, Martha signed with Time Publishing Venture for the development of the new magazine.

MarthaCompany: Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia
Age: 77
Net Worth: $638 Million (2019)


8 Cath Kidston

Cath followed her career in furniture designing and decided to build and branch out her store.
In 1993, She sold her quintessentially British, Vintage designs.

Within a few years, the store quickly remarked an extensive success as the vintage became in trending again.

And now it is a household name of British High Streets.

In 1994, Cath opened her first store in Holland Park, London selling the stuff like hand embroidered tea towels and renovated Furniture.

In 2010, Cath sold majority stake to the private equity investors.

CathCompany: Cath Kidston
Age: 59
Net Worth: Over $1 Million (2019)


9 Angie Hicks:

It is so hard to find a service provider in emergency times. You recommend and call them who has been the best hope for you.

She studied and achieved many awards in her life history.

Angie formed the services which have never provided by anyone before. She is the Chief Customer Officer of ANGI Homeservices Inc.

AngieCompany: ANGI HomeServices
Age: 45
Net Worth: $50 Million (2019)


10 Sara Blakely

Blakely, a founder of Spanx, is an American billionaire businesswoman.

In 2014, she was listed as a 93rd most powerful woman in the world by Forbes.

She became the first female billionaire entrepreneur to join “Giving Pledge,” Bill Gates and Warren Buffets pledge whereby she is the worlds richest billionaire donating half of its net worth to charity.

Facing the rejections after rejections from the investors Sara became a successful female entrepreneur.

saraCompany: Spanx
Age: 47
Net Worth: $1 Billion(2019)


11 Denise Coates

Denise is a British billionaire female entrepreneur.

She is the founder as well as Joint Chief Executive of an online gambling company named Bet365.

She is paid more than 9500 times more than the UK salary and from it, 1700 times were collected by the prime minister and more than double was paid to entire stock city football team which owned Bet365.

Denise made Bet365, a world’s largest online betting site.

DeniseCompany: Bet365
Age: 51
Net worth: $6.6 Billion (2019)


12 Cher Wang

You might have heard about HTC, which is focusing on creating new innovative smartphones.

Cher Wang is a Female Taiwanese entrepreneur, a founder and a chairperson of HTC Corporation, also a Philanthropist.

HTC Corporation and integrated is the cheapest VIA technology maker. She is called the most powerful and successful woman in Technology and listed as a 53rd most powerful woman in the world by Forbes.

Cher WangCompany: HTC Corporation
Age: 60
Net Worth: $1.1 Billion (2019)


13 Kiran Mazumdar – Shaw

In 1978, Kiran founded the business Biocon, a Biotech Company located in Banglore, which focuses on biopharmaceuticals and are sold in over 120 countries across the planet.

She is the Chairman and managing director of Biocon.
Kiran is the First Indian Billionaire female entrepreneur.

At the earlier, she has worked in the small enterprises as a trainee brewer in Carlton and United Breweries, Melbourne and as a trainee maltster at Barrett Brothers and Burston, Australia, Technical consultant at Jupiter Breweries Limited, Calcutta and as a technical manager at Standard Maltings Corporation, Baroda between 1975 and 1977.

She has achieved many honors and awards in her dedicated field.

Kiran mazundarCompany: Biocon
Age: 66
Net worth: $3.2 Billion (2018)


14 Jennifer Hyman

Jennifer Hyman is the Founder and CEO of Rent the Runway, a Fashion logistic company offering clothes, accessories, and home rentals via on-demand subscriptions from over 600 designer brands for women and kids.

She selected New York as her pioneer for her business as it is the best City in the world for any business career.

Rent the Runway crossed over $125 in March 2019.

jennifer HymanCompany: Rent The Runway
Age: 37
Net worth: $300 Million (2019)


15 yang Lan

A Chinese media proprietor, Yang Lan, is a founder and chairperson of Sun Media Group and The Sun Culture Foundation. She is a journalist and a show hostess also.

She was ranked 100th most powerful woman of the world by Forbes and considered the most powerful woman in Chinese media.

She has achieved many awards and recognitions and named as a Goodwill Ambassador for Shanghai Export in the year 2010.

yang lanCompany: Sun Media Group
Age: 50
Net worth: Approx $1 million (2019)


16 Sheryl Sandberg

Sheryl Cara Sandberg is an American executive activist, author, and the female billionaire entrepreneur.
She is the Founder of leanin.org and chief cooperating Officer at Facebook.
Before joining Facebook, Sheryl was the Vice President of Global online sales and operations at Google.

Due to her stock holdings in Facebook and other companies, Sandberg reported to worth over US$1 Million.

Sheryl sandbergProfession: COO At Facebook
Age: 49
Net worth: $1.60 Billion (2019)


17 Susan Wojcicki

Susan was the involved person in the founding of Google in 1999.
She was Google’s first marketing manager and in charge of Google’s original video services.

She had also proposed YouTube Acquisition by Google in 2006, and hence, she became the CEO of Google Youtube.

Profession: CEO of Google Youtube
Age: 50
Net Worth: nearly $500 Million (2019)

18 Indra Nooyi

Indra Nooyi is one of the most powerful women in the business of India.

She held experiences Executive positions in many top Companies in the world.

Currently, she is the CEO of Pepsico brand, the second largest company on the planet for food and drinks.

She ranked consistently 100th most powerful women by Forbes and 2nd most powerful women in Fortune list.

Indra NooyiCompany: Pepsico
Age: 63
Net Worth: $80 Million (2019)


19 Oprah Winfrey:

The list of the most powerful and successful female entrepreneur is incomplete without Oprah Winfrey.

She becomes famous for her talk show in which she brought President Obama for twice.

She was the richest African American in the 20th century and a black lady being multi-millionaire.

She also ranked as a black philanthropist in American history and the most influential women in the world.

Winfrey achieved the Presidential medal of freedom by the hands of President Obama.

Oprah WinfreyProfession: Host of the Oprah Winfrey Show
Age: 65
Net Worth: $2.6 Billion


20 Melinda Gates:

Almost Bill Gates is responsible for the wealth of Melinda Gates, but she is responsible in the Co-founding of the charitable organization from their empire.

She is the Co-chair and founder of worlds largest charitable trust Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and has been ranked constantly as one of the most powerful women by Forbes.

Melinda gatesProfession: Co-chair and founder at Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Age: 54
Net worth: $100 Billion

All these Successful female entrepreneurs build their empire in their way. The fell and rose up themselves to achieve something, to gain something for their own as well as the betterment for others.


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