How To Start A Blog In 2021 That Creates $4000 Per Month!


how to start a blog


“What if I said that it’s everyone’s cup of tea to have a blog up and running?

“Better yet, what if I showed you how to open a successful WordPress blog post which in turn will help you attract money?”

I know it’s daunting for you that I am suggesting you start a blog. Like your head must be spinning with the what-ifs and the whys and the hows etc. But Don’t worry I have got you covered. I wish to walk you through the whole process of establishing a blog.

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  • MONEY!

It is a driving tool and no one can deny it. The blog helps you earn a decent amount of money.

  • Find your calling!

Expand your horizon. Ponder upon new fields and establish yourself in that particular Niche. Write what you relate to, write about experiences, facts, ideas, etc. You have different niches at your disposal to achieve the above.


You can free yourself from the 9-5 tedious job. You can travel more often. You can work from home.

  • Self-development!

A blog helps you articulate your thoughts and pen it down in the form of a post or an article. You develop confidence and achieve mental relief just by a simple post.

  • Pathway to becoming a writer!

People do use a blog as a way to attract traffic and later on launch their books. You start becoming a little Internet famous.

Now, that we have covered the why let’s get to the how.

Before the how I would like you to know more about WordPress.

Also, Let’s find you the Right Blogging Platform and Blog Hosting Company:

wordpress benefits

An outline of how you can start a blog:


So go ahead and follow the step-by-step instructions below to get set up!

Let me introduce you to BLUEHOST!

They are quite pocket-friendly! When you sign up, it offers you with a FREE domain name! I mean, we all know how tough it is to meet all the expenses in the earlier stage. Not to mention, Bluehost makes it all the more comfortable for the beginners to work and establish themselves. For those who aren’t sure about their decision, Bluehost has got that covered too by offering a complete guarantee on their hosting packages. All you have to do is sign up for 12 months or more even then if you decide that it’s not going to work out for you, then you can ask for a full refund from 30 days of purchase. Aren’t you glad now you got introduced to Bluehost?

Now that you know about Bluehost the first thing we do is purchase some domain name and blog hosting. here we will store all the files and where we will eventually install WordPress as your blogging platform.

word press and bluehost

Below I am going to explain to you how to use the hosting plan and getting the domain name. I have taken a series of screenshots from the site to make it simpler for you.


  • So, to begin the process at Bluehost, click the green Get Started Now button that you can see in this image.

bluehost homepage

  • After the above step, on the homepage you will see a list of pricing options.

price options

  • Go to the next page enter in the domain name that you’d like to use. Keep in mind that It’s okay if you’re not totally satisfied with the current domain name because you can add unlimited websites and blogs to your Bluehost account.


sign up on bluehost

  • The next thing you do is just fill out all your contact details and payment information (make sure it is billed annually). Now, if you look below in the screenshot, it has some optional extras. It is entirely your decision to make whether or not you purchase these. Check the standard Privacy Policy & Terms of Service, Add in your credit card details, and hit the green submit button!

Yay!  Pat yourself on the back because you have completed the first step and you have yourself a blog hosting area.

Bluehost has eliminated a couple of steps in this process, so you’ll get through with the process in no time. 

  • At this step, you should be directed to select a theme for your WordPress site. Your screen should appear like this:

theme options

  • You can select a theme which is best for you. You need not worry because if needed you can change it on a later stage. 
  • After selection your screen should look like this:


  • Select the BUSINESS OPTION. [It’s okay if as of now you don’t own a business it’s a mere step to that process.] 
  • You can now see a dashboard which appears like this:


Check out Bluehost 

Yay! You made it. You can now go through varied themes and select yourself an attractive theme. I know this whole process can be a bit overwhelming but have faith in yourself that you are going to stick with it and learn the system. I know for a fact that WordPress is an empowering tool and if you make an effort to learn it, you’ll make yourself a fantastic blog.

theme options

As a beginner Free themes are a great place to start. If you have a few extra dollars to spare then invest in a paid theme. It would be perfectly fine if you opted for a free theme temporarily and then on a later stage shifting to a paid one. You can use one of WordPress theme it has it pre-installed under the “appearances” and “themes” tabs. Just click customise to switch themes.


Why opt for a Paid theme when you already have a free one at your disposal?

The answer  to that is simple. You have an entire support staff dedicated to helping you to succeed. Not to mention 95% of people running successful blogs use it too. I have a perfect recommendation for you to try.


Divi theme is customisable and very user-friendly. I recommend it and its what most bloggers prefer using. The design of your homepage along with other pages on your website are customisable. They have excellent customer service. Divi theme also has a no-questions-asked, 30-day money-back guarantee. It’s a risk-free investment! So when you purchase Divi, you get access to an entire market of themes, that includes over 70 other themes. If you don’t end up loving Divi, you can choose from the different themes.

Click here to visit Divi theme 

Can you believe it? We’re actually at the end! Let’s get started on the most exciting part.“THE POST”

Now would be the time to have a look at how to create amazing content for your blog. In the end, it all comes down to Visitors.


                            Few pointers to keep in mind:

  • Stand out amongst your peers!

It’s important to find a way to make your blog distinct from the rest. Take a look at your competition before content curation. It is a vital step in establishing a unique blog.

  • Always plan!

Sit with a planner and make a detailed structure of what your blog might look like in the coming days. Trust me, being goal oriented will take you far.

  • Jump start a mailing list!

A mailing list is an integral part of any blog. It allows you to promote new posts, product or affiliates and can serve as protection from changing SEO rankings.

  • Build your Friend network!

Blogging financial success relies on networks. Make friends, share with other bloggers in your niche your content and links to them. These connections will help over time.


I sincerely hope this article has helped you. I hope this motivates you to develop your own blog. On other note, you have any questions about the technicalities or anything feel free to ask them in the comments. While you’re at it,

What were some of the problems you faced when you first started in this field?

If you have an experience you would like to share with other viewers which might help them feel free to share it.

Which Niche are you currently obsessed with?

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