Top 10 Sites That Pay you to answer: Easy ways to make money online


Earn money by giving answers

Do you want to make money online?

How can I earn money by answering questions?

This post answers just that. Writing answers for money is a simple and exciting idea to make money online, and I can help you out with this idea.

There are so many websites which pay you only for giving answers to the various questions. Don’t you think it will be a fun job? If you are skillful in a particular field and can help them by giving only the answers to their questions, you will get paid by those sites.

Only giving answers to the simple questions will pay you and help you in making money online.

Let’s begin.

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1. Quora

Quora is an American question and answer website, which you might be aware of is the hottest platform where you can share knowledge.

It is the best place to ask questions and answer all kinds of question to gain and share your knowledge. Quora is a platform where you will be valued for the quality of answers and useful insights. Quora is also a great way to grow your business. This network of question and answer allows you to inform others on the topic of your expertise. You can get or give answers from a pin to the universe.

Check out below how people are making money only by answering on Quora.

It seems easy, right? To just write on Quora easy, but let me tell you it is not that simple to make money from it. 

quora proof 

How to get started?

Quora is invitation only, and you require a certain amount of followers and credibility to join Quora. It requires your time, dedication, and creativity, and once you are famous, almost everyone will request you to answer the questions because he/she is your fan. If you do get an invitation, you should definitely join Quora.

 So join Quora and add to the pool of knowledge today!

2. JustAnswer

JustAnswer is a unique website which allows users to set a virtual appointment with specific experts along with several follow-ups with the same expert so that they can get a better perception with their doubts and can solve their issues.

JustAnswer contains more than 175 categories, which allows people to ask questions on different types and also receive the answers from lawyers, doctors, nurses, psychologist, electricians, writers, mechanics, etc., You can select your expertise category and start answering questions asked by the users.

The way this site works is you need to pay money to ask a question. If you are wondering if you can get the answer on Google for free, then why would people pay for it?

 You cannot be more wrong. People do not rely on google answers, as they are highly unreliable. That’s why JustAnswer only hires people with some expertise.

justanswerHow to get started?

To become an Expert on JustAnswer, you need to have specific qualifications.

  • Verify your credentials for being an expert in the selected category
  • Answer the users in the right way

If you can fulfill these two conditions, you will be given up to 20% of the user’s payment if the user accepts your answer.

3 Ether

On Ether, you can share your knowledge via phone or email exchange and can make money online.

How to get started?

  • Sign up with Ether; you will be provided with an Ether phone number a unique extension number of eight-digit.
  •  Getting Ether phone number is totally free, and you just need to forward that number on your actual contact number. It will hardly take two minutes to send Ether phone Number to your real phone number.
  • Set your rate as per your conveniences like rate/minute, rate/hours, rate/call whatever you want.
  •  Set your working hours so that you can receive customers call while you are free.
  • Your phone will ring when customers have prepaid your rate with the defined time.
  • Ether holds right to take 15% commission of your income, or you can get your payment through deposit, or you can request a cheque from Ether.
  • You can sign up Ether

Just do it and start making money online, giving advice and answers to your customers.

4 Studypool

Studypool is a great website for people who want to work from home and excited to make money online. If you have expertise in a particular academic subject or the subject you would like to teach, can answer the questions and queries related to the student’s homework and assignments from home.

Yes, it’s like becoming an online tutor. You can choose over 30 subjects. Studypool has thousands of student users and freelancers to meet and interact to find and post their work.

Work from anywhere at your time.

How to get started?

  • Sign up and start browsing the questions to the home student and provide solutions to their questions and homework.
  • You have to set your price and deadlines and must possess a higher degree qualification form a college or university.

 When the students benefit from your answers, you will be paid with the agreed sum. You must have your PayPal Account to receive your money for the work done by you.

5 PrestoExperts

PrestoExperts is another site which pays you for answering the questions on different categories like health, counseling, academic subjects, technology, designing, social media, shopping, legit topics, etc.

presto expertHow to get started?

  •  You can sign up as a freelancer and can select the category which fits the best to you with your experience and knowledge.
  •  Create your profile on PrestoExperts enter your qualification and education, specialties and other information which would like to show your clients.
  • Upload your own picture for the reorganization and your profile is ready to get started.
  • Once you create a profile, it will start appearing on the lists of the available experts on PrestoExperts.
  • Start interacting with thousands of clients through your email, phone, or online chat.
  •  You need to inform clients how you want to connect with them.

 Flexibility is you can work at your place at your time. Set your own fees and start working. Provide good services to your clients so that you can get high ratings.

Seems like an interesting job, huh!

6 Experts123

Wide range of questions are asked by the people on Experts123 with different topics. You can search for topics on the asked questions by the people and answer them on which you have expert knowledge. You can share articles as an answer to their question. You can choose several topics to answer or share your experience to solve their problem.

How to get started?

  • Sign up to Experts123 and share your knowledge with the ones who are looking for the answers, You can also share the links of your articles, blogs, and websites so that they can get more precise and clear idea towards their query.
  •  Here the contributors can earn via Revenue sharing Program, and the website by default understands it.
  •  Interact more with the clients share more links to your articles and website to get more traffic to your answers, blogs, and articles. Establish yourself with your writing skills and articles and qualify yourself with per post rates.

Seems the most straightforward way of earning!

7 Web answers

Web Answers is a website where you can get paid to ask and answer the questions.

How to get started?

  • You have to sign up on the website of Web Answers
  • Once you sign up to the website, you can directly start answering the questions in the right way.
  • This site pays via Adsense revenue sharing model. You need to give at least 50 answers to get eligibility for making money online.
  •  Once you pass the eligibility, you will get paid by Google Adsense program according to the traffic on your answers.

You will get royalties on the question and answer thread if your answer is selected as the best answer – by the questioner. WebAnswer also pays you for each asked to answer. You also have an opportunity to earn from your ads display on the other pages.

8 Wonder

Wonder is a site where you can answer the questions on certain research like data, statistics, analysis, insights, and trends. The customers who are researching specific topics can ask on Wonder. Wonder provides a team for delivering precise analytical data to its customer.

They have a turnaround of 24 hours for getting fast and accurate solutions to the questions of its customer.

wonderHow to get started?

  •  Apply and take a short quiz and go for the trial research assignment and complete it.
  •  If they like your work, they will allow you to take a job at a time.
  • While you join a job, you will see a price already set.

 As the job varies the length of time varies. You need to spend 2 to 3 hours on research expectedly. You can earn $25 per research and get paid via Paypal every two weeks.

9 Maven

Are you interested in providing consultancy on any topic to someone?

If yes, then you should definitely join maven. It is one of the highest-rated Company, which delivers expert knowledge in every field. It works with huge companies like Nestle, Intel, etc.

Because of the high clientele, consultants can get a job quickly.

How to get started?

  • Set up your account and start answering the questions in your expertise field.
  • Set your consulting rate.
  • Maven has a calculator which decides what to charge.
  • You don’t have to find your assignment; Maven will contact you if it finds a perfect assignment suitable to you.

The maven assignments take longer time to complete, and hence, it pays more.

10 Chegg Tutoring

Chegg Tutoring is a website where students go to rent out books need the tutors of their subject.

If you are a teacher or would like to share knowledge with others, you must join Chegg Tutoring.

How to get started?

  • Sign up Chegg Tutoring and pick the subjects of your choice or the subject you would like to teach to the students.
  •  You can make your account either from Facebook or your email address.
  • You need to answer some personal questions about yourself and upload your picture to complete your profile.
  • Chegg will verify your education and qualifications.

There are more than 1000 subjects you can teach from anywhere. Top tutors on Chegg earns over $1000/month. Rates on Chegg starts from $20/hour and pays every week. The more your demand on Chegg as a tutor, the more you will be paid.

To sum it up…

 People are signing up to the question answers sites as these sites give fun and easy ways of making online money. If you are looking for the low-effort freelance work, then go and sign up to the answering questions sites.

You can share your knowledge or particular skill with the world and get paid for it. You can set a weekly target of making money with these sites. I would suggest you join or sign up one of these sites and start making money online from tour own place with your own time.

 So stop wondering how I can make fast money online?

And get started.


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