Scopist Jobs: Make upto $3000 per month by editing court files from home


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Today we discuss working from home and making money as a scopist.
Don’t know what and who is a scopist?
Don’t worry.
You are not alone who isn’t aware of this word.
It is a lesser used term to make money from home careers known by very few people.

Who is Scopist?

Scopist is nothing but editing the transcripts for the court, perhaps, the finalized unspoken hero of an official transcript.

Linda Evenson, who is scoping for over 35 years. She also has her free mini courses for scopist jobs which contains tons of important information.

Scopist often works with the court reporters team also hired by the court with responsibility of undefined stenotype into English ensured with proper language, grammar, punctuations, research, and format.

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These can be anything from court proceedings to hearings.

Transcripts were typed up from the taped recordings recorded by the reporters. Proceedings may be any of them like, depositions, court proceedings or hearings.

Nowadays, transcripts provided through the internet.
So if you have good internet speed where you reside, you can work almost from anywhere for any reporter.

Compared to running computers for nine hours in the stuffy office, we have come far away here.

Scopists edit and translate the transcripts word by word, line by line, reads untranslated steno notes and making them more precise and attractive. After this, the transcript is returned to the court reporters who then proofread the transcripts to finalize the approval.

Now your curious mind runs asking, can anybody become a Scopist?

How you can learn Scoping?

You can learn Scoping with the Online Courses of ISS which is a free mini course and this is the most favorable benefit of this course.

Who can become a Scopist?

Folks who enjoy reading and loves language to have an affinity towards learning a new word, who have an excellent vocabulary and are good spellers are the defined signatures of the people can radiate as a scopist.

Scoping provides the best possible opportunities for individuals who love to learn new things and to challenge themselves.
In addition to the required skills, scopist must know how to run the court reporting software.

Do you love to be your boss?
Yes, this is the best part of being a scopists.

I always worked being my own boss, perhaps I have deadlines to meet, but I can work amazingly from anywhere and anytime with talented reporters. We appreciate each other having the common goal of producing the fantastic transcript in the possible schedule.

Some reporters offer a flexible schedule and the ability to work from home.

The Scopist must receive an education from the scoping school. If not, then he must have received an education from the most succeed profession. Many hands offer online scoping courses and training.

The traditional scopist program includes the following coursework:

– Law and legal terminology
– Reporting communications
– Machine Shorthand
– Reporting Technology
– Medical Reporting
– Real-Time Reporting

Comparing to four-year college courses, if you dedicate 15 to 20 hours per week, you could cover the scoping course within six months.

These courses contain lots of quizzes to solve and final exams in each section which you have to clear.

Students are allowed to restudy and give retests to score above 85%.

Unlike colleges, the goals of these courses are not grades; it is all about knowledge, skills, and development you gain to make yourself successful in the scoping field.

An individual can eat the cake of success as a scopist if they:

– have a broad vocabulary
– are punctual and dependable
– are good researchers
– have an excellent grasp in the English language
– are an expert in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and formation
– are motivated self-starters
– are capable of meeting deadlines
– have the ability to learn Computer Aided Transcription (CAT)

Tools you need to work as a scopist

– An upgraded Computer
– High-Speed Internet
– Software on which you can edit the files – CAT
– Reference books for the researches
– A great training course

ISS contains two or three times vast training materials for online courses with the most experienced instructors to train the students in reading steno notes. It provides fifty files written by dozens of reporter on which you can practice edits. This is the most thorough program you can’t find anywhere.

Internet Scoping School students will get lifetime access to the website and the instructor.

If the new section is out, it will available to you at a steep discount.

Now it comes to the Salary of the Scopist.

Salary of a Scopist

As a new graduate student, you should work with the reporters for a little while.

Once you start edit gracefully, start adding clients to work with.

If you start to market your own business, you will certainly earn $20,000 or more per year, but at the very starting its been a great thing you are going achieve.

Once you get up with your skills, gaining the experiences, you may earn $30,000 or more per year.

A great scopists are the preference for the busy reporters because there is always work to do without any question. They earn $40,000 or more per year.

Scoping can be proved profitable as money-making careers from home.

Pros and Cons of Scopist:


1. You can work from home being your own boss.

2. You can spend time with your family and have fun.

3. You can live and schedule your plans accordingly.

4. You could constantly learn new things as you work with different persons.


1. Working from home can be isolating.

2. Sitting in from of computers for long hours cause pain and stiffness.

3. It is hard to get away from the computer as it’s live in your home


The person those who want to work as a freelancer having an interest or a word nerd with words and want to own their own business, scopist jobs are the best mode of making money from home for them.

One can pursue work from home as a scopist after retirement being as a court reporter.

You can also start learning from Linda’s free mini courses or the courses of ISS otherwise there is also available free scopist courses and start making money as a scopist from home.

Court reporters who also serve as scopist are highly in demand as they have extensive experience, knowledge, and capability of understanding the nuances of the court reporters job.

You are blessed if you have found scopist jobs as your perfect career.

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