Rev Transcription Review 2019: Is It Scam or Worth The Hype?


rev review

For all those people out there who are already pursuing transcription jobs, this article is a bonus for you.

You guys are in for a treat! You now have the opportunity to find a new legitimate way of pursuing transcriptionists jobs!

And For those who are new and are willing to pursue transcriptionist jobs then you should definitely stick until the end of the article because I believe you’ll benefit from this a lot more then you expected!

So, before we start this journey of reviewing rev as a prospective platform for you to pursue rev transcription jobs in the future, I would like to brief you on how it works and what it’s all about.

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Introducing –!!

Important Fact:
Rev was Formerly branded as FoxTranscribe and FoxTranslate. It is a transcription as well as translation company based in the San Francisco, CA area. Also, they offer amazing captioning services to their clients as well.
It came into existence by the hard work of two employees namely: Jason Chicola(CEO) and Co-founder Josh Breinlinger back in August 2010.
Then later in August 2012, it got its funding by Venky Ganesan of Globespan Capital Partners. This funding, in turn, helped Rev’s expansion.

Want To Apply At How?

I know for a fact that many of you are having doubts, such as: “But, what is the eligibility criteria? How can one apply?”

Hold your horses and read the article patiently and you will learn every little detail about Rev from this rev review!

(i) What is the eligibility criteria?

Rev generally accepts applications from all over the world. All you require is a working laptop/computer, a good pair of headsets/headphones and a good working internet connection.
Manageable requirements right? Well, then onto the next query!

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(ii) Application process!

Rev’s application or one might call it a screening process is a bit strict. No! No! Not that difficult to deal with! It’s just they don’t hire anyone they are particular about their requirements a bit. There is a data that suggests that at Rev Only 10% of those applying get accepted for Rev’s transcription jobs!

One might say that Rev tends to be a challenge for transcribers who’ve had years of experience. They find Rev’s application process a bit tricky and hard to crack!
But who knows, it might be different for you. After all different people different strengths and weaknesses!

I have created a short list of parameters on which REV might be looking forward to! You can address these parameters as a checklist if you think you’re covering these parameters then you have nothing to worry about! I have narrowed down to two crucial parameters. They are:

(i) Typing Skills

One of the easiest to crack! You are required to type a block of text. So, you can type as much as you want in the time allotted by REV, which according to the site is 60 seconds! I believe you can totally ace this one!

(ii) Grammar

You are required to know and abide by grammar rules! Here your grammatical skills are put to the test. Fortunately, this is a straightforward Rev transcription test. You should be aware of punctuation, capitalization and grammar skills. This where you need to show that you’re well versed with your grammatical skills and can show your expertise in the given field as well.

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(iii) Bonus: All about the Rev Transcription Test and how to ace it?

This is the crucial point of the screening/application process. There is one audio test which you need to complete on Rev’s transcription editor, and lucky for everyone out there, there is no time limit. Isn’t this amazing?

The audio file will consist of multiple speakers. Rev pays close attention to:
1. How you transcribe the given file and
2. How well you identify the speakers, and whether you’re able to decipher what they are saying or not.

At the end of the Rev Transcription test, you hit the ‘submit’ button. Then you will immediately receive an email from rev thanking you for taking the time to do their test.

On a later stage, you will receive the second email in about 1-2 days if you pass the Rev transcription test. They will also notify you through an email if you do not pass the test, but you can retake the test after 45 days. Sounds good right?

I hope we are familiar with the whole idea of REV and how simple it can be to pass the rev transcription test if one follows the guidelines and is quick on his/her feet! Now, I would love to address a few more questions or FAQ’s to make you feel a bit at ease while applying to rev! Here we go!

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1. How Much Can One Earn At

Straightforward question and initial thought of every transcriber! For your delight, Rev has a vast earning potential! When compared to other transcription companies out there, rev’s Pay for transcription jobs depends on four different criteria. They are:
1. The file difficulty,
2. Length,
3. Number of speakers and
4. Accent.

Rev pays less for Single speaker files that are short. Rev pays to their transcribers on a weekly basis, that to every Monday of every week. So, the work done from Sunday through Saturday is paid the following week on Monday without fail.

At rev, the higher paying files tend to be the difficult ones. For instance, regarding the number of speakers, accents, difficult terminologies that you have to research on and audio quality. These can be a bit tough to get used to or find your way around, but I believe with enough exposure to rev transcription texts you will be able to crack them as well!

2. Tips on Rev Transcription Work Procedure

  • Rev will offer you a chance to listen to a file before picking it. Or what you could do is claim a file (called claim), listen to it, and later on, if you find it challenging, you have one hour to un-claim the file (release it back to the pool) without getting yourself charged with a penalty. This way Rev offers you options and you’re the judge of the work being assigned to you! You can simply pick yourself a file which is comfortable with you!
  • Also, make sure that you submit the transcript back in the given time. At, Rev after the allocated time is over, it adds you one additional hour automatically for you to finish up your work after completion of the additional hour the file will be unclaimed from you on its own!
  • There’s absolutely no need for you to contact them for file extensions. Because if the file is unclaimed forcefully, then the commitment ratio suffers! You wouldn’t want this to take place because once your commitment ratio falls too low, that alone can lead to your account termination. Also, if you pass the one-hour benchmark with a file and then try and release it, then your metrics (in this case commitment ratio) will suffer.
    I would advise you to be careful and choose wisely! And always be aware of the ticking time clock!

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Rev Editor(the transcription tool) has a countdown timer. This timer alerts you on how much time you have left to finish your work and will turn red when the time is almost up letting you know that you’re near to the end. The Rev editor is fantastic and has excellent features.
  • To name a few features, for instance,
    1. you can choose a dark screen, or
    2. even a lighter display or
    3. a different color of speakers.
    Rev editor is just ideal for pursuing rev transcription tests and also makes corrections similar to Microsoft Word. Rev Editor has a text expander function as well, and you can create a thesaurus of your own words and can note or suggest to expand thesaurus.
  • Rev editor also has a feature where after transcribing a file; you can favorite the customer. So, once the customer uploads more data, they appear on your favorites list immediately, so you don’t always have to go to great lengths to find work for yourself. It is added to the favorites, and you will be notified if the next time the customer uploads some work!
  • Accuracy and formatting of your work are calculated based on the last 30 graded jobs. Although, your on-time submission and commitment ratio is calculated on the last 120 days.
  • Rev will definitely close your account if your metrics fall below their given expectations. There is a rumor flying around that consistent customer complaint about your work can lead to your account closure. But Rev hasn’t confirmed this yet. Not to be alarmed though because I know you will definitely put your best work forward!

These were few of the tips which according to me highlighted the right amount of benefits for any beginner transcriber or a well-established transcriber would be looking for when looking for a transcription job!

Rev so far hasn’t raised any red flags! In turn, it has been quite beneficial and has proved to be a promising prospective platform for transcribers! On to the next FAQ that is Rev’s terms and conditions!

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According to me Rev’s terms and conditions are pretty manageable. Here’s a quick peek for you:

(i) Never share Rev’s client’s confidential information with third parties or outside sources. This one is a common condition and a must for every transcriber as well. I mean you wouldn’t want to be banned for this, would you?

(ii) You should be 18 years of age and above to be accepted at rev for a transcription job.

(iii) You are allowed to hold only one account per person.

For more, I request you to visit their site and get a good and detailed insight into the terms and conditions!

We are nearing to the end of the article! I hope so far the rev review has some impact on your decision making to pursue rev transcription jobs! I know it a lot to digest, but I believe in you, and I know you got this! You can one day be a successful transcriber!

4. Classification of Transcribers!

Rev has come up with a fantastic classification of transcribers!
It’s a system Rev’s come up with for rewarding loyal and hard-working transcribers.
The system comprises of ‘Rookie,’ ‘Revver’ and ‘Revver+.’ Let’s take a look at the system one by one and get to know rev’s perspective!

(i) Rookie

A rookie is a newbie — someone who has passed the application test! A rookie is mainly someone who has just joined the Rev community for a transcription job.
A rookie is allowed to work on shorter rev transcription projects. These projects range from one-minute files to 30 minutes long.
He or she will also receive detailed feedback on all the work done. A rookie has 120 minutes (2 hours) to prove to rev that they can finish up successfully and will gain the following metrics.
After this, they will get the opportunity to be promoted to Revver. Where the Accuracy is 4.5, formatting is 4.5, On-time submission will be 75%, and a commitment ratio should be of 8.

Important Note: The commitment ratio is calculated as total completed projects or files in the last 120 days divided the number of unclaimed projects after one hour.

A rookie in generic terms would be beginners level!

(ii) Revver

To qualify to be at this level, you must achieve a standard score set by rev in the accuracy and formatting category!
He or she has the freedom to pursue any job. There are no time constraints as well. It can be a few seconds or even a 2 hours long transcription work.

You are promoted to a Revver after transcribing 120 minutes and having attained an accuracy of 4.5, formatting 4.5, 75% on-time submission and a commitment ratio of 8.

He or she will be randomly graded. The transcripts after completion are sent to the customer directly on hitting the submit button, although the grades and mistakes are pointed out later.
Revver is one step ahead on the ladder to success!

(iii) Revver+

To qualify to be at Revver+ level, you must achieve a particular score set regarding accuracy and formatting which is bit higher compared to the previous level-Revvers.

To be Revver +, you must complete transcription of 1,200 minutes with an accuracy of 4.6, along with formatting of 4.6, 90% also, always make sure your work is submitted on time and have a commitment ratio of 15. These standards are a must to reach this level!

He or she has the opportunity to claim projects, at least 90 minutes earlier than Rookie or the Revver. Isn’t this a worth it opportunity to look forward to? This is the real deal as you get to claim the “easier files.”
Another transcription file which I believe is worth your time is the one-speaker files, and Rev has no shortage of those.
He or she also stands a chance of being selected to review work done by Rookie or Revver. This is a bonus benefit because you will get paid for this.
Reverr+ sounds promising to me if you ask me!

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5. How to be a Successful Reverr?

According to me, these are few of the qualities or suggestions one might want to cultivate in them to establish themselves as a successful Reverr!

(i) Strive to deliver quality work on rev and always deliver your work on time and follow the style guide provided by rev as it is strongly recommended.

(ii) Make it a habit of following the discussions on Rev’s interactive forum where you can also ask for help if needed. Also, You can dispute with regards to a grade if you feel you were unfairly graded. Important note: Support handles grade disputes

(iii) Whenever your work is reviewed on rev, take the reviewer’s advice seriously and make sure you outgrow your mistakes and make necessary changes in your work.

(iv) Improve your basic skills like for instance grammar, and research and typing skills. These are quite basic requirements, and you should definitely work on it if you feel you’re weak in any of the above areas!

(v) Commit to doing a great job every time you get yourself a transcription job at rev.

If you put your best foot forward, I believe you can do wonders!

On this note, I would like to end this rev review. I hope this review was worth your time and energy and I really wish that you inculcate the gained information from this article further! I hope this motivates you to put yourself out there and start your transcription career! Rev has been nothing but supportive and positive throughout, and I believe there is no better platform for transcribers then rev!

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