Research Tribe Review: Is It A legit Money Making Opportunity From Home?

Research Tribe review


Make money online!

Most people fall for that, don’t they?

There is always uncertainty in working online to make money. In this post, I will tell you about research tribe but will also discuss how to know if a site is a scam or not. The first question that comes to  mind is

Why will anyone pay for my opinions?

This question must have crossed your mind too. Yes, they do. Let me tell you why. Many companies, including many multinational companies, have focus groups to test their product, services, and advertisements and know the opinion of the potential users.

When a research company needs respondents from a demographic, they cannot reach, they can easily reach out to a worldwide or specialty panel. By offering a cash incentive to respondents in return for feedback, these companies can quickly fill quotas and collect the information being sought by the client.

To know the potential customer’s opinion, they will send free products.

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What are paid survey sites, are they worth it?

As they say, customers come by looking at the products, but they stay because of the service. In these times, when all companies are trying to give best customers. So getting personal opinion by creating focus groups has become critical.

But are these survey sites worth it? The idea of earning money by just giving your personal opinion seems quite lucrative, indeed. The thing about survey companies is that they might not always need your advice and so it is quite  unstable. So you cannot always expect a  regular flow of side income. and definitely not as a full-time income.

But you can definitely earn little cash on the way!

What are the scams?

Before reviewing research tribe for legitimacy, let us go through what kind of scams are there.  Few years ago, survey companies were clearly a scam,  they just weren’t looking online to pad the survey pools.

There were two kinds of scammy companies out there,  one type is sites that pitch you other products an services, and the other is the make you pay to get surveys.

Legitimate surveys are usually unpaid or incentivized. Surveys where the respondents are required to purchase products to join a panel are generally scams. Often, these sites disappear before paying the participants. Legitimate surveys do not need credit card information from respondents.

For the scam survey business, you are the products! Therefore it is essential to check a program’s review before buying it because there are too many scammers online!

People fall for making money online so quickly that they will pay money for memberships. These scams today copy legitimate business models, and so it has become hard to tell if they are legitimate or not.

If you have ever thought of making money by sharing your opinions, you must have come across Research tribe. I am sure you must have asked yourself whether  ResearchTribe is legit or scam?

First things first.

What is Research tribe exactly?

So basically Research Tribe is an official online reward portal. It works with many research companies to. This program lets you make money by doing paid surveys.

research tribe home page screenshot
Research tribe home page

Let’s look at the homepage. The home page is reasonably informative. It gives us some information about how it works, how it will benefit you, and how to get started. Fair and simple, so far so good.  Their goal is simple to boost their clients to get better rewards. The good thing I noticed is that it clearly mentions about its intentions. Though it doesn’t specify any of the companies, it works with. 


 “We can’t promise to make you a millionaire but we will do everything we can to boost your income each month. Simple.”

How does Research Tribe work?

Joining research tribe is like joining an email list. Research Tribe will then connect you to other legitimate reward portal sites. You might ask, then why not join that reward portal directly?  You can definitely but if  you join through research tribe you will be provided with better benefits.


“…By using the collective power of our members we also aim to negotiate better rewards and get you some exclusive research opportunities you won’t find anywhere else.”

Is research tribe a scam?

Research Tribe just connects its users with the other survey companies to boost your income without charging anything from its members. There are usually similar red flags for scammy sites. Let us see how Researchribe fares.

Research tribe joining page screenshot
Research tribe joining page

 Does it ask to pay to join?

Though not all the sites which pay to join are scams, but more often than not they are. Joining research tribe is entirely free. You can see that on the joining it only asks for general information and not personal details like social security number.

Do they ask you to go through promotional offers?

Once you join, you will receive a confirmation email.  Research tribe promoted 20 cogs, and redirected me to their website. So yes, it does ask us to go through promotional sale but it does not charge any money for that.


Research tribe mail conformation screenshot
Research tribe mail confirmation screenshot

They will send you a list of different companies, and from the list, you have to select the company of your choice whom with you want to work. Research tribe has claimed to negotiate better rewards to provide you particular researches by using the collective power of its members.

Pros and Cons about research tribe:

  • Pros
    Surveys are genuine ways to make money and you can not only get survey offers, but rewards also offers which can save money. The company is legit as they have provided the address. I have extensively searched on the Internet and did not find a single bad review of this company and site.
  • Cons

Survey takes time. On average it takes around 10-20 minutes to complete a survey and you might get paid about $0.10 to $5.So keep in mind that you might get average money from your efforts.

 Will I make money from research tribe?

Research tribe doesn’t pay you directly but,  through research tribe, you can earn more rewards. Also, the side cash generated is highly unpredictable.


20 cogs reward window
20 cogs reward window


Who can work for research tribe?

– Any UK resident can apply
– over the age of 16

20 cogs survey selection window
20 cogs survey selection window

If you decide to work, You could be invited to the following options. (This is on 20 cog)

1. Online Surveys
2. Utilities 
3. Travel 
4. Lotteries 
5. Competition, etc

My personal opinion on reward platforms.

I won’t say that it is a scam per se as it affiliates itself with other bigger survey sites, Kind of acting like a mid-ground. .It is not a scam in my opinion. There are two things to note however

It has low cash out rate. When you complete a research activity at research, you would be rewarded with cash prizes or a draw entry. Once you collect 4 pounds, you can redeem it with Paypal.

 It claims to provide privacy. Research Tribe survey never gives your data or information to any third party as it adheres to the Data Protection Act, 1998.

If you are looking for ways to make money online.  Check out these other opportunities.

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There are plenty of niches to start your blog, choose one and start blogging! Blogging is free scheduled rather than a 9 to 5 job. You can work according to your schedule.

Most of you must be thinking that they don’t have money to invest how do they start blogging and also they are not techno-savvy, but you the fact is you don’t need to invest money, and once you start your blog you will automatically learn how to run it. You just need to know basic internet things.

2. Party Planner:

Love to visit parties?
Of course, who doesn’t want to visit and enjoy different parties?

Why not become a party planner?
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Planning the parties and events is the comparatively simple job you can do and can make money online.

3. Data entry jobs:

I know that behind data entry jobs, many sites are just making us fool. Is data entry a real job or scam?

Let me tell you I have visited one site where they are taking some money as deposits, and I have paid it too!
After that, they never replied or gave me any work to do, and even they removed me from the site.

But then I came to know about another site which is actually paying money, and one can make money online legitimately. As I have been rolled up by scam before,  I’d never trusted these sites, but one of my friends has started working as a data entry which was totally home-based, and he has earned huge money doing this. So now i  trust sites like Expert123 and PrestoExperts.

I joined, and now I am also making money online doing the same job on my time. There are many ideas to make money online; it just depends on your efforts and skills you are putting towards your work.

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