20 Best Proofreading Jobs That Will Help You Earn $50000 yearly in 2020!



What is Proofreading? Who can become a proofreader?

How much does it pay? Where can I apply for proofreaders job?

These are few of the questions that might be going through your head when you read the article title. Don’t worry though I got your back! I am 100% sure at the end of this article not only will you get all the answers to your questions but you will also find yourself a job that’ll earn you a decent amount of money. We all know that there is a high demand for freelance proofreaders and editors nowadays because professionals like bloggers want perfect content for their blogs and then there are students who wish their essays to look just right, added to this there are several authors who want their books to become bestsellers, and for that to happen they need a good proofreader!

All about proofreading!

Proofreading is the editing process’s final step. By final step I mean when the structure has been constructed and finalized. At this stage, all you got to do is polishing. It also includes correcting typographical errors and looking for grammatical errors, style, and doing a spell check.

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Now the key to being a great proofreader is to be detail-oriented in its work. It can easily spot for typos, correct spelling mistakes and include proper punctuation.

There are various types of proofreading jobs, one of them being copy editing. Copy Editing is an in-depth type of proofreading. You’ll often come across Copy editors who will suggest changes to a draft that goes beyond your average grammatical errors. They show expertise like adding more clarity, consistency, and brevity to a draft or a manuscript. Now, if you wish to become a Copy editor which if you ask me is a win-win for you, then you might look for options to specialize in a particular type of work — for instance,  self-published authors of any genre, or in a specific industry such as technical manuals for software companies.

One of the advantages of being a proofreader is that It’s also simple to produce the work with limited access to technology. All you need is a working computer or tablet or iPad, with a good internet connection. That’s it. Isn’t that manageable? Doesn’t require much investment either! Now that you’re aware of what let’s get you some good old facts, or one might say statistics about proofreading!


Do facts remind you of school? It does to me — all those numbers and statistics takes me back to school days. Anyways, I’ve done a little research just for you and found that 32 companies are currently hiring in 2018. They are looking forward to hiring people right now.

The research says that proofreading pay-rates run the range from little to very lucrative. Initially, It tends to pay less than freelance writing jobs, but I’ve come across Glassdoor which has a starting salary of $36,000 for proofreaders. You will rarely be offered an hourly wage. Instead, you will be paid by the page proofed. How much you earn will vary depending on the projects or clients you are working with. But, most proofreading companies/clients pay per page, per project or an hourly rate.

As a beginner proofreader, you can expect to earn $10+ per hour. Once you gain experience and become better at this, you can charge $30 or even $50 per hour.


Are Beginners welcome or does it require training?

Yes, it does require training! If you think Proofreading is easy, then let me tell you that it is a misconception of yours! It’s certainly not an easy task. You need to gain some form of training before getting started. There are plenty of platforms where you could train for free of cost. I’ll suggest you get training because beginners even though they are welcomed they are not paid that well.

Qualities necessary to become a proofreader:

These are a few requirements that are very common, and every professional proofreader must have. They are:

  • Impeccable English Skills
  • Avid reader!
  • Having a sharp eye for details!
  • Journalism or an English degree! (not mandatory)
  • Hold Specialization in any or all of these niches.
  • Should articulate Knowledge of proofreading marks.

Flexible work ethic!

There are two options available for you:

1. Freelance or2. working for a company

If you go for freelance, you’ll be actively marketing yourself. Whereas If you want to work for a company, you’ll mostly be responding to positions posted on various job boards.

If you wish to earn money while working from home, I’ll suggest you go for freelance. It offers flexible work hours. If working for a company is not too much of a hassle then you can get a full time job there as well.

Tools you need to excel in?

To name a few, tools that may make your life easier while working as a proofreader are

  • Google Docs: Its the most common of all and many online proofreading jobs are done via Google Docs because it allows for a markup procedure and also offers a feature which helps to add comments to an original draft. Also, You can easily share Documents online.
  • Dropbox: It is another excellent option when it comes to sharing documents with prospective clients who wish to use Word or any other document form.
  • Grammarly: This is my personal favorite!  It’s an online tool which helps spot grammar and spelling mistakes. The premium version comes with vocabulary enhancement and plagiarism checker tool. It can be a huge time-saver. Also, it can offers suggestions for sentence structure and that writing style as per your requirement. All in all worth looking into!

If you wish to get more information about Grammarly and Plagiarism checker tool click here and read in detail about the grammarly review!

Now that we are aware of what proofreading is and how it works let’s jump to the list.

List of 20 proofreading jobs:

1. Fiverr


Fiverr is one the world’s most leading website which offers immense of support to beginners as well as well qualified professionals to find their calling and just start a good freelance side hustle!

For those who seem to be busy but still need to earn few extra bucks, this is the right choice for them. For example, College students who do not have much time to work but the need for money is an issue to them, so for them, Fiver Is the best choice. It is considered to be one of the best sources of online jobs. Those Freelance services which start selling at an astonishing price of $5 can be found here. And the service you will be providing is more of a programming type, and you can also offer to make graphic design and charge according to the market price.

The awe factor in this is you can fix the service delivery time. Now, sometimes there may come a time when you got busy, or you might be facing some emergency issues, and you’re unable to finish the project. Not to worry because the clients are quite flexible that way. For when you complete the work before the service delivery time, you can demand extra payment as you reduced the waiting time for the customer.

Hurry up and join FIVERR!

2.Babble type:

babble type

Babble Type is a website which has openings for:1. Transcribers, or2. Translators, or3. Writers and Proofreaders etc.

They can either be an expert in English or any other languages.Here on this website, Proofreaders earn $0.13/word to $0.18/word.This website posts work on a given time each day, and once you accept a job, it will be due 22 hours later. So, you have an ample amount of time to work on the given task! Online proofreading jobs from Babbletype are only available for Native English speakers. Countries like the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand are offered work from babbletype.

3. Proofreadingservices.com


ProofreadingServices.com offers both full-time as well as part-time online proofreading jobs. Here, all proofreaders must pass a test which is a 20-minute screening test. Only after passing that test they start getting any work assigned.

They also offer flexible working hours, and you get to earn more than what an average hourly wage for proofreaders according to US standard is. Not to mention you get a chance to equate with some of the world’s top English proofreaders around the globe.

4. Kibin


Kibin is one of the website that provides editing and proofreading services especially to students who want to get their essays or thesis proofread. Proofreaders and editors are available, which means work is available for freelancers here on demand. This is quite a catch for the beginners looking for proofreading jobs.

5. Scribendi


A known fact about scribendi is that it has over 400 professional freelance editors. It also is one of the world’s fastest growing community. They currently have open positions for freelance proofreaders and editors, and you are in charge of your working schedule. But, a university degree is mandatory, along with at least three years of editing experience. Also, you need to be a native English speaker. They also have a requirement that you have an average editing/proofreading speed of 1,000 to 1,500 words per hour. Payments are made via PayPal in US dollars.

6. Wordvice


Wordvice is a company with open positions for:1. Content writers, or 2. Freelance translators, or 3. Freelance editors etc.

They wish to hire qualified and experienced freelance editors to add to their team of professionals.Wordvice provides with Work that involves editing research articles, dissertations, thesis and admissions essays. One of the perks of this job is that you can work from anywhere in the world so long as you have a stable internet connection. Their payment plan relies on word count and the turnaround time given by clients.

7. Domainite


Domainite‘s application process is quite straightforward and simple. They have posted the proofreading test itself on the application page. So, when you pass, Domainite will invite you to join their editing team. Payment is on a weekly basis via PayPal.

8. Cactus Communication

cactus communications

The editing position offered at Cactus Communications is for those with a medical background. If you’re a qualified person with a few years in the medical background, then you’re eligible to apply here. I’ll suggest you don’t miss your chance to earn up to $4,000 extra income since here you have the power to set your work schedule and accept projects only when you’re available.

9. Proofread now


Proofread Now hires proofreaders and editors on a daily basis. If you find out that they are not hiring now, I suggest you just bookmark the website and check for an opening for proofreading positions in future. For you to be accepted for the proofreader’s job here, you must have at least five years’ of experience should be willing to undergo difficult editing tests. Here at Proofread Now, the return on investment will be worth the effort.

10. Kirkus media


Kirkus Media currently shows an opening for a position as book reviewers. They also provide projects for proofreaders and editors. So, go ahead and bookmark this website too. If you have some experience in book publishing, you could give this website a go. They demand reviews of about 350 words in any or all genres. If you wish to apply, you would need to submit your resume, along with writing samples as well as a list of reviewing examples.

11. Edit fast

edit fast

Edit fast is known to provide support as well as assistance in finding a right path and suitable niche for everyone!

If you’re a Proofreader who has experience:

  • editing novels, or
  • Medical documents, or
  • Patents, legal papers,
  • Other technical topics etc.

Then let me tell you that you are in-demand on EditFast. The company has a variety of niches. A known fact here is that Proofreaders earn 60% of the total project price and receive their payment via PayPal.

12. Polished paper

polished paper

Polished paper is another academic writing platform. You can expect online proofreader jobs here if you’re qualified. All you need to do is create an account, upload your resume, then pass a test of 35-question before you can work on uploaded papers. The benefit of this platform is the number of stable projects. Payment rates will depend on turnaround time and number of words per project.

13. Sibia proofreading

sibia proofreading

Sibia is currently not looking for any proofreaders or editors, but they usually hire on a project basis. Bookmark this website for future reference. They typically require science experts who have editing or proofreading experience. You also should have a Ph.D. or an equivalent degree. It’s not mandatory, but it will give you a fair advantage.

14. Gramlee


Gramlee always are in need for exceptional editors to add to their growing team of professionals! You must be a grammar Nazi before you start looking for work here. One noticeable fact about Gramlee is that they offer work from home editing jobs available 24/7. They have a schedule of 24-hour turnaround time for 3,000-word documents. Gramlee is quite a catch.

15. Wordy


Wordy provides jobs of online proofreading and copy-editing services to its clients hence the need for editors and proofreaders is always in demand. The site is currently under construction and updating their platform, so they’ve paused registrations. Bookmark for future openings. Usually, they advertise online proofreading jobs from home.

16. Scribbr


Scribbr is a Netherland-based editing company which offers freelance editor positions for those editors who are fluent in languages such as:

  • English,
  • German,
  • French,
  • Italian and
  • Spanish.

So far they have over 400 academic editors all over the world who proofread student term papers. They require to edit dissertations, generating APA style references and detecting plagiarism in the documents (essays). You can easily land this editing job from home with this super awesome company.

17. Writers relief

Writer’s Relief is a team of proofreaders who provide exemplary work for prospective clients. Editing Cover books, novels, poems, essays, and short stories are what the position requires. Keep in mind that they only hire the top 2% of all the applicants who apply for this job. You have to up your proofreading skills and put them to good use if you wish to get accepted. They offer you competitive rates and work is available throughout the year.

18. Flexjobs


Flexjobs is work from home job portal which has part-time, freelance and flexible work at home jobs that you can use to make a decent amount of money online. They have a particular section specifically for online editing and proofreading jobs. Relevant information about Flexjobs is that they have a $15/month membership which gives you access to all kinds of online jobs, not just specific to proofreading.

19. English Trackers

english tracker

English Trackers usually have an opening for professional academic editors. They provide you with flexible working hours; payment is made on 15th of every month via PayPal. They have a responsive editor support team for in case you have any queries they will be answered in the shortest time possible. To qualify, you must be a Native English speaker with two years professional academic editing experience. They also require you to be a Ph.D. holder or an academic editor with verifiable experience. This company also provides online editing jobs for college students.

20. Words R U


Words R U is currently looking for qualified editors to work on the weekend. Editors must have a Master’s Degree, Ph.D. or equivalent professional experience in any of the academic discipline. Work is all about editing manuscripts and academic formatting styles. There are open positions for academic editors, science editors and business material editors. You will work as an independent contractor and payments are discussed personally with successful applicants.

Oh my god, we are at the end of this article. I hope that I provided you with some assistance with finding you the perfect job. Also, If you have any good or bad experiences with any of the above websites/companies feel free to share it with others in the comment below.

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