30 Product Testing Jobs: Get Paid To Test Products From Home!



Earn money while testing products

Are you aware of product testing? Did you know you can pursue it from home?

It’s a known fact that you can pursue product testing jobs from home. It might sound foreign to you, but it is very much real and in trend.

If I want to keep it short, then I would say its similar to filling out surveys. The only significant difference would be that on completion of testing they would let you keep the product or service. Also, make sure to share an honest review.

Companies look forward to an honest review because they wish to push a perfect product to the market. They want to gain information from such honest reviews and make improvements to their product.

While we are on this subject, I’d like to introduce you to a similar concept. There’s this concept called “Paid Market Research.”

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Paid market research is also known as paid beta testing which means providing significant information to various companies. This helps them improve their products before the launch. To understand better here are a few examples of a paid market testing:

1. Product testing
2. Focus groups and panels
3. Mystery shopping
4. Paid survey sites etc.

Now to be clear, you won’t always receive a physical product to test sometimes they might ask you to test a streaming site or maybe a new iPhone app or some other digital services.

Now how much you will be paid depends entirely on you. How many programs you join and then the number of products you test will determine how much you’ll earn out of this.

In conclusion, follow the more, the merrier concept.

Fact: There are millions of well-established brands looking for people to fill out feedback for their products or services.

The list I am going to provide is a screened list and will help you gain a side hustle.

Important Note: Once you start giving out information you’ll be contacted quite often with new trends and opportunities. So you might want to make a separate email id.

Ready for the list now? I am sure you have a clear understanding of product testing now. Let’s get you some product testing gigs. Yeah?

30 Amazing Product Testing Jobs!


1. Vindale Research

Vindale research is known to reimburse product testers in cash. I mean yes you won’t have the benefit to keep the product you tested but hard cash isn’t that bad is it?

Fact: they offer $2 bonus for beginners. I mean I know it’s not much but between that and earning approx $50 per survey vindale proves to be most lucrative amongst the list.
  • How To Be An Active Product tester at Vindale Research?
  1. To find whether you’re eligible or not you need to answer short questions.
  2. Further, if you’re eligible then you will have to share your experience with digital services or physical products which you might have used in the past.
  3. in the end, you can withdraw your reward through Paypal.

It’s pretty straightforward and hard to miss out!

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks- an all in one platform!

A platform that pays you points for completing a variety of online tasks. Each of such points can be redeemed for PayPal cash and gift cards.

Swagbucks is partners with a couple of advertising partners. They will give you points (SBs) when you sign up with these partners, and also complete, select offers from their websites.

Fact: it’s not about just filling out surveys you can have other opportunities to earn as well. Such as:
Trying out products and services, playing games, surfing the web, watching videos, and shopping online.

If you’re not keen on testing physical products, Swagbucks will pay you to watch sponsored videos and provide feedback.

Did I mention You will also earn a $5 bonus as a new Swagbucks user? Yes, that’s another benefit at Swagbucks!

3. Survey Junkie

Its primary focus is product opinion survey, but occasionally they offer product testing opportunities. Both of the opportunities mentioned above allow you to earn points that can be redeemed for PayPal cash and gift cards.

A reason to be fond of Survey junkie is that they have a relatively low payout threshold of $10.

4. American Consumer Opinion

If you’re a beginner wondering about product testing jobs, then look into American Consumer Opinion. They’re quite promising.

Fact: ACOP is known to host over 7 billion users worldwide, and they pay out over $30 million in incentives to people.

These surveys ask members opinions on advertising campaigns, economy ideas for new products, etc.

  • How To Be An Active Product Tester At ACOP?

Becoming a Panel member comes with great perks. You can look at several surveys per year coming your way. Surveys are quite easy, and you can finish it up in 10 minutes or so.

They offer a screener test monthly to know what type of surveys you might be interested.

For the number of surveys you fill out, each filled out survey gains you point, which you can later cash out via PayPal.

Registration is quite easy as well. You can either sync your google or facebook account with their dashboard to log in.

I mean isn’t this perfect? It’s definitely worth taking a look at.

5. National Consumer Panel (Nielson)

You’re definitely aware of Nielson Tv ratings. They’re the ones who since decades have been doing polls surrounding American consumers about what, how, when, and why they watch certain shows.

As of now, Nielson operates a handful of sub-brand. One of them being a National Consumer Panel. It functions in partnership with IRI, an international marketing research and data analytics company.
This so-called joint venture has been home to Home-scan program.

  • How Does Home-Scan Program Work?

When you sign up with NCP, you will have access to their mobile app. So, when you’re shopping all you ought to do is scan the barcode of the products you buy to earn points towards gift cards and merchandise.

If you’re not that into shopping, then you could participate in surveys as well. Not to mention you’ll be automatically entered into quarterly, monthly, and weekly sweepstakes to win gift cards, bonus points, and cash.

1. Easy registration!
2. Excellent reputation!
3. Amazing social standing!
4. Pinecone Research (Nielson)

Another sub-brand of Neilson. Pinecone Research is known to mainly focuses on product tests for items which haven’t been launched to the general public.

  • How does Pinecone Research work?

They send you their merchandise you fill out their questionnaire, and you earn points. Points are redeemable in cash or prize.

Great strategy opted by Pinecone is that they offer a wide range of gift card options. It includes virtual Visa cards and brand-name merchandise etc. It’s all a part of their overall compensation strategy.

You’re looking at flat $3 per product test survey. Another good deal for you!

6. JJ Friends & Neighbors (Johnson & Johnson)

Who hasn’t heard about Johnson & Johnson? They’re practically the biggest brands on the planet.

Fact Check: JJ owns Aveeno, Neutrogena, Clean & Clear, Le Petit Marseillais, BeBe, Roc, Lubriderm, and a slew of other brands.
  • How to be an active product tester at JJ?

At JJ you are offered to test out makeup or beauty products for testing. I mean the program allows you to keep the product you’ve tested for free before it has even hit the market. And by testing products I mean smelling fragrances, trying cosmetics (makeup), or other self-care products. Damn isn’t that cool?

I am not aware of their payment information, but Prepaid Visa Gift Cards seem to be the norm.

If you’re not fond of the opportunity mentioned above, they also offer Other opportunities such as online surveys, discussion groups and forums, focus groups, and various panels.

7. McCormick & Company, Inc.

If you’re someone who is a foodie and loves experimenting with food, then you will love McCormick & Company, Inc.

  • How to become a McCormick panelist?

First, you have to apply to be a McCormick panelist. Once in the database, you can expect to receive periodic emails recruiting for studies.

Their studies fill out soon so be quick while choosing a study. Their Home tests run between 30 minutes to 2 hours and pay $10-15 each in the form of Amazon gift cards.

I think you should save the rewards and use them for Christmas shopping at the end of the year. It’s a huge budget saver!

Depending on the study you choose you look at making $30 per hour. Fair enough deal?

8. MindsPay

MindsPay offers paid surveys and looks forward to knowing your opinions for various products for cash or kind.

You will earn up to $50 per offer. Also, you can make money by opening sponsored emails and downloading coupons for your next shopping trip. (suggestion for a student)

Once you provide them with your product review, you can request payment using PayPal.

9. UserTesting.com

For all the digital businesses Website testing is critical. If you’re good at noticing little details, then you might have a future in product testing for digital powerhouses at UserTesting.com.

  • How does UserTesting’s program work?

It is quite straightforward. Create an account, download their software, visit websites or apps and answer questions about your experience. Simple yeah?

Tests take approx 20 minutes each, and they pay $10 each via PayPal. Worth your time right?

10. Erli Bird

Erli bird is similar to UserTesting.com. You’ll be paid $10 per assessment (the same rate) and do similar work testing websites.

Fact: Erli Bird tests for app and hardware bugs as well. They claim to have 130,000+ users and have been around since 2012.

  • How does Erli Bird work?

Sign up for their account, and you can expect to be in for up to 5 tests per month. Payment falls through via PayPal seven days after the project is done.

Fact alert:

  • No gift cards, just cash
  • Special emphasis on quality

11. Ipsos i-Say

They’re One of the oldest standing research firms. Ipsos i-Say offers a variety of ways to earn rewards points. Such as product testing, surveys, and opinion polls. According to their website, they test over 7,000 products every year! Isn’t that Groundbreaking?

You have the chance to earn bonus points for completing surveys. They need fall within the current calendar year, making it possible to earn 600 additional points each year.

To add more benefits, you will also receive free entries to cash giveaways, and vacation sweepstakes with each survey completed too.

Wait I am not done yet. There is more. You can redeem rewards points for PayPal cash, gift cards, or giveaways. About the Loyalty points well they will never expire provided you remain an active i-Say member. Finally, membership is free.

12. Panel PayDay

Panel PayDay offer product testing focus groups and in-person mystery shopping. They act as a link between prospective survey sites. These sites will pay up to $100 for focus groups and $50 per hour as a mystery shopper.

If you only want to join one survey platform, this can be an excellent option because they do not directly partner with retailers and manufacturers.

Bonus: As a new member at Panel Payday, you will also earn a $25 cash bonus after completing your first survey!

As we know each survey client has a different payment method. You might earn points with the survey, and you can also cash in your next paid opportunity.

13. Focus Pointe Global

Focus Pointe Global specializes in product testing, focus groups, shop along, mystery shopping, and online surveys.

About Product testing, here at Focus Pointe Global, you will receive a product and also be invited to share your opinions by filling up an online questionnaire or an in-person focus group.
Payment varies based on product testing, but you can expect to earn between $75 to $150 for most opportunities.

14. BzzAgent

Bzzagent is exclusively dedicated to paid product testing opportunities. You need to complete a profile questionnaire and a few surveys so that they can determine your interests and areas of expertise.

Once you get accepted for a paid product trial, you will have approx eight weeks to share and test their product with your friends and family. And so after the trial period is finished, you get to share your opinions and receive payment.

Bonus: BzzAgent might offer a higher payout if you actively promote the product online during the trial period.

15. OneOpinion

oneopinion is both survey and product testing website. It awards you with points for each completed opportunity. You can expect to receive invites by email that pay up to $100 per trial. These Points can be redeemed for retail gift cards, PayPal cash, or a Visa debit card.


17. SurveySavvy

SurveySavvy provides with two options to gain money. One is through survey invitations, and product tests and another is by participating in their behavioral research platform called market savvy. This one is a little unconventional, but it pays you to monitor your web activity. You can also request payment once your rewards balance reaches $1.
It doesn’t get much better than this!

18. Global Test Market

Global Test Market offers you pay to test new products and share your opinions on products you already use. At global test market, you can redeem your points for PayPal cash, gift cards, and charity donations.

Fact: In 2016 alone, GTM members earned more than $30 million!

19. Opinion Outpost

One-Stop solution for all your survey takers! And a bonus on that is they also provide product testing invites for their members. Here at opinion outpost, you can earn your points for as per each survey. And you can redeem it for PayPal cash or gift cards. Plus, you will automatically be eligible for the quarterly $10,000 cash prize drawing. Isn’t this amazing?

20. EarningStation

Earningstationis one of the leading Swagbucks alternatives. Here, you will earn points for opening sponsored emails, sharing feedback on videos, completing surveys, testing products, and playing games.

By visiting the site every day, you receive a loyalty bonus which helps you to increase the points you’ve earned so far on a daily basis.

Earned points can be redeemed for PayPal cash and gift cards.

21. Product Testing USA

It is a combination of paid and free testing opportunities. If you opt for free testing, you get to keep the products that you tested. Here at Product testing USA, their paid opportunities are for $200 gift cards. You get paid for mystery shopping at your favorite stores such as Costco, The Disney Store, Kroger, and Under Armour. Isn’t that exciting?

Bonus opportunity for you: The highest shared review on Facebook will give you an additional $25 cash bonus each month. This bonus is for both product testing and mystery shopping.

22. MySoapBox

MySoapbox is an online platform that lets you share your opinion on products, surveys, and experiences. They offer to pay you to test a variety of products.

Also, you can make $50 per product test. All these points earned can be redeemed for restaurant and retail gift cards. This includes Amazon gift cards as well.

Apart from testing products, you can also vote on a different charity each month to receive a donation from MySoapBox.

23. Product Report Card

Product Report Card offer product testing and focus groups. Now, if you wish to gain money from both you should be willing to provide opinions on these three categories:
1. Kitchen
2. Bed and Bath
3. Fitness and Sports

The potential rewards at this platform include cash, Amazon gift codes, and merchandise.

24. MySurvey

A massive online survey company that offers product testing and focus groups as well. Here at MySurvey, you can test a variety of products ranging from household goods to cell phones. Something different isn’t it? You can earn points that can be redeemed for cash or gift cards.

25. Survey Spot

Survey Spot is another online panel that primarily offers surveys, and along with that, it offers product testing. You will earn points which you can redeem for cash, gift cards, and merchandise. After completion of every survey also buys you a free entry into their quarterly $10,000 prize drawing.

26. Survey Club

Survey Club is a platform where you will get paid product testing and survey opportunities. At Survey Club the Assignments are based on your state of residence. If you qualify for a focus group, online or even local, you can easily make at least $100 per study. They also have mystery shopping opportunities if you don’t wish to wait for a home-based product test. You will be paid by PayPal, check, or Amazon gift card.

27. YouGov

YouGov’s specialty is opinion polls for political views and consumer merchandise indices. Other than testing products, you can also take paid surveys and complete online tasks. There’s also an app that is available for Android as well as ios. Points earned can be redeemed for PayPal cash and gift cards. With every completed opportunity you automatically enter into the $10,000 quarterly prize drawing. You also can earn your first $5 just by signing up!

28. Valued Opinions

If you’re looking forward to testing beauty products, then valued opinions is perfect for you. Also, here apart from product testing and being part of a focus group you can fill out online surveys as well. And eventually, points can be redeemed for Visa debit cards and retail gift cards.

29. McCormick

Are you into food testing a lot? Then you would love testing McCormick spices and seasonings. You would enjoy cooking with their great spices. They pay you with Amazon gift cards. You can visit their test kitchen in Hunt Valley, Maryland or if you want you could do the testing from home as well.

30. iPoll

To grab hold of exclusive opportunities for product testing, download ipoll’s app. Apart from product testing, you can also pursue paid online surveys and complete online tasks.

Points earned at ipoll can be redeemed for cash or gift cards. Also, Each of your completed opportunity automatically enters you into the $10,000 quarterly prize drawing. Isn’t that amazing? Not to mention you will earn your first $5 just by signing up!

Quick Recap:

1. Product testing is real and worth pursuing.
2. Pursue more survey sites for more money.
3. Create a separate email id for this.
4. You will either be asked to deliver an honest review for a product or any service.
5. You will be rewarded in either cash or gift cards or allowed to keep the product itself.

I hope this article helps you provide knowledge about various job opportunities and hope you earn a decent amount of cash pursuing one of them. Feel free to share your thoughts and share your experiences in the comment section below.

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