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product review template

Writing a compelling and high converting review needs a skill. I am giving you the perfect template for high converting review and also an example of product reviews.

Your readers aren’t just after freebies. They’re after information of all kinds. And that includes the review of products and services in your niche. Check out this article which will help to build your first blog in 2019!

Now before you run off to write reviews and insert your affiliate links, here’s a word of caution which I believe you should follow!Caution: Be honest and admit flaws. Indeed, listing the product’s flaws will actually build trust with the prospect and increase your conversion rate.

Before that, check out the following articles to build a successful blog.

1. The Product Review Template

You can simply copy and paste this template and use it for your own blog. Just put the product name that you are promoting and make a follow the simple instruction for the compelling product review. Having a blog in the right niche is essential to get success in internet marketing. This 3 niches can make you a millionaire so I always like to build my blog in these niches.

I know, you’ve been hearing a lot about [product name] over the last couple [days/weeks/months]. You’re wondering if it’s right for you. You’re wondering if it’s really your solution to [getting rid of a specific problem].
The answer is yes, especially if you’re [describe the type of person who’d benefit the most from this product]. However, this product isn’t for everyone. Read on to find out if it’s right for you.

product review template

2. Overview of [Product Name]

The first thing you’ll notice about [product name] is that [insert general description of the product… for example, if it’s a book then you can talk about how many chapters and pages it has, briefly what it covers, etc. If it’s a physical product, like a laptop, then quickly cover some of the main features and benefits].

(i)The Good Part!

This product really stands out from the competition in a number of ways. Specifically…

  • [Highlight a first major benefit – for example, maybe a laptop has much more power and RAM then you usually see at this price point, so multi-taskers can run several programs without the computer crashing or slowing down.]
  • [Highlight a second major benefit]
  • [Highlight a third major benefit]

The reason why these features are so important is because this is the only product that really allows you to [get some specific benefit].
Most of the other competitors fall short in this category. Some of the competitors have tried to [implement this specific feature], but it really doesn’t work because [explain why this specific feature didn’t work in the competitors’ products]. Most competing products, however, don’t include this feature at all. That’s why [product name] offers a lot of value for the price.
However, [product name] isn’t all sunshine and kittens. It does have a few flaws. Read on and get a new perspective!

(ii) The Bad Part!

No [type of product] is perfect, and [product name] is no exception. However, while [product name] does have its flaws, I didn’t see any deal breakers here. There’s nothing really that would make me hesitate to recommend the product. However, you should be aware of these potential problems…

  • [Describe a perceived flaw or potential problem with the product – for example, maybe a laptop has a weak casing, so you’re a little concerned about what happens if the laptop gets bumped hard or dropped.]
  • [Insert another potential problem – for example, maybe a dieting book doesn’t have actual recipes.]
  • However, I did find one workaround. Specifically, if [the type of problem] looks like it’s going to be a sticking point for you, one way to fix this is by [describe a way to get around the problem, or a way to turn this perceived liability into an asset].

product review template

(iii)The Final Verdict!

Despite the minor problems above, I whole-heartedly recommend [product name] to anyone who wants to [get a specific benefit]. That’s because [reiterate main selling point]. You can check it out for yourself here [link].

Writing is an art and I personally like to use Grammarly to improve my writing skill. Read this detailed review on Grammarly and How it can help you to create amazing content. You can read further on 10 tips to improve your writing skills.

3. Create A product Review With A Personal Story!

Your readers keep coming back to you for a reason.
It’s because they not only like your blog posts, but they also feel like they know, like and trust you.
And one way to deepen this bond with your readers is by sharing personal stories. You can promote the product which really helps you in your life so you are creating trust and selling product also.

(i) Examples:

• On your marketing blog, you can share a story of how you stumbled into Internet marketing when you lost your job. You can talk about your initial struggles and how you overcame them and how this “digital product” impact your life so people can get the connection with the product that you are promoting and your conversions will be amazing.
• On your dog blog, you might share with your readers stories about some of the dogs you owned over the years, including some of their problem behaviors (and how you fixed them). What are the products and services you used while solving the problem?
• On a dieting blog, you can share a battle of how your weight fluctuated for years before you found a way to keep the pounds off and how this product helps you to lose weight.
Tip: Share stories that will resonate with your readers, which helps create an emotional bond. All three examples presented above would likely resonate since the target market members have similar stories and how the particular product helps you to solve the problem so you are promoting to your target market.

4. Promote Product With The Case Study Or Successful Story!

The case study can sell products easily. Focusing mainly on the product (and how it helped the person), you focus primarily on the person. And that means you can engage the reader on an emotional level.
I’ll use the same examples as before to show you how to turn a case study into a success story.

(i) Examples:

• Here you profile the man who took his earnings from $1000 to $6000 a month by increasing his conversion rate. You’d focus on how his life has changed since he first made that jump, such as being able to quit his job. Now, he must buy some digital course and it helps him to make good money. Now he can promote this digital course and use his success as a case study.
• For a dog blog, you might share the story of someone who had a nasty flea problem until they started using Frontline. You can go into detail about how the fleas were biting everyone in the house, how the dog had a flea allergy and was miserable, etc. Then explain how things changed once the fleas were gone.
• If you’re promoting a weight loss membership site, then you’d focus more on the success stories rather than the site itself. You can provide before and after pictures and videos of satisfied customers, along with their personal (and moving) stories describing their own weight loss journeys.

product review template

5. The Product Review Post!

Just as the name of this post suggests, this is where you review a product for your readers. The key to a great product review is to discuss both the strengths and weaknesses of the offer.

(i) Take a look at this example below!

Title: Is Cesar Milan’s “Be the Pack Leader” book right for you?
You’ve been eyeing “Be the Pack Leader” and thinking about buying it, right? But before you do, take a minute and read my review. As you’ll find out, this book isn’t for everyone…

First off, let me cover the good points of this book:
It’s a Cesar Milan book. Milan is known as the “Dog Whisperer” – and for good reason! Point is, Milan is an expert in dog behavior, so you know he won’t steer you wrong.
This book shares his dog-training foundation. Milan always stresses that you need to offer exercise, discipline, and
affection (in that order). And in this book, he shows you exactly how and when to do all three of these things.
The book talks about mastering the walk. If you know anything about Milan, then you know the foundation of this training is the “pack walk.” This book tells you everything you need to know about mastering this walk with your dog.
Sounds good so far, right? But there are a couple of downsides to this book. Namely:
It’s not a training book. If you’re looking for a book that you can use to teach your dog how to sit, this isn’t it. As Milan always say, he’s not a trainer. Indeed, he’s more focused on improving the owner’s training, which will naturally improve the dog’s behavior.
There’s some repetition. If you’ve read other Milan books before, or if you watch his TV show, then you’re going to find some parts of this book a bit repetitive.

Bottom line: I highly recommend this book. However, this isn’t for someone who’s looking for practical instruction on obedience training. And it’s also not for someone who’s unwilling to change himself. But if you don’t fit into those two categories, then I absolutely recommend you click here to buy this book today!

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