PrizeGrab Review: A Scam Or A Money Making Opportunity?

have you ever won the PrizeGrab?

You can win mind-blowing prizes daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly. But could you actually grab your prizes from Prizegrab?

What is PrizeGrab?

PrizeGrab is a website where you could enter online sweepstakes with a chance of winning prizes.

Here you will get a chance to win different gift items like tech items, appliances, gift cards, and even cash prizes. It always varies and also extensive.


PrizeGrab is the first website where my eyes got double hearted and its the first way that I have made money.

But there have discovered a lot of complaints about the same site about the odds of winning prizes.

There are probably sites which are mainly scam sites.

Also, I would inform you that entering sweepstakes is just a number game.

Some people enter hundreds a day!

But relying on the same site won’t give you much chance to win.

You can enter thousands of sweepstakes/draws in a month!

Yes, one can do thousands!

The chance of winning here is so less, so entering few won’t let you get a chance here!

When I doubt, I step to the website and take an interest in looking at what people are saying and analyze my pros and cons.

Who can participate?

This website is open for all the legal US residents, US Virgin Islands and the districts of Columbia including Puerto Rico, Guam and other areas within U.S. Territory. The participant must be of 18 or above. The company registered in Delaware and the sponsor address of PrizeGrab is situated in San Francisco. So if you are from another country, you won’t be able to sign up to this website.

But still, you are willing to win prizes you can sign up to HQ trivia App, or Big Time Cash.

How Do PrizeGrab works?

You can easily enter sweepstakes in the PrizeGrab as it is a very smooth website to navigate compared to others. You can sign up and start entering numbers easily.

PrizeGrab website is entirely free to sign up, and all they want is your name and email address as details.

You can click and enter what you want. It sounds good, but is there any opportunity to win?

Entering draws is quite easy, but still, it takes your time though you spent less time.

Would it be worth spending time in entering sweepstakes on PrizeGrab?


Might be Prizegrab is selling your contact details and secretly selling you.

It has been mention in the privacy policy of PrizeGrab that they could share or sell your details and contact information to the other or third parties.

Generally, these sites work like this, and this is how they chunk money for them.

Noting this, we can conclude that it would increase spam and that’s why I keep one spare, and separate email address for entering sweepstakes/draws to these sites.

Contact details PrizeGrab

It might also be possible that they would collect your other contact details like a phone number, personal address, or other via any online survey forms you have submitted from these sites.

But they say that that is helping their website doing this to generate sales to their products, giving an exposure to increase their revenue and essentially advertising offering their products and prizes.

Literally, this is a fact, by generating and exposing our information they are targeting us individually as a potential customer.

They have information and cookies you have set online to track your behavior on the sites.

You never knew and have never noticed that ads popped up on your Facebook feed and spam emails online. But they are noticing your behavior, what you are buying and when and hence they suggest what you need to purchase.

What are the probabilities of winning you on Prizegrab?

Entering sweepstakes is easy, but when you already know that the chance of winning a gift card of only $10 is only 1 in a million would you still waste your time entering draws on these sites?

You won’t get a straight answer of this, but they have a valid reason for sorting every sweepstake entered by you have different odds to win.

Some sweepstakes would run for a few days, and some would run for months, and some would be undoubtedly popular as well.

They could give you a ballpark figure which depends on the contests of examples of previous peers.

You should know and hence I an letting you know that PrizeGrab has had a minimal amount of winners (Something around 3000 winners)  in contrast to the visitors (Something around 4 million) to the site.

Think, 3000 winners vs. 4 million visitors to their website!

So you don’t have a chance, but you indicate to win on PrizeGrab.


As I have informed,

since they have your information and they can sell it to the third party.

Unfortunately, they could get into the wrong hands.

It appears that some scammers use PrizeGrab name to scam people who truly trust on PrizeGrabs out of your further personal details or cash in return of their prize.

They are not actually PrizeGrabs, but they are the scammers using PrizeGrabs name and its the result of selling our information by PrizeGrabs.

Other common complaints:

– receiving spams to email addresses

– They do not respond to do not cookies. It means they are actually tracking your behavior to the site.

– winner having fake names

– You can still enter sweepstakes to the sight even when you are logged off. How is this possible?

– A small number of winners

– The same person has winning several times. It seems so unlike and a few chances to win.

– Possibility of fraudulent sweepstakes. They do warn by the Prizegrab.

PrizeGrab: A fake scam site?


I can’t say whether this site is deceiving you or not, but there are certain signs which describe that the website is not what it actually appears.

Secondly, it is cleared they are using your information by selling it and benefitting themselves.

You should make sure that you are deleting cookies when you are visiting sites like PrizeGrab.

Prizegrab Scam

Also, the chance of winning is certainly so less, and you are wasting your time entering sweepstakes.

Even I used to spend hours entering sweepstakes but not warrant for winning the amount of time I have spent on it.

And hence, I decided to find other ways to make money online, which eventually makes money with the time and efforts given by me.

Now I am running an online affiliate business and earning a lot of money online and eventually build up different Income streams.

My current income streams are via affiliate marketing and making money online from home.

Pros and Cons:


-Lots and Lots of Prizes

-Daily, Weekly, Monthly Prizes


-Only 5 days to Grab your Prize

-Spam & Other Offers

So, it is clearly underlined that PrizeGrab is a site only for fetching your contact details like email, phone number, etc. and building database on where you go online to make you its target customer.


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