PrizeGrab Review: A Scam Or A Money Making Opportunity?

Winning a prize by just giving out your name and mail! There is nothing more exciting than finding out if luck favored you.

That’s how Sweepstakes sites like prizegrab get your attention. Even if you know there are no prizes out there, the lure of it forces you to go to sweepstake sites.

If you are reading this article then, you must have thought of playing or you must have been playing for some time now, but haven’t won, and want to know if it is legit or scam, Or you must have received some response, and they asked for personal information, and now you are doubtful.

Whatever your reason may be. In this post I will answer all your queries. Let me first give you the necessary information which you won’t know through the website.

Disclimer: This review is based on public information.

Prize grab: General information

So what is prizegrab, really? Prizegrab is a site through which you can enter the sweepstakes.  A sweepstake is like a contest where winners are chosen randomly and awarded prizes, where the winner is determined by luck.

There are many sweepstake sites out there, Prizegrab is one of them.

PrizeGrab frontpage screenshot

Now all sweepstakes sites are not scams. This is a legitimate scheme usually done to promote a product. But nevertheless, under the lure of sweepstakes there are a lot of websites that steal your sensitive information.Let’s review Prizegrab.

 1.General Information

Prizegrab basic information


2. How many visitors does it get?  

According to the estimation done by a reputed rating service provider, prize grab receives around 30,000 visitors every day and has the potential to earn about $303 daily from advertisement.

3. Do they have ‘whois’ information public? 

 The server location is in the united states, and ALL the trustworthy websites have their contact information visible in the whois records. has privacy services enabled on their whois records, which raise doubts about their trustworthiness.

3. How long has it been around? is around eight years old, which shows that it is a very established website. Older websites are considered to be more trustworthy. Also, its domain expiry is two years, so, its safe to say that Google does not recognize it as a spammy website.

4. Google safe browsing. 
Google considers it a safe browzing. Google Safebrowsing service checks for malware and phishing on the websites.

Verdict: Prizegrab has most of its information out in public. So it’s not a complete hoax, some of the data is reliable and affirming. The website itself is not fake; neither is it a phishing site which is assuring.

Has anyone really won a prize?

The site may be authentic, but is it doing what it says? Do they really give away prizes?

PrizeGrab reviewPrizeGrab review

There are claims of winning on certain websites. These could easily be fake profiles. Also, there are a few dodgy videos where you can see them giving away prizes.  I am not saying that they are staged, but from the looks of it, they could easily have been.

it’s hard to say as the prizes are really less and the number of people participating seems to be more. And even if they do give away prizes for promotion, your chances of winning are really slim.

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What emails will I get?

You want to signup, but you are worried about spam mails? In brief, yes, your mail will start receiving a lot of spams after you signup. 

Prizegrab signup screenshot


But in their defense, you are permitting them to send you mails irrespective of whether you have won or not.

When you join this mail list, the only information you provide is your, name and email id, postal address. If you look at the signup window above, it says, ” Get our daily mal to win prizes,”

VERDICT: You are agreeing to spam mails by signing up.

Does it steal my personal information?

Prizegrab says that they need your email so that they can contact you if you win. But if you go through the fine print, they have permission to collect a lot more information. Prize grab collects all your data, including leaving a cookie on your hard drive to track your web traffic.

Prizegrab collection information screenshot

And to add to this, their privacy poilicy states that “we do not respond to do-not-track cookies or other do-not-track technology.” This means that by agreeing to the privacy policy, you are permitting them to sell your data as they wish.

Verdict:  I my opinion not being transparent with what they do with our information, should be considered as stealing your personal information.

How  does PrizeGrab make money?

If they do give away prizes, how does the site generate revenue to do so?

There a good advice someone once gave me, if you don’t know where the money comes from, there is  probably something fishy. This is what I found, according to the co-founder of prize grab, they generate revenue through advertisement. Which is not illegal, but that is not how they make ‘all’ their income.

Their main source of income comes from selling our information to advertisements and product agencies. Prizegrab tracks our web browsing pattern. This is smartly hidden in their fine print, which says, we do not respond to do-not-track cookies or other do-not-track technology.”

Prizegrab cookie information

Verdict: The main motive of prizegrab is to gather the user’s browsing information; under the pretext of giving away free prizes. Even if they are giving away prizes, the money comes from selling our information.

Do they ask for money?

A big no. On the  Prizegrab website, it is clearly stated that they do not ask for any kind of money or other sensitive information.

However,  there are people are pretending to be from prizegrab, are out there asking for money or Credit card information claiming that you have won a prize. If someone has called you asking for money or credit card details, then without a doubt you are dealing with a scammer. If you do get approached by someone asking for money, I strictly advise you to report to prize grab.

Prizegrab money screenshot

If you hear about  PrizeGrab scam, it is referring to multiple fraud attempts that have happened in the past. You can know more about these fraud attempts on their website.


Verdict: Prizegrab imposters are out there. Never give away your information; Prizegrab does not ask you to pay to claim the prize. This isn’t PrizeGrab themselves, but is the result of them selling on your information.  In my opinion prizeGrab should be held responsible.

Red alerts  you can’t ignore

Now if you have already signed-up for PrizeGrab, there are some definite red-alerts and I would ask you to reconsider.

  •  Prizzgrab slips in some advertisements in your mail. You will be puzzled as to why are you receiving so many emails promoting products, and you will never know when you would start checking out these products and become a successful target.

PrizeGrab review screenshot

  • There are instances where people could play without logging in. This only makes it more evident that their ulterior motive is to collect information.


  • They ask us to check mail constantly.What unnerves me is that they stress so much about checking the mails frequently. And  the reason they give is that all the prizes are not always visible on the website, and “there are many  email-only -exclusive prizes”.    Why Prizegrab? I can’t think of one logical reason other that they want you to keep checking the mail frequently.  This is a way to sneak other spam mails into your email.

Prizegrab privacy policy screenshot


Final verdict: Scam or not?

Based on the public information, I would say that its a scam.

This is a program that wants to take advantage of the market gap between the companies who wish to traffic and sales for their products and the consumers who would want to get the products at low prices or even for free.

My reasons

  • No verified winners
  •  Sells your information to advertisers
  • The process of operation is not transparent

However, I would also add that

  • This is not a phishing site
  • They are not scamming by asking for money


Concluding, I would say that if you do want to have some fun and try out your luck- Prizegrab could be a way given that you are okay with their selling out your information.


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