How much to tip the pizza delivery guy: Tipping etiquette in 2019.


pizza delivery tip

2$, 20%, a slice of my pizza!

Why is it so complicated!



Someone once told me 2$ per pie is the thumb rule? How true is that and what do the delivery drivers have to say about all this. In this post, I shall clear all your doubts! Because I know when the delivery guy is standing at the door, the struggle is real!

So let me tell how did I come to writing this post. Yesterday I gobbled down the pizza in less than 10 min. Which made me wonder,  I ate this pizza faster than it got delivered!!!

I should definitely tip them better.  And I started doing all the research. I even asked so many Pizza guys about this. This I what I came down to. If you tip as I advise, you will leave the delivery driver, happier than he left you with the pizza.

Good karma never gets wasted!

Follow this checklist and add up that money to know how much to tip!

How much to tip?

1. If you are satisfied with the delivery:

First time delivery(Customary tipping)

If your driver was on time and polite, but you don’t know how the food is going to be? Then tip them what’s customary, it is just a basic acknowledgment of the effort and risk the drivers put into doing the work. Anything under $1 is considered garbage.

Small Orders: Orders: 10% of the bill( Minimum 3$)

Medium Order: 10% to 15% of the bill(Minimum 5$)

Huge Orders: Not more than 10% of the bill. Tip like you tip  a waiter

If they follow through a complicated delivery? $1 compliment tip


$1 tip is a tip I usually pay for a compliment if I have ordered something and got it right. Its builds a relationship by showing that you acknowledge the good service. Some people are of the opinion that this is not required as it’s their job to get it to write but when you customize the order adding and removing those toppings, it becomes hard to track.

Bad weather with snow and sleet?   $0 – $12 with base tip.


During this time driver conditions are more hazardous than usual. That delivery guy just bought you hot food in cold weather; they expect you to tip at least one and half time the customary tipping.

If you are located on the outskirts?  Add a $1.07 / mile to the base tip.


This is something you can do nothing about. If you are located on the outskirts, then it costs the driver more money per mile. Anything farther than 5 miles. Add a $1.07 / mile to the base tip. This, in my opinion, should be mandatory.

If you place the order right before the restaurant closes? Pay a courtesy tip of 15%


So you just decided to order in 10 minutes before the restaurant closed? Trust me a lot of people do the same. So consider this fact and add in a few dollars for just calling in late.

 You found the service excellent? Go as high as 20%.

Why go  20 %? This is what the waiters at the diners and the restaurants are tipped for their hospitality and service, so if you like the service of the Pizza delivery driver. Outright pay him/her.

If you are celebrating?  $11 – $21 with the base tip

It’s a holiday, and you have friends over its a happy occasion, be generous and tip them at least one and half time your usual tippings.

tip chart

2. If you are not happy with the service:

But what if I am not happy with the service you may ask. Even so, you should tip them minimum, not tipping is not an option. There are many reasons for bad service, let’s see if it is really the service delivery drivers fault? And whether you should take it out on the by tipping less!

Late Delivery: Rarely the driver’s fault, more often than not it is the restaurant who took more time to prepare food or the manager took out more orders than what is handleable. Sometimes it is uncontrollable factors such as peak hour, traffic, bad weather, etc.

Unless you received a soggy and cold pizza, this should not affect your tipping.

Wrong delivery: I would say the delivery is to take the blame for it. Why? It’s his job to check that the order he is delivering is correct or not. So next time you receive a mixed-up order, tipping less is justified.
Mis handled package?  This is a little tricky as it might be the delivery drivers fault or the just packaging. Use your discretion. You may not tip the delivery guy less but you should definitely call the restaurant a complain about bad packaging.

Why should I tip them at all?

If you are not convinced, you should tip them at all and have certain myth regarding this, Lets me straighten out the facts for you. First of delivery is a convenience and you should be tipping for the sole reason that someone is tipping you piping.


Myth 1:The restaurants pay them.


Shouldn’t the company pay their workers? Why should I pay for them? If you are under the misconception that your bill covers delivery fee and gratitude fee already as so you don’t need to pay them, then you are wrong. The store doesn’t add the tip to the bill without your permission.

And also a minimum delivery fee is not the same as a tip. It refers to the minimum price of food you must order for the restaurant to deliver. This never reaches the delivery driver.

For the list last time. The convenience fees -The gratuity tips and delivery fee are not for the delivery guy.


Myth 2:Tips are optional

Be fair to the Pizza dude, he just bought you our pizza in that awful weather. To be brutal, you are the reason between someone being able to pay their bills. The delivery drivers make their wages through your tippings. Tips a customary rather mandatory social etiquette.

How to tip the pizza delivery driver(Some tipping antiques)

  • Put the tip on the check: write the check for the bill + tip. The store will the difference and will pay the tip to the driver. Please ask in advance as Some stores don’t take checks.


  • Credit card: Write the tip on the receipt. See the line that says Tip. The lines appear above the line for your signature.


  • Use cash: Pay the driver more than the bill amount by adding in the tip. If you are using a larger denomination, tell the driver how much you want back. You can also tell the driver to keep all of it.


Pro tips for tips. (Just being cheeky)

  • Calculate the percentage on pre-tax  total
  • Develop your intuition, subtle internal sense of what to tip delivery guys isn’t difficult.
  • Lastly, devour your pizza like there’ no tomorrow.


Other Faq’s

What if I ordered through an app?

Tipping etiquette remains the same across all delivery apps.

  • Customary tip: 15% with a $3 minimum.
  • Complementary tip: 20%.
  • Disappointing service: 10% or below.

How much does the delivery driver make in tips an hour?

This highly depends on what days are we talking about. Generally, they make about 5 $ an hour from tips. 11to 20 $ during the peak seasons or holidays.

Why are delivery fees so expensive?

This is the percentage of money which goes to the driver’s expense of gad and  other vehicle service

Can I tip the pizza delivery guy with a credit card?

The delivery driver will bring a  receipt for you to sign if paying by credit card. Add your tip in the tip line, calculate the total, and sign the receipt. To pay through credit card, you need to call and give them your credit card details.



Tell me in brief.

  • Should never be less than $3
  • The common courtesy is 15% for normal service.
  • 10% or less for poor service. Nothing for very bad service.
  •  For an order of $50 and up,  go about 10%.
  • If you want to tip generously(15-20%). Not more than that

The point is, the tip at the end of the day should reflect on the service given.


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Well, you know what, I told a pizza guy about this post I am. He couldn’t wipe out the grim from his face. If nothing else matters just tip him generously knowing, it will make his life a little easier and won’t cost you anything.

So next time when the delivery guy is standing on the door holding your pizza. You will know exactly how much to tip

Mission accomplished.


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