Pizza Delivery Tip Guide: How Much To Tip A Pizza Delivery Driver?

pizza delivery tip

I know Pizza is an all-time favorite food to you.
Sometimes you go to Dominos or Pizza Hut and sometimes you may order to your home.
Yes, we do it many times when we have friends at our place.
But who delivers Pizza at your place?
Of course, Pizza delivery driver.

But have you thought of that they are coming from far to deliver you a pizza at your home and they should get some tip for the same?

Everyone has personal rules on how much to tip a pizza delivery driver.

You have thought of that free delivered pizza also need to tip?

I always reward a tip even on free delivered pizza and I guess you also have to do this.

How much should a Pizza delivery driver get a tip?

Yes, I have also thought the same thing.
You are not going wrong if you are paying $5 till 1 to 3 Pizzas.

But you are ordering more than 4 Pizzas or in bulk like 8 to 10 Pizzas give them 5% of the bill (excluding Tax) and free 10 to 15 percent off of the total.

For more clarification:

No. of Pizzas and how much to tip?
> small orders – tip $3
> Orders between 1 to 3 – tip $5
> Order between 3 to 10 – tip $5 and 10% to 15% of the bill
> Order more than 11 – tip $5 and 15% to 20% of the bill
> If you are getting amazing services – tip more than 20%
> 100+ orders – tip at least 10%

You can even check how much to tip to the other social helpers.

tip chartHere are my rules that you can also follow:

1. Minimum Tip $3:

$3 is the minimum sum to pay any pizza delivery driver because it is 15% of a pizza of $20 and this is perfect between one and three pizzas. This is a minimum tip for every pizza delivery driver.

2. $1 tip:

$1 tip is a tip I usually pay for a compliment if I have ordered something and got it right.
Yes, you can pay a compliment tip over a tip you have offered. Even it could be motivating to the delivery boy.
But if you couldn’t get it on the right time, you are not supposed to pay any compliment tip, rather than correct them so that they can be likely for the next tip.

3. Tip for out of the area:

Include $1 on the tip you are paying if you are delivered your food at your place which is out of the city or far apart from the delivery area. You should be thankful for delivering your pizza at your home, and hence, a tip is admissible.

4. Tip for big orders:

If you are ordering a lot of food counted as big orders, you should give a tip over 10% of the bill. It’s not mandatory after all, but they deserve this tip from you because they have driven so long with extra weight. So for big orders never pay less than 10 percent tip. Feel free to pay, though.

5. Extra Tipping:

When the driver calls you for the directions, you and don’t let your pizza to become cold give tip though it is required or not. They helped you to eat your hot pizza at your place peacefully.

If he becomes late and wastes his 30 to 45 minutes wandering your streets find your address you will be disappointed by him.

Things to be considered while you make your order:

We provide a tip to the delivery driver as per our choice and services rendered by him, but some things have to be taken into consideration while you make the order.

Other things which are taken into consideration

1. Weather

Its been raining heavily outside and you have no food or grocery at your home, would you step out of the door to buy and collect food or grocery?
No. you won’t.
You are only stuck with one idea, and that is Pizza.

In that heavy rain you wouldn’t step out of the door, but you will order pizza for you. Think, Pizza delivery boy will drive and serve pizza at your door in heavy rain, ain’t he is admissible for a decent tip?

Give a tip bumping up to 20% to him and thank him.
You can do the same in all the natural strikes.

2. Distance traveled

If you are ordering pizza from your favorite place and its far away from your home though Dominos is right back to your home. And still driving and brings from far they reach on time and delivers pizza to you, then you must reward them with a decent tip of 20% of the bill.

delivery guy

3. Holidays and sporting events

It’s a super Sunday or a Holiday!
Hosted a small family party but you don’t want to cook for the whole family you would definitely order large pizzas and garlic bread.

You will order a bulk of pizza from any pizza store.

Yes, the delivery boy will reach at your place with the number of pizzas you have ordered.

Ultimately. Pizza delivery driver will be the lead of making your party a fabulous one.
Tip him with at least 20%.

4. When you order close to closing time

What if you order your pizza at 9:45 p.m. when the store’s closing time is 10:00 p.m.?
Store members have 15 minutes to connect with you, but what about the drivers?
They have to wait while your pizza is preparing and have to reach at your place to serve the same, which is 12 miles away to the opposite direction from the driver’s house.

You can give him a minimum tip of 10% of your bill.

Why give a tip to pizza delivery driver matters?

Delivery drivers really work hard to fill our empty stomach. Where there is no way, there is a pizza which saves us. There are many reasons for providing a tip to the driver matters.

Let’s see how?

1. For not having good base pay:

Pizza delivery drivers generally have no good base pay to survive with.
They work hours and hours, drive a lot to complete the order, roams all over the city, Reach to the order place, anyway and paid minimum for working 8 hours.
Drivers only work at mealtime.

So they should be tipped with a minimum tip of 10% to 20% of your total bill.

2. Drivers don’t get Holidays:

You can enjoy pizza on your holidays, but drivers can not enjoy holidays with their family. They can’t even go out with their family because they are enlisted to work and deliver pizza to you.
They don’t even care for all the signals they have to stop, and how much traffic is there, they are just working to deliver you a pizza.
Reward them with tips.

Usually, drivers are working hard only for the tip. Apart from their minimum income, they have the only source to earn more collecting tips.

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