How To Create Pin it Button Under 2 Minutes Without Any Plugin

How To Create Pin it Button Under 2 Minutes Without Any Plugin



How to create pin it button without any plugin

You will see many sites across the internet when you move your cursor on the image and small Pin it button comes automatically and they are getting huge traffic from Pinterest. I am going to show you the easiest way to do this complex work and you don’t need to install any expensive plugin for that. This is very easy and free way to do add this Pin it now button on all the images across your blog.

Why should you do this?

Pinterest can become the best traffic source for your website. You will get high-quality traffic from the United States and the United Kingdom which is the really great thing about it. If you making money from Adsense, you can boost your advertising income and if you have an affiliate or e-commerce website then you will get good buyers from Pinterest at free of cost using this technique.

What is Pin it Button on Images?

I am going to show you demo image where Pinit button is not installed.


Before the Pin it Button

Before Pinit button






After the Pin it Button.

When someone moves the cursor around the image, the small Pinterest save button comes. You can move the cursor around the image on this blog and can see the actual pin it button.

Pinit Button Image demo

How to add Pinterest Save (Pin it )Button on images?

First Step :

You need to go to the official Pinterest site first.

If you want the large save it button on the image, then select the ”large” option. I use particularly this option for my website as you can see this. If you want just the logo of the Pinterest on the image then you can choose the ”Small” option.

I prefer the ”large” option because more people will pin the image when they will see the “save it now” option with Pinterest logo.

Second Step:

You need to copy that code and paste it into notepad.

Third Step :

You need to paste this code now into WordPress theme editor.

First, you need to go to the dashboard of the WordPress blog.

Then click on the left side “Appearance”, then click on “Editor”, Then click on “Footer.php”

Afte that scroll down and paste this code above the body tag.

Here is the pathway – blog dashboard -Appearance-Them Editor-Footer to paste this code.

You can see the below image to get the exact idea of where to paste this code.
wordpress theme editor

Note: If you have a child theme of WordPress then, add into that. The Pinterest code will be forever on your blog.

If you have not a child theme then also you can add the code as I have shown to you. But if you have updated the WordPress theme after some time then, this code might get rewritten and you have to follow this procedure again.

However, If you don’t like to do manually, you can use the WordPress plugin.

I have used so many WordPress plugins for that and I am using this one Pinterest Pin it Button plugin right now.

You can check this out and you can install and use it on your site.

Please use the following settings for effective use of this plugin.

1. Show Pin It Button in Post: Yes
2. Show Pin It Button in Page: No (Pages aren’t usually created for things that are “pin-worthy”)
3. Show Pin It Button on image hover: Yes
4. Pin It Button Color: Red
5. Pin It Button Size (on hover): Large
6. Click the Settings button to save your changes

This is a setting section of the screenshot of the plugin to get the better understanding.

Pinterest Pin it button plugin settings

Please share your favorite plugins for Pin it button on image hover in the comment section So I will look into it and update the post with your suggestions.

Pinterest Pin it button

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