8 Jobs For Pet Lovers That Pay 50$/Hour!


8 jobs for pet lovers that pays $1000 per week

Do you count yourself a pet lover? Are you obsessed with dogs?

Well, in this huge world you aren’t alone. In general pet lovers are increasing day by day. With that specifically, Dog lovers are in the majority. And this passion of yours can actually turn into a lucrative business.

Fact: People spend more than $60 billion annually on their pets.

Even if you get a small amount of business from that, we can make a decent income for ourselves. And we all know that any business built on passion goes far!

Here, are a few ways to turn your passion into a lucrative business.

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1. Dog walking:

This is one of the best and easiest way to earn easy money. Dog walking is a necessity. Whether you live in a city or a suburb, you will find that there is a huge need for dog walkers. In the city, people tend to have busy schedules, and sometimes they fail to make time for the pet’s walk. So, there is a demand for dog walkers.

Initially start with a dog than later on once you establish yourself as a professional walker, you can take multiple dogs on as clients. One might say that it’s not unreasonable for an experienced dog walker to handle six large dogs at once.

Payment scale:
On an average, a dog walker can earn $15-$17 per each dog for 15-20 minutes walk. For longer duration walk such as 30-40 minutes, you can earn $18 to $22 per dog. And an hour-long duration can earn $25 per dog.

Where can you find Prospective clients?
1. You could give an advertise in a local newspaper.
2. Give out or hang up flyers at dog parks & pet supply stores.
3. Post an ad on craigslist
4. Put a listing on find a dog walker.

Jobs for Pet Lovers

5. Rover

For all those who are beginners but still hold an immense amount of passion for dogs, well rover is the right choice for you. You are not ready to embark on the journey of business, but you can always keep your other options open. Well, the rover is one of that option. At sites like Rover, you can offer pet sitting, in-home daycare, dog walking, and a variety of other services. Consider rover as an Airbnb of dog services.

Important facts about Rover:
1. 24/7 support available for you.
2.Offers you with Insurance that covers all kinds of damages like, property damage, liability, and emergency vet bills
3. Billing and payments all handled for you.
4. Advertising.

You might think that Rover covers all the major aspects, but there are plenty of other matters which needs your specific attention. Such as:
1. Setting your rates.
2. Choosing your schedule.
3. Picking dog preferences.

Extra information on Rover:
It is known to be a very active community that connects dog owners with service providers. It’s a known fact that a pet owner books services through Rover once every minute which amounts to a lot of potential work.

It offers you the freedom to set your rates and availability and provides a lot of tools to help you promote your business. You can utilize Rover to help you increase your income or use it as a full-time source of work.

You can count rover as stepping stone towards the goal of establishing your own business.

Click Here To Visit Rover 

Your Rover Profile:

As A sitter at rover, you will need to fill out a profile. It will include your rates and some background information. Also, include pictures of yourself with your pets, so people get the sense that you are a genuine animal lover. You can also get feedbacks at Rover.

Rover takes 15% commission on all services that are booked through the site.

2. Pet Sitting

Like I said before people tend to have a busy schedule and they usually don’t get time to sit and spend time with pets on a weekday. Every, pet parent goes through this trouble and wishes to have help in this particular area. They look for people who can sit their pet on weekdays or on weekends when they are away.

Now pet sitting is a macro term. It might include dog walking, pet grooming, pet training, and pet cuddling among others. If you’re comfortable with washing, feeding, massaging, walking and grooming among other tasks, then this will be a fun work from home job for you.

Where can you find Prospective clients?
1. Rover
2. dog vacay
3. pet sitting
4. mutts canine cantina
5. care.com

Jobs for Pet Lovers

3. Gourmet Dog Treats

It’s not just humans who are getting health conscious even dogs too have a thing for eating healthy treats. Nope. I am not joking. These pet parents prefer to have the best quality treats for their pets. Dogs prefer the perfect quality of treats and in a given quantity.

What I would suggest is to test your new business of Gourmet Dog treats you can sell them at your local farmer’s market or by purchasing a booth at a flea market, bazaar, or other marketplaces.

And once you get clients and your business starts expanding you can set up a nice little shop of Gourmet Dog Treats. This way you have a stable income for yourself.

After that successful shop, you can create an online website as well where you can easily have customers from all over the world. The more, the merrier right?

4. Writing!

I know it sounds a little crazy, but yes dog owners do look for writers or dog lovers in general who can write up about their pet. For instance, they might hire you to handle their social media account of their pet or write up an article on their dog, etc.

There are plenty of sites which might pay you more than $50 per article to write about pets. All you have to do is send in a resume to the sites and submit a sample article to get the work from home job.

Here is a list of sites where you can apply:
1. Wide Open Pets
2. Nashville Paw
3. The Bark
4. BlogPaws
5. KittyCatter


6. Direct Sale

What do I mean by direct sales? Direct sales mean being hired by a company that sells pet products to become a sales representative or sales agent.

In simpler terms, you sell products for a particular company, and they will pay you a commission out of your total sales. What’s the catch? Well, it’s a dual offer. You can work from home as online or offline.

If you wish to do it online, then you have those online platforms to promote products. For instance, Pinterest is one such platform.

Three companies that hire such agents are:
1.Life’s Abundance
2.Paw Tree

Jobs for Pet Lovers

7. Care.com

You are probably aware of this site. You go here if you need nanny/baby sitter. Guess what? They offer pet sitters too. At Care.com the pet sitters earn $10.00/hour working on projects of their choosing.

care.com is a little bit different than Rover. Here you can browse through the listings and decide for yourself whether you would like to sit for their pet or not.

Registration at care.com is free but to apply for the jobs, you will have to get a premium membership.

8. Suggestions On The Type Of Pet Business:

Below mentioned are a few suggestions which will help you get a better perspective. You will get more options to convert your passion of the love for dogs into a lucrative business.

(i) blogging:

We all know the internet is a huge platform. You can have access to millions of data and can reach a huge mass. So, if you want you can use this opportunity to convert your passion into a business. We all know that starting a blog is a lucrative business.

We all agree that a blog can earn you a steady income if we follow the step by step process. Now, if you’re a beginner and want to pursue this option and need a hosting company for your first blog then check out this article.

How To Start A Blog In 2019 That Creates $4000 Per Month!

The Easiest Way To Write Your Next Article In 10 Minutes!

(ii) Vlogging

You tell a story or provide information in the form of write up well this blog. Vlog is doing the same thing but in the form of video. You add a little personal touch to it. There are plenty of free platforms available online. One of them is youtube.

Once you start providing quality content no sooner you will start attracting visitors on your channel which only leads you to earn ad-generated revenue.

You could also provide affiliate products and directly selling digital products.

(iii) Course Creation

Another lucrative option is course creation. You can create a course wherein you share your knowledge about pets and important facts etc. and later on sell them online.

There are plenty of platforms available for you to sell the course. To name a few:
1. Teachable,
2.Udemy, and
3.Skillshare  (Get 2 months free trial)

To conclude, I wish you pursue your passion as a pet lover and take a step ahead and get your self a new lucrative business. Maybe you can go ahead and sign up at one of the sites as mentioned above and get yourself a side hustle.

“There are no better ways one can earn money than to pursue one’s own passion!”

Jobs for Pet Lovers

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