Penny Hoarder Review: Can You Really Make Money With This Site?

Nowadays, the cost of living rises in such a way, but salaries remained the same.

Most of the people are looking for the side hustle to make money for supplementing their salary and cover all the expenses.

People usually jump over the internet for help when it comes to finding online money making jobs. And the Internet will provide you thousands of sites giving articles as well as jobs to make money online.

But the thing is these sites will make you confused about where to apply.

What if I say that there is actually a site which provides articles related to online jobs and the tips for making online money.

Yeah, there has one site and which is named as Penny Hoarder. It is a well-known site that provides tips and guidance on personal finance, particularly about online money-making.

What is Penny Hoarder?

penny hoarderPenny Hoarder is a legit website for personal finance which provides articles, guidance, tips, and information about earning and saving money.

Mainly, Penny Hoarder provides information about the new and latest jobs both online and offline so that you can make money.

Penny Hoarder is the number one fastest-growing private media company with 13 million readers per month.

It does works a lot of legwork under the personal finance niche.
The role of the entire website is dedicated to earning extra money.

The best part of this site is that you can make money by becoming one of their contributors.

You just have to write articles on the topics that the site talks about and follow the editorial guidelines. If they liked your article, they would accept and publish it and also they will pay you for the same.

According to my observation, this is a legitimate website as this site consists of almost information and guidelines for making money.

Penny hoarder only has one opportunity and that contributing to them. The site will pay only when your submitted article gets accepted and published to the site.

There is no guarantee of the selection your article and you will get paid because it has some strict editorial rules.

How do you make money with the penny Hoarder?

There is a ‘Make Money’ tab on the site and is broken up into five different parts.

make money1. Side Gigs 

2. Quick money

3. Start a business 

4. Career

5. Work From Home

But overall, these topics work simultaneously.

Let’s see it!

Penny Hoarder is not actually money making the website as it provides information, tips, and guidance about personal finance. You will just find articles on the side that centers on the information about personal finance and making money online.

You will find articles on different topics such as food, wellness, parenting, etc., All these have a tab about money making, but this also contains lists, tips, and guidance.

It shows the jobs, careers, and the side income you can try to make.

This site only gives one opportunity to you, and that makes money being as their contributor.

Penny Hoarder always looks for the people who contribute new articles to publish on their site and also they are willing to pay.
They will pay per article which they have accepted and published.

Here is not the typical site that hires you, but you have to write regularly for them. You can write an article whenever you want and can submit.

However, you have to take note that if you pitch your idea and submitting the article, Penny Hoarder will automatically pay you. If you want to get your written article accepted, the site has some tips and guidance to follow. Do follow it.

The article needs to be of 700 to 1000 words long, and it must be original.

The article must follow the tone of the articles on the site. Also, the article you write must concentrate on a new topic that the site yet to write about.

The main points on which the site is focusing on

– Unique job ideas
– Success stories
– smart money guides
– Eating
– Traveling
– life on a budget

If your pitched article is accepted the site editor will contact you and negotiate with the payment.

However, the site has never disclosed how much it pays per article but the people who have tried it says it pays a good amount.

It seems that the payment is not fixed and depends on the topic and length of an article. The site will only pay if they say that they are happy with your work and want to move forward with your article and agrees to pay a certain amount for the article or link the article to your website.

Without the details in your article, you will not get paid even if you have submitted. So first, you need to get an agreement from Penny Hoarder to go through with your idea before you write about it.

If you are truly willing to contribute with Penny Hoarder,
– Go to the Contact us
– Click on the Contribute
– Select the topic on which you are ready to write
– start writing on the selected topic

Information needed to provide.
– Name
– Email
– Short description of yourself
– At least Three links of past digital publication
– The potential Headline
– A brief and substantial description

If they like your pitch, an editor of the site will contact you to proceed further.

As this site does not allow the pseudonym, you must have to submit your article with your original name.

If you possess a valid reason for publishing your work anonymously, you can talk with an editor.

If you are really interested in rendering freelance writing work as a side hustle, then I recommend to give it a try at least.

Career Opportunities on Penny Hoarder:

The career section of this site seems to feature a lot of content like building a quality LinkedIn profile, negotiating salary, doing well in interviews, overcoming fear in your business indeavours, and what more!

There are few career opportunities listed on the site and more tips and guidance to be found. Nevertheless, it is still a worthwhile website to visit, without any doubt!

Purpose of Penny Hoarder:

The site is designed for two types of people:
– One who looks for information for jobs and money management and,
– One who wants to earn extra money.

This site boasts with 13 million regular readers and 2 million email subscriber which the organization access when they put an advertisement on the site.

For some people, it provides tips, articles, information, and guidelines related to jobs, saving money, and making extra money.

The site provides an opportunity of making money to the layman as being their contributor. Just need to write an article on the selected topic and submit it. The editor will contact you and after publishing the article and will proceed further to pay you.

Penny Hoarder provides an opportunity for millions of businesses and organizations in personal finance that are looking to put their advertisement on the website.

Pros and Cons of Penny Hoarder

Everything on this world has pros as well as cons so here I am describing the pros(what I like) and cons(What I didn’t like).


The sitePenny Hoarder is a well-known site with dense readers. It is only because they have some unique qualities which don’t exist in any other site.

– They present a lot of great articles providing tips, information, and guidance on money management and making money.

– They allow making money from the site and become a contributor with the site to make money. You just need to pitch on the topic and have to submit. If they like your pitch, the editor will contact you, and you will get paid.


– You cannot rely on the website as you can not earn regular and consistent Income.
Submitting a pitch won’t give you a guarantee that you will get paid.
You might be lucky if your several pitches get selected within a month and unlucky if none of your pitch gets selected.

– Penny hoarder mentioned that if the pitch written by you turned down but you still able to see articles on the same topic and comes out after a few days, it is purely coincidental!
It also says that the topic on which you are submitting is already in work by others, so it is not an original idea.
Ultimately, you end up wasting your time and efforts because you never know that the topics on which you are pitching are already in use.

In a nutshell,

You can sign up at Penny Hoarder and can contribute writing and submitting articles to get paid.

Yeah, you can try your luck!

Despite contributing, you can get many articles related to jobs if you are finding a job.

Also, you will find tips, information and guidance on money management i.e. saving money and how to make money as it a site on personal finance.

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