PBN Builder review And My Exclusive Bonus

Review of :PBN builder                                      Use:Help to Increase Your SEO Ranking

Ease Of Use 

PBN builder has intuitive user interface that can help you to manage your PBN easily.



It is cloud base and has many features so it can help you easily to manage your PBN network.


Jousha Zamora is a reputed marketer and He does care to give excellent support to his customer.


  • It's cloud base and very easy to use system
  • I have not seen any other software  to manage PBN easily as such a low price.Price is really low.
  • It's very easy to manage SEO agencies using PBN Builder.
  • PBN managing is very time consuming and This application can saves lots of your time.


  • I feel it should have more functions.
  • It does not help to build PBN but it helps to manage PBN.


PBN Builder proves to be an extremely convenient tool to boost a site’s Google ranking with much ease. It comes at an affordable price and is convenient to use, even for the beginners in the industry. It is cloud based and hence can be controlled from any device and anywhere with an internet connection.

What is PBN Builder?

Ranking on the first page of google is the most important thing because no one bothers to check letter search results.Thanks to the vast number of new web pages which keep increasing at the blink of an eye, it has become a challenging task to attract the free traffic that Google provides to the required website.


SEO has become critical for web marketers to increase their Google rankings. There is one method Private Blog Network (PBN) which helps to SEO efforts and higher ranking.However, it was not popular thanks to its complicated procedure for creation. Now, thanks to PBN Builder the creation of PBN has become much simpler and required very less time.​

​How does PBN Builder work?

PBN Builder is very user-friendly application such that the procedure is as simple as clicking and setting up links. The main dashboard looks like the below image:


The first step is to setup an authority link which is a websitethat will be linked to your content to make it look natural and then click on save changes:

pbn links

Second Step, you add clients according to your marketing (local or affiliate marketing) which is as easy as filling in a form with required information of the client:

pbn client

​After you’ve added the clients, we add the target site (Money site) which is the site that we boost the Google rank. This procedure also consists of filling in a form which consists of adding backlink target URL’s for PBN posts, keywords, and other relevant information:

client info site

Now, we setup the PBN site information by clicking on the PBN sites tab, which points to our money site:

blog post

blog post

In this page, you will find a section which allows you to add target link and add anchors which let those key words to become a hyperlink to the target link and also embed images, videos. You can also setup a date of posting:

Final pbn links

This is how easy it is to setup and boost your website’s Google ranking!


PBN Builder provides with an all-in-one platform to allow its users the luxury of convenience. The following are a set of qualities that PBN Builder enables to let the creation of PBN become a less time-consuming task and a more user-friendly method:

Creation of PBN is done on autopilot:

Creating a PBN is so easy that it takes less than 2 minutes, and thus help save a lot of time spent on marketing procedures.

Make Double Money As SEO Agencies: 

As PBN offers a variety of features that enable you automation and easy management, you get the opportunity to use the PBN links for your customers who understand the power that PBN poses to boost their Google ranking. As such you can charge these sites for the use of your services and make a sizeable profit.

Ideal for a varied range of marketing for products or services:With the many benefits that come with using PBN as a marketing strategy, it attracts a large variety of usage such as affiliate marketing, local marketing, Lead Generation, CPA Marketing, Video Marketing, Niche Site Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Selling your products, and eCommerce. Needless to say that its target clients are related to these particular domains.You need to create content for your SEO websites and I think article builder is one the best tool to create unique content.You can read detail article builder review here.

Cloud based platform:

The web application is completely based on a cloud platform which allows ease of management as it lets the user access their accounts whenever and wherever required from any computer throughout the world.

Cost efficient:

You don’t need any extra and expensive software as PBN Builder comes at an affordable price ranging from $47 to $67.

Easy to keep track of clients:

PBN Builder is a well-sophisticated application that consists of built-in customer relationship management (CRM) related features to help you track your clients and the sites related to your PBN, as it lets you add client’s contact information to their respective campaigns. All the client logins are managed without the use of a spreadsheet as PBN stores the details on the site.

Syndication and security:

A large network or a syndicate is often formed while using PBN, this web application allows you to control it with the help of a single button. The full statistics of the related your PBN links are displayed on the reports page which allows you to manage the sites accordingly. All the records of logins at the site are kept encrypted to assure its users that the data is in safe hands.


As the application offers many services and features there is not much to complain about! I personally feel that it should have more functions to build PBN so it can help more to rank your site.


PBN Builder proves to be an extremely convenient tool to boost a site’s Google ranking with much ease. It comes at an affordable price and is convenient to use, even for the beginners in the industry.

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