Paypal Money Adder Review: Is It A Scam Or A Money Generator?



paypal money adder

Are you still confused about whether PayPal money adder is a scam or not?

Well, this article will help you to remove that confusion once and for all. I have created a detailed review of PayPal money adder. I can guarantee one thing that after reading this article, you will make it a point to stay away from such scams. All these Paypal money adders ignite a curiosity in you and create greed by showing impossible shortcuts. But like I said they are all untrue and absurd.

Before starting PayPal money adder review, I would like to give a brief explanation of PayPal money adder.

What Is PayPal Money Adder?

A Paypal money adder is software (download or web-based) that promises you to pay money for free. Sounds tempting yeah? It claims to pay you money directly to your PayPal money account. Yup for free. I mean in this 21st century where people have a hard time lending money for a good cause this software claims to give you money for free.

Also, they even claim that all you have to do is mention your name and email address and you can send up to $500 to your PayPal account.

Warning: These PayPal adders come in varied shapes/forms/size so beware of them. They might have different names as well. For instance Paypal money Generator etc. Look at the screenshots below to get a better idea.
money adder
money generator adder
money adder

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Once you’re done filling out details on the Paypal money adder, you have to pass a test or a simple survey or do an action and verify yourself as a human being.

I know you will argue that “oh but they provide you with proof that money will transfer in your Paypal account soon.” But trust me when I say this that It’s all a scam and you’re not going to see any money anytime soon in your Paypal money account.

How Does Paypal Money Adder Work?

You must be thinking if they aren’t sending money to your accounts then why are there so many Paypal money generators and Paypal money adders around and what are they building it for in the first place?

The answer to that is they want your personal information and want to earn money from you.

These Paypal money adders sole purpose is to earn money at any cost, and you wouldn’t even know that you’re making a loss before its too late. So be a little alert and the next time when you come across such software ignore them.

Now, let’s take a look in detail on:

Why Exactly These Paypal Money Adders Exist?

1. Make Money Out Of You!

Basically, there are plenty of ways they can do this. Suppose, if its a software they will ask you for payment upfront, and then by the time you download that software with the hopes of earning money they would be long gone, and you will lose your hard earned money.

Another way could be when you’re asked to fill out details they will, in turn, make you fill out surveys or forms which will be making them some sort of income. How? They might be earning $1 – $10 just for sign up or filling out various surveys.

You might think $10 must be such a small amount but trust me there are plenty of people who fall for such scams and if you see the amount in entirety the amount is far more then $10.

2. Email Address

Keeping a collection of the email address is a thing. They take an email address from you guys and make a collection of it, and when the list is long enough, they sell it to marketers who are keen to use it for promotional reasons.

3. Take Over Your Paypal Account!

If at all these Paypal money adders asks for your Paypal account’s password, then you’re in a great deal of trouble! Never, I repeat never give away your private bank related information to such scammers!

Also, always keep in mind to never keep the same login/password for everything. Why? Because they might be asking you for basic information, but in turn, they would be fishing for your Paypal account login information.

You will be in a great deal of trouble if they hack your Paypal account because not only will they take away your money from this account but also be able to access the rest of the linked accounts as well.If someone says that it doesn’t require any human verification than also believe that this is going to be a big scam.

4. Malicious/Ridiculous Downloads

You never really know if the said software is safe or not and when you download them or use them as a site you might be actually inviting virus to your device. Even some people claim that Paypal money adder available to download for Android mobile in the application store or even in .apk format but I will suggest you stay away from them.

You might download the Paypal money adder, and it might hold virus which might create havoc in your device.

So, make sure you stay alert and do not download such devices in 2018 or even 2019.

I feel to sum it up PayPal money adder in its entirety should be avoided. I believe its quite unsafe and not at all recommended to trust some site to offer you money that to for free. This leads to the next question the main question of the whole review.

Before giving you the real picture, I have come up with a list of features Paypal money adder claims to be true. Give it a look and try and spot changes or scams.


1. The risk is reduced when using Paypal money adder. Also, you can sync your Paypal account!
2. It is very user-friendly and simpler to use. You will have very fewer complaints regarding its functioning!
3. There are plenty of Browsers that support Paypal Money Generator.
4. At PayPal money adder the delivery is almost instant.
5. It also Promises Windows 10 Compatibility. A major plus point!
6. They Fixed all the bugs. And they do so once in a while, to provide the good user experience.
7. The major point- They have Enhanced Security. Thereby, providing a safe experience.
8. Lastly, it’s free!

It was quite a list that they seem to promise! Paypal money adder seem to have a long list of promises! Now, it’s on you how much you believe them.

But it is my duty that I provide you with the right information. And for that, I’ll have to drop a lot of truth bombs. My features are totally opposite of the above features! They’re what actually Paypal money adder is! Here is a contradictory list of the above features list!


1. A flaw in their system!

Now, over a period of time, there have been so many flaws in their system that I have lost count! Plenty of people have experienced these Security Flaws. But they fail to point it out!

What they do is they keep the information to themselves, or they only share the information with a select group of people, thereby abuse the flaw, and then on a later stage sell the information once it’s not lucrative.

This only motivates software like PayPal money adder to survive, and more of such software is developed and create scams.

2. It has a great market strategy! Which only leads to an increase in the number of scams!

There are a few websites that claim to sell PayPal Money Adders for as low as $10 and as high as $1,500. Shocked right? There is no real price range available for this because it’s mostly priced based on how many fools the scammer thinks they’re going to manipulate into buying the software.

3. The money they claim to provide you where is it coming from?

We are clear on one thing that Papal Money Generator is not a bank right? So, any money that PayPal does hold is held in commercial interest-bearing checking accounts.
Well, this leaves us with only 1 question: Where is the money PayPal Money Adder is placing into your account for free coming from?

4. Claiming Commission by making you fill out surveys!

Now, there are plenty of sites which provide you with links to help you download Paypal money generators. Now, if you’ve noticed, you will find that they first ask you to complete a survey and then go further. Ever thought why they do that? Well, they do this because the moment you fill out these surveys they earn a commission. This way you are helping them earn money.

These were few conclusions I could come up with which contradicts the above-listed features! I hope they are convincing enough for you to second guess your decision of pursuing Papay money adder/Paypal money generator!

Now, before we conclude and jump to the main question of the whole article, I would like to brush your memory a bit. I would like to brief you up about what important things went down so far in the article.

Quick recap:

1. Paypal money adder is free.
2. It claims to earn you thousands of dollars.
3. They promise to be user-friendly and authentic.
4. They ask for personal information and collect email address.
5. They claim to profit you if you link your Paypal account.

Anyway, so here are a few pointers which serve the main plot of the whole article. Now, that I have given you every possible detail regarding Paypal money adder and formed a detailed review here is the last question. The question which will help you determine whether or not you should pursue PayPal money adder or not. Or if its a scam or not. So, go ahead and finish up the article!

Is Paypal Money Adder A Scam?

I mean seriously think about it. Why would someone offer you to transfer money in your Paypal account for absolute no reason?

Have you ever heard or come across such situations where you’re offered money for no good reason? No.

And what word do we associate such situations with? I believe it is called “SCAM.” yup. That’s what Paypal money adder here is. A well-constructed scam.

I mean we aren’t fools who hustle daily and earn our hard earned money. We really put in a good amount of hours daily and work hard to earn cash for ourselves or our family. So, you think I wouldn’t have tried it if it were this legit?

To conclude its a scam and I DO NOT support it!

There are plenty of other ways you could earn money! You shouldn’t fall for such ridiculous ways. I sincerely believe you’re better than this! Hope this article helps you to steer clear of such malicious sites! Feel free to share your experience or if you have any queries then feel free to ask in the comment section as well.

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