Selfie Payment – How To Get $1 Per Selfie (Free App)


How To Get $1 Per Selfie (Free App)

Get paid $1 per selfie

Selfie Payment App #Selfie

Do you love taking selfies?

Well, its good news now that you can make money while taking selfies.
Surprise? Well, read this article and you will get to know that taking a selfie can give you Passive income so basically you turn your hobby into the money-making activity.

We all take selfies like a selfie with our dog, with our best friends and the list will be goes on. Now, this site is basically paying you money for taking selfies. If you like taking selfies of your feet then check out this article where to sell feet pictures online and earn some instant cash. If you have some creative talent then follow then Paparazzi Jewelry review and earn money from Jewelry products.

Why are they paying you?

They are helping companies in improving their business so instead of doing the usual survey where people fill up the forms, a user can submit the information through selfies and that can give the better idea about the product.

For example, if the company from the fashion industry wants to know about the latest clothing trend in the winter season, they will have an idea about seeing the selfies of the real people.

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Earn $50 Per Day by selling photos online provides this important data to related companies and they got the money from their clients and they pass on some money to the actual user who provides selfies to them. So its total win-win situation where everyone is making money.

In this screenshot, you can see how much money you can get by providing selfies. In some offers, you might get up to $1 by providing a simple selfie.

Paid by selfie


selfie cash out
Current Money Earned In App
selfie minimum payment
Minimum Payout

How can you use this app?

You need to install the app from google play store or App store. You need to sign up by filling the basic information or you can sign up by Facebook.

What about my privacy?

Once you upload the selfie pic, the company will not share any of your private information like your name, email address or anything that does matter your privacy.

Is this offer available to every county?

This offer is available to only USA and user must be above 18 years old.

How are my selfies used?

We’re a selfie survey company. We offer snappy surveys that require photos because we believe photos are more useful than “checked boxes”. Your photos help brands understand how their products and services fit into modern consumer lifestyles. Quite simply, your photos help improve the stuff you use every day. We may share photos with companies, but never personal information such as name or email.

How are my selfies verified?

A blend of technology and human intelligence verifies that your selfies and other photos follow survey requirements. Selfies are usually verified within a few days. When verified, your selfie will move from “pending” to “accepted” status, and your account balance will increase. If your selfie was “declined,” you didn’t follow requirements.

How do I get a payment?

Once your account balance reaches $20 in accepted selfies, you can cash out or donate to one of our charity partners. Cashouts are completed through PayPal. Once you select “Cashout,” your transaction will process within 5-7 days.

Why was my selfie declined?

We need to see you in your selfies unless a task specifies that a non-selfie photo is acceptable. Your photos should be bright and clear. Follow the requirements for each survey task. Certain tasks require location settings to be turned on.

How long does it take to reach $20?

We offer new selfie surveys weekly. Our goal is to keep you busy taking fun photo surveys and earning cash credit along the way. Depending on how many surveys you’re matched with or friends you refer, it may take just a few weeks or a few months. We’re not a “get rich quick” scheme. That said, taking selfies can be rewarding and pay for manicures, new sunglasses, movie tickets…

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