Paparazzi Accessory Review: Is it A Scam or Way To Earn Instant Money?



Welcome and get all the insider information about Paparazzi Jewellery!

I have been gathering specific information from the website and studying it. Trying to get a better perspective of what it is and how it works. Well, to my surprise after researching and going through the website one thought kept bugging me:

“Is Paparazzi real or is it all just a big scam?”

Well, to kill my curiosity and millions of others out there here is a detailed review. The review will focus on Pros and cons of Paparazzi Jewelry. So, let’s get started!

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What is Paparazzi?


Paparazzi accessory is known to be an online store that sells (cheap) custom jewelry with its powerful selling point being that most of their items are just $5 or less. I mean did someone say $5 with jewelry? That’s got to be cheap yeah? Wait for the weird part.

The weird factor is that they tend to push the “Consultant” packages more than they push the actual products they sell. Which only leads to one conclusion, i.e., Paparazzi Jewelry is an MLM Company.

Definition: MLM COMPANY:
A company which persuades people to buy their products in bulk and help them further sell it to customers.
For example, you resell the said product for a profit by doing workshops and “home jewelry parties.”

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How does Paparazzi accessory work?


Now, the general idea here is to be a consultant at Paparazzi jewelry and sell products to your family, friends, relatives, etc.

Basic Overview: 

It’s pretty easy and straightforward.
Paparazzi will introduce you to the list of jewelry that paparazzi accessory store offers currently. All the products offered at the Paparazzi Accessory store are custom made and hence might not have valuable gems attached which only concludes that it would be cheap.

While we are on the subject of pricing, let me tell you that’s their biggest selling point! Selling products at a lower price like $5 is a huge deal for MLM!

The products at Paparazzi accessory store are lead and nickel free. Here, the products are made from aluminum and stainless steel.

All in all, they offer you sturdy jewelry to sell at a cheap rate!

How to get started with Paparazzi accessory online store?

It really is a simple process to follow! All you have to do is become a paparazzi jewelry consultant! How? Follow the three steps mentioned below!


STEP 1: First find a fellow consultant in your area!

I know it sounds confusing. Anyways, find a consultant who might help you get a jump start. You have to choose a sponsor for yourself.
So enter the zip code find a consultant nearby!

STEP 2: Choose a kit for your starter Package!

Apparently, if you want to become an independent consultant at paparazzi accessory online store, then you have to become a customer first! Purchase their products and start your career ahead!

Detailed pricing of kits!

These packages range from $99 to $499! They are:
1. The Preview Pack – $99
2. The Small Home Party Kit – $299
3. Large Home Party Kit – $499


After deciding which kit you prefer, just place the order pay the specified amount and you’re an independent consultant at Paparazzi Jewelry online store! Yay!

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All About Paparazzi Jewelry Compensation Plan!

Another important aspect to consider is the Paparazzi compensation plan! It promises to play a huge role in your potential to earn money. Let’s check it out!

The Compensation Plan works in three ways. They are as follows:

1. Direct Sales:

A little fact: At paparazzi Jewelry store the consultants get to earn 45% commission on sales which are better because an average MLM earn in the range of (20%-30%).

The reason behind such a high rate commission is they have to make a purchase of jewelry from the Paparazzi Jewelry store at a wholesale price and sell it at $5 per piece.

This can be advantageous for the consultant because they will know exactly what they are getting into. But sometimes it can be a little disadvantageous. Because for starters, you cannot predict the future, so you really don’t know if your prospective clients will like the products or not or if you’ll be able to sell every jewelry you bought! It’s a risk you will have to take!

You will earn 45% commission on the sale that you make. There is a chance you might not be able to do that. Also, there might be a possibility that you might end up scarce on certain jewelry items whereas some might not sell at all. So, it’s an unpredictable venture, and without a doubt, Paparazzi is an investment and a risk, more so than many other MLMs.

2. Team Building

The second one is team building! LIke in plenty of Mlm team building plays a key part so does in Paparazzi accessory store! They say it’s easy to sell products and make money, but most of the bonuses are associated with team building. What does this mean? It means that the larger and successful your team is the better are your chances at achieving more bonuses! There is a whole hierarchy who gets part of this bonus! Let me explain this with the help of an example.
Let’s say you recruit one person into the company. They become your first generation or level.

Further, if that person recruits someone else, they become your second generation, and so on. So, the idea here is to create a team that is deep (multiple generations) and wide (lots of people at each generation). The more the generations, the wider the team gets. And you build a strong foundation and can look at earning a good amount of cash!

Further, the process gets more deeper and complicated. Like you’re alloted ranks here. So many of your bonuses are tied up with the ranks. Don’t even get me started on the ranks. It gets so complicated and difficult to process. Like I myself had a hard time trying to get a grip of it. Here’s a picture. Why don’t you yourself take a look at it?

So, basically, you earning, more money depends upon you making a huge amount of sales or getting in the higher ranks of the company. Because your success is tied into your team, there is also an emphasis on training and supporting team members. Over time, this can become more difficult as your team grows.

3. Online Bonus

One more piece of the puzzle in the compensation plan is an online bonus. With this one, you have the opportunity to earn by making sales online. There is a very slight chance that you get ranked here and make it to the higher level of the hierarchy. But what you can do is tell your friends and family about this. And if they are looking for jewelry or accessories, then you get the opportunity to make a sale as well.

Tell me this wasn’t the most bizarre and complicated compensation plan ever?

1. the compensation plan works in three ways.
2. first is the direct sales, where you buy the product first and then attempt to sell it to prospective clients!
3. then is the team building. Here, some ranks and teams try and sell products and earn a bonus!
4. Online Sales. You try and compete with fellow paparazzi sellers to make a sale and earn cash!

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Advantages and disadvantages of Paparazzi Jewelry!


It really isn’t all bad is if you ask me! Paparazzi jewelry does hold some benefits!

1. Most of the platforms offer complex and expensive whereas Paparazzi jewelry offers various cheap options for you to buy. Along with being cheap, they’re a bit fancy and quirky too.
2. Paparazzi is one of the few MLM’s that offer cheap products.
3. Most of the Products are $5!
4. In this everchanging trendsetting period paparazzi also makes it a habit to change its inventory every now and then.
5. Also, the jewelry offered at Paparazzi is quite amazing.


It’s not all glitter and gold here! Haha! I know doesn’t that sound ironic?

1. This is the one MLM that offers you to buy the products at a wholesale rate and try to resell them. This is quite frustrating because the future is unpredictable so how is one supposed to estimate whether a certain type or amount of jewelry is going to be sold!
2. This approach requires you to invest! I mean its quite risky and there is absolutely no guarantee that you will earn that investment back!
3. You have to make new purchases and keep on changing your inventory constantly!
4. there are no fixed clients, and sometimes it’s just you selling jewelry to your family or friends.
5. To actually sell the idea of people to join in the whole team building process or even persuade them to participate in it and then tell them to sell the products is ridiculous.
6. A lot of us can’t afford to invest so much prior and then try and create an income out of it!I hope that you don’t get stuck in any scams site like Paypal money addder or Master writing jobs scams.

Final Thoughts!

If you want me to put two and two together for you then here is my opinion. You do not pursue Paparazzi if you’re a beginner looking for a new side hustle or even a new business venture!

This one is a bit complex, and it needs you to hold a good amount of investment to jumpstart your career in the business field!

But yes, if you’re someone who is an excellent sales rep and has certain. Years of experience in marketing then you should for sure go ahead and pursue Paparazzi Accessory!

Bottom line my perspective is quite mixed. I can’t provide a clear bland white opinion because truth be told there are a lot of grey areas.

Paparazzi has a lot of flaws, and I would ask you to steer clear of it. But if you think you have the ability to survive a storm and still come out with a good amount of profit well, you can go ahead and pursue it!

Hope this review helped clear out few of your doubts about Paparazzi Jewelry and you have come to a conclusion of whether it’s worth your time or not!

Click here to visit Paparazzi Accessory 

Happy Reading!

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2 thoughts on “Paparazzi Accessory Review: Is it A Scam or Way To Earn Instant Money?”

  1. Haha! I make 100,000 in just SALES Alone and I started with $99 kit but always put it back until my inventory grew. So no you don’t NEED to invest EXTRA money. Just in your business like any
    Business owners would do.

    Yes building a team is absolutely amazing to do. I just started to build and it’s awesome!

    Also. You forgot to mention perks. $99 is a kit that comes with inventory. Not samples and
    New releases everyday of the week!
    Tell me another company that has that awesome incentive?
    And 45 percent commission as well.
    45 percent discount. On product aka jewelry, Christian based company helps clothe and feed hungry?

    Ya your right it’s a risk just like every job is. But for what this company stands for and what the do for their customers I took this leap and so glad I did !!!

    • Hey April, First of all, thank you so much for taking some time out of your busy schedule providing such valuable information with everyone. Everyone reading this would benefit from this comment. Because after all everyone would like to know from the person who has already done this herself than from hearing about it from a third person. I believe what I provided was more of risk analysis perspective and what I failed to do was show them the real picture the insider information which you clearly did. And I appreciate that, and I am sure the readers would too. Thank you for updating the rest of them and me your comment is duly appreciated!


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