Get Paid $600 To Watch Videos Online From Top 10 Sites In 2020!


make money by watching videos

Want to know a secret? I have the fastest way to earn instant cash online! No, I am serious, and you can earn instant cash if you follow this way. I am talking about earning cash by just watching videos.

Quick Moneymaking Ideas with Amazing Bonuses:

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Yes, you read it right. You can earn instant cash by just watching a few videos! Isn’t that great? Like you can be sitting at home, and you can pursue this job! You can use this as a side hustle if you already have a day job! If you’re a mom and you want to earn a few dollars and help out, then you can definitely pursue this small gig!

So, now that we have established that its a win-win for everyone, let’s start with the list of sites that pay you to watch a bunch of videos!

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List Of Sites:

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is amongst the popular ones! This one also offers multiple job offers. For instance, you can earn by giving answers to surveys, or you could watch videos.

Bonus benefit: Earn extra cash at home or on the go by using their easy-to-navigate mobile app.

If you collect enough points at Swagbucks by watching videos, you can either cash out, or you can buy gift cards for Amazon or other such sites.


Are you familiar with the shopping portal of MyPoints? There you can earn points for buying things through their sites! Now, additional to this you get an opportunity to earn money through surveys as well!

Go ahead and sign up with Mypoints. Then they will email you links to receive extra points from taking surveys that pay cash. This is like a definite no brainer site! If you’re obsessed with shopping then just go ahead and start taking surveys as well!


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3. Inbox dollars

Get paid for putting forward your opinions at Inbox dollars. It is one of the well-known survey sites! Although it is not that high-paying survey site, you can still earn a good amount of cash regularly.

Inbox dollar doesn’t use the famous point system. Instead of the point system, you can complete surveys for cash only, which makes it easy for you to calculate your earnings as well.

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4. FusionCash

This one offers plenty of offers. They offer you to pay within 1-5 business days. Few of these options that I would like to point it out just for you are watching various videos, taking surveys, and clicking on ads. They don’t hold any app, so you are better off using their website!

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5. FeaturePoints

Here at FeaturePoints, You get paid within hours of cashing out. It is one of the fastest-paying, money making apps out there right now. Apart from paying you quickly, FeaturePoints lets you make money from watching videos, trying free apps, shopping online and taking surveys. You can either use the app or website. (the app is available for both ios and android.)


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6. CashPirate

Another one in the list that promises to pay you within a few hours! just like FeaturePoints Cashpirate also is quick and easy to follow through. CashPirate lets you make money from trying apps, watching videos, taking surveys, etc. As far as the app, it is only available for Android and not available for ios users.

7. App Trailers

This one is known to be the trendy one! If you’re looking for making easy and quick money, then App Trailers is definitely the one! I mean they have limited options, but they definitely specialize in all sorts of videos and trivia questions. The payout method and time is quite easy, and they pay you within a few days as well. If you’re comfortable using the app, then it is available for both ios and android.

8. Points2Shop

Here you get a registration bonus of 250 points. The site is known as a short task site. Here, you get paid to watch videos, fill out surveys, download apps, and complete free-trail offers. It’s not as high-paying as other apps, but it does offer varied options to pursue. Here at Points2Shop, you can expect to easily earn an extra $20 – $30 per month watching videos.

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9. EarningStation

Here at earning station, you get paid to watch videos. You also have the opportunity to earn points by pursuing other activities such as shopping, playing games, taking surveys, and other things. You can cash out your points in exchange for gift cards. They do offer cards from major retailers that a lot of people would use anyway.


This one too has the option of watching videos and earning. Perk.TV provides hundreds of gift cards for you to choose from once you make enough Perk points to cash in. You also get the opportunity which in my opinion is a bit risky to earn or purchase Perk tokens with your points or by completing tasks. The earned tokens can be used to enter into Perk Sweepstakes where you can win prizes like Xbox or Playstation consoles, bigger gift cards, and iPhones.

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Final Thoughts:

This one was a short and simple article all for you to finish up quickly and grab one of the above options and jumpstart your next side hustle! If you have any fun experiences or a different perspective, then feel free to share in the comment section down below. Happy Reading!

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