6 Ways To Make Dollars Online Without Making A Website

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Have you heard your friends talking about making easy side cash online without much hassle or you have seen influencers get paid a lot of money without making much effort and always wondered- How do people make money online?

If you are someone who wants to make money online without getting into the nitty-gritty of making a website, this post is just for you.

I have listed down some amazing ways to make money online without even creating a website. This does not mean that these ventures won’t take time or energy. You will definitely have to invest time and it will give you a compound effect over a period of time.

But on the upside, these virtual ventures can be done any time from any place.  Also, these ventures once fairly established will provide you recurring income without much effort.

These include:

  1. Social Media sponsors
  2. Revenue shares
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. email  marketing
  5. Creating digital products
  6. Taking Surveys


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Let’s go through them one by one.

1. Social Media Influencer

 YouTube Ads

YouTube ads include Ads and sponsored videos. You can easily generate revenue from Google Adsense with YouTube. If you don’t have a Google Adsense account, you can create it for free.

As you start growing yourself on your channel, you will be invited to the multi-channel network and youtube partner program.

This opportunity will generate opportunities for additional promotions and ad revenue without requiring a website and can turn your channel into a serious money-making channel.


You can make vlogs on day-to-day life, current events, traveling, or whatever you would like to do.
Share it on your YouTube channel. All you need is your willingness talent and a mobile!

Product Review

You can review a product in detail on camera and post it on Youtube. You can earn money through ad revenue and you can also post affiliate links in the description.If someone buys the product through your affiliate link,you are going to get an affiliate commission. There are hundreds of affiliate programs available in the market but the most popular is Amazon and Shareasale affiliate program.You can sign up for Amazon affiliate programs and can promote millions of products on Youtube through your honest reviews.

How-to Tutorials

You can make videos on how-to tutorials since this world wants to learn everything like make-up, costumes, etc., or you are a creative person and have a good hand in DIY products, make the tutorial videos, and you can also sell that product.


You can start your cooking channel and can make your recipe videos.
You could teach multi-cuisine recipes to your followers as well as a viewer through your YouTube Channel.

2.Taking Surveys

The good thing about making money online by taking surveys is that you don’t require any particular skill to do it.

By spending a few hours answering simple questions, you can earn up to $50-100 every day.

The only downside of taking a survey is that it’s a trial and error to know which sites are legitimate and which ones are scams and most importantly which ones are you qualified to take. But I have written articles where I share genuine sites to earn money from survey sites.

1. Survey Junkie Review-The Real High Paying Survey Site With Income Proof

2.20 Legit Online Survey Sites That Pay Through Paypal!

3. Get Paid $1000 To Use These 15 Amazing Mobile APPS

4.12 Easy and Sneaky Ways To Get Gift Cards For Free!

3. Revenue Share Sites

People want to find ways of making money online without creating a website. Because getting traffic, viewers and subscribers is not an easy task to complete in a while to make money. So, you can put content on popular websites and you can make money from that easily. You can leverage their traffic, popularity, and authority to build passive income from your content.

Revenue sharing sites usually pay to contributors.  Generally, these sites generate income from ads and you can also make money through affiliate sales.

This revenue is based on how many page viewers and content reviews. If you want many viewers as well as subscribers, you can start uploading your content on other social media.

Some writers started their earnings on platforms that offer a consistent extra income.

They are Medium, Hubpages, InfoBarrel,

Now you will think of topics that will help you to generate income on revenue-sharing sites.
You can go with the topics demanded Universally.

– Health and Fitness
– Parenting
– Business
– Finance
– Relationships

4. Affiliate marketing

Do you know how bloggers and influencers can earn money? Most of their earnings come from marketing affiliated products.  For this, you don’t need to make a website of your own. You can do affiliate marketing on any platform that reaches the customers.

Social media can also become the best source to make affiliate income and earn a passive income without any website.

You can create product review videos and put on Youtube and can generate a decent amount of affiliate earnings from your Youtube videos.

Make sure you use social media in the right manner.

Maintain honesty with yourself. This means,

-Build trust with your audience
-Promote the products you use
-Do not oversell the products. Every post should not contain affiliate links.

Nowadays, a properly set Facebook and Instagram page is a great way to start an affiliate.

Pick your own niche and start working on it.

Keep in mind: Select a niche that can attract an online audience. Likes are also important; If they are supporting you, they will probably like your posts.

The more you receive the likes, the more you will get engagements, and the more engagements will turn into more affiliate sales.

Following articles can help you more about affiliate marketing.

1.Need More Affiliate Commission? Checkout This Product Review Template!

2.Grammarly Affiliate Program: How I Earned $25 Within 20 Minutes in 2021!

5. E-mail marketing

Building a list of emails is one of the best things which helps you to make money without creating any website. E-mail marketing is one of my favorite topics to make money without a website.

There are so many simple and easy ways with which you can start email marketing such as direct promotions, deliver free reports to drive you where you can make money without a website.

You can share the affiliate links to the collected e-mails.

The real happiness is working from home at your own time without making any website.
Isn’t it seems incredible? Start working on the ideas suggested by me and make money without making a website.

6. Create Digital Products

Everyone today is accustomed to using one or the other app for most of their tasks. From my observation and experience, I would assert that creating digital products will lead you to a huge opportunity for money-making.

Ebooks and videos are getting popular every single day. People like to read books on their mobile and can get knowledge from videos.

You can pick out the different and unique topics in which you are an expert and have good knowledge about it.
Make an e-book, videos, or sell through affiliating the links.

You can get more audience and sell your product through platforms like Amazon Kindle, Skillshare, and Udemy.

You can create digital courses in the following niche where people are ready to spend money:
Health and Fitness
Food recipes

Udemy is one the most and popular platform to learn and improve your skills and knowledge.

You can make videos on how to learn guitar how or to do yoga and make money without making a website.

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