10 Ways To Make Money Using Voice Over Services From Home




There are many work opportunities out there for you to grab and start making money from home.

You don’t require a melodious voice to earn money using the techniques that I am going to show you. All you need to put little effort in the right direction to earn money with your voice.

If your voice is soft, sweet, and pleasing to someone, you can make money with your voice then it will be an added advantage but it doesn’t require. There are platforms providing opportunities where you can use your voice over service and make money.

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I have listed down for you eight unique and easy ways to make money with your voice. Let’s get started!

1. Work freelance on Upwork

Upwork is the freelance platform which is specialized in spacious array skills. It is the platform where freelancers find jobs with their skills and make money.
Singers and voice artists skills and get offered by many storytellers and music composers.

Create a profile on Upwork. Start making money by using your voice.

up work webpage screenshot

2. Online singing lessons

If you are trained in singing and willing to teach others, you can start offering singing lessons to the students all over the country. The platform Takelesson allows you to provide singing training to the students through online classes.

All you have to do is -Plan your schedule, take appointment, start making money

Create a profile on Takelessons and make money as a freelancer.

3. Narrate Books

Have you ever narrated stories in your school? You can catch a great opportunity on the ACX.
It is a site where authors can turn their books into audiobooks.

Perhaps you can make money narrating the books for the author. Create a profile on ACX  and Earn money from home.

acx webpage screenshot

4. Earn with Ear Works

Ear Works is a media site providing voice over services along with copywriting videos an audios produced by you.
They hire voice over artists for the production of the client’s work.
Some locations are required to work with this company.

Create a profile on Ear Works. Start earning from home.

5. Voice Bunny

Voice Bunny is a site where people can find gigs in English or other languages.
Voice Bunny is challenging to apply, but a flexible and profitable marketplace, even then,  you should give it a try.
You will get paid for every recording you make, even auditions.

Create a profile on Voice Bunny -Set appointment timings, Set your rate, Make money from your home.

6. Fiverr:

Fiverr is a platform where you can present any voice over services like a birthday, ads, or anything else for $5.
Of course, it is a small amount, but its just beginning. You can add more to your works and start making money.
Redd Horrocks quit her job and earning $90,000 a month doing voice-over works from Fiverr.

Create a profile on Fiverr
You can also make dollars from it.

7. Voice123:

Done with beginner works? You can join the ranks of voice123. You are required to be extra skillful and professional to approach your clients. Voice123 has large clientele like MTV and Universal Studios.
It is free to sign up, but if you want to sign up for premium membership, you need to pay $395 to enhance your chances.
No commissions or agent fees will be taken. You are paid directly by the clients.

Create a profile on Voice123.

8. Snap Recordings

Snap Recordings hires people to work from home doing voice-over works. This a very professional platform, and you get paid as much as $50/recording in the beginning.

Create an account or sign up on Snap Recordings


snaprecording webpage screenshot

Other ways to make money from home:

1. YouTube Channel

Nowadays, YouTube is one of the platforms where you can grow your business or skills and make a bunch of money bags.

Of course, you can make money through YouTube.

If you have a sweet melodious voice, start your own YouTube Channel of singing, narrating, or a singing tutor and make money from home by yourself.

The more your videos get viral, the more you earn.

How does it work?

-Create an account on YouTube.
-Start making videos
-Upload them on your channel
-Have fun and start making money

Here, the best thing is you can present your talent and skill in front of the world.
What else you want more than people know you with your skill over this influencing platform?

2. Make your Blog

You can create your voice blog on social media like Instagram, Facebook, and start networking with other people on social media.
Share your content relatable to your voice and sell it through your blogs. You can earn more enough if you have skills for blogging on the Internet.

How much money will I make using my voice over?

So how much do voice-over artists really make? To be very honest, working all day long doesn’t guarantee you more money, but if you are sincere and spend some time smartly auditioning, networking, socializing, and developing their skills can easily make a comfortable living.

So if you think that you have enough talent to prove to the world Give it a try.
Audiobooks and Voiceovers are becoming more powerful and also have an excellent opportunity to earn money.

I suggest that if you don’t want to spend money on membership plans and premiums, use the sites where you can join free.
Put your service and work on the free sites and start earning money.
Here you will get time to prepare yourself for free and can earn money to purchase one of the memberships on the official level.

I recommend you record an excellent voice-over sound and upload your work to a different site and on social media too.
There is no other path to finding success with voice-over careers.

Who knows, one day we will hear you on the TV shows!

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