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jobs for retired people

Are you searching for jobs in your retiring age?
Do you want to work to keep yourself active in your retiring age?
Retiring doesn’t mean you stop building or continue your career.

Career building has no age. You keep learning you keep earning.

For instance, you can work as a part-time employee and not full time. This is good news that part-time jobs suits to everyone with any background, only you just need to have the basic knowledge of that field.

Here I have a list for you to find jobs in your retirement.

1 Consultant

Are you a retired person and still willing to enjoy your career?
You must perfect for consulting.

If you are a retired person and having some expert skill and knowledge along with your experience, why not it should be utilized as less time job.

Start consulting to the people in the respective field of yours and earn in your free retirement time.
No. You don’t need to go anywhere. You can work from home and can set your charge according to time, minute, or hourly basis.

Average Pay: Consultants don’t have any fixed pay they earn as per their knowledge, skills, and experiences. Consulting fees vary from one another.


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2 Tutor

Retired teacher belongs from an educational background, and I have heard that they have skills which help students to achieve their grades and results.

Are you a retired teacher?
If yes, then, you can be an online tutor.

You can give coaching through skype or you can make your videos and can share it to the websites where students interact with expert teachers.

You can do it without moving your legs and at your own time.
This will surely help the students as they will get the knowledge from you and you will get paid for it.

Average Pay: $18/hour

3 Athlete Coach

Do you love sports and wanted to admire it after your retirement?

If you are still fit and fine to do the sports thing, of course, you can be an Athlete Coach and can make money at your retiring age.

Being an athlete coach, you can show your athlete love to the budding athletes of the new generation.
It might be a gig for you.

Average Salary: $15/hour

4 Writing job

For me, writing is an excellent hobby.
Have you ever written diaries or notes for yourself?

If you still have a habit of writing and have a grip on the writing skills, you can use your retirement time exploring your skills by writing a book or novel and can publish it online.

writing job

Write something motivational or on a trending topic, which can quickly get sell in the market.
You can also work freelance as a content writer for blogs, articles, or newsletters.

Followings are posts that can help you to a better writer.

1 10 Tips To Improve Your Writing Skills!
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3 The Easiest Way To Write Your Next Article In 10 Minutes!

Average Pay: $ 18 per hour

5 Start taking Surveys

Taking Surveys cant make you productive but it will help you in making extra money at the age of your retirement and also helps you to keep busy.

There is a Survey site on which you can apply and work from home and get extra cash.

You can sign up for the one or in all and start making money now!

Average Pay: $7 per hour

6 Blogger

Utilize your free retirement time with blogging.
If you are a techno-savvy having enough knowledge of blogs and content, you can be a blogger.
Select your niche wisely and start managing the content accordingly.

If you like to read more on the subject, then check out how to start a blog that makes $4000 per month online!

Blogging needs not any degree or any educational requirements. You need to play with words with your matching niche and content.

Don’t keep writing content; attach pictures and videos along with your written content. It will generate an extensive impact on your blog.

Average Pay:$16/hour

7 Tax Preparer

If you are from an accounting background and preferring to make money in your retirement time, you can be a tax preparer.

It is a part-time job of preparing tax and regular works related to it.

This job has workload until the middle of April, and it lightens up for the rest of the year.
You can be a part of this job and earn during your retirement.

Average salary: $13/hour


8 Retail Business

You can make money starting a retail business in your retirement.
Think one unique concept for it or if you have an extensive collection of any kind or any old attic or you can say books or anything else.

You can open your physical retail shop, or it is too easy to retail online in the era of the internet.
You can connect with people on websites like eBay and Craigslist, where you can start selling your product.

Average Pay: $13 per hour

9 BabySitter

Do you like babies and playing with them?
Have you ever taken care of the babies?
If you love to do this, you should find babysitting jobs.

Babysitting is a job where you can spend your retirement time playing with babies and can make some money with the same.

babysitting jobs

You can sign up at Sittercity, a marketplace which provides babysitting jobs and can apply for the babysitting jobs on it.
Search the families who are looking for a childcare provider.

Average Pay: $15 per hour

10 Medical Biller/Coder

Translating healthcare services into diagnostic codes is the main work of Medical Biller and Coder. They also prepare and send medical bills for the patients and tracks all the functions of insurance companies.

This job requires a degree or certification.
So if you belong from a medical background, you can apply to the nearest medical store and start earning.

Average Pay: $15 to $18 per hour

11 Customer Service representative

Customer service representative jobs are the jobs where you need to talk with the customers and try to convince to sell your product or services.

If your communication skill is outstanding, you can apply for this job.

Most of the companies provide work from home as you need to talk with the customers via phone, message, or chat software.

The role of a customer service representative may provide you a part-time job during your retirement.

Average Pay: $13 per hour

12 Pet Sitter

Perfect fit job for an animal lover. Especially, dog and cat lovers
Are you finding a job where you can play with pets?

It isn’t an easy job to manage control over a furry pet though you can apply for a pet sitter job.

When pets family is on vacation or busy with some functions, they need a pet sitter who handles their pet.
Check out this post, 8 Jobs For Pet Lovers That Pay 50$/Hour!

Average Pay: $14per hour

13 Bookkeeper

Bookkeepers know about recording books with the accounting software like Quickbooks as well as Microsoft Excel.
Bookkeepers need some interpersonal skills to interact with clients and employees for getting the required information.

Average Pay: $17 per hour

bookkeeping jobs

14 Temporary jobs

Temporary jobs are the best jobs if you possess a keen eye on learning something new.

It is a job of leisure. This job varies, but it includes some criteria with timings, i.e., general labor or office jobs. It also consists of some assignments to complete with the given deadline between one day to seven weeks.

Average salary: $14 per hour

15 Delivery Driver:

You can apply for the delivery driver if you could drive any vehicle in your retired age. This is a great side job for retired people, and they are called door dasher.

Dashers can choose their hours to work and modes of transportation like bike, car, truck, or scooter.
Average pay: $14 per hour


Working in retirement is the best way to earn a side income with your own terms. There are companies which hire only the retired person as their employee. They respect their age as well as appreciates their year’s long experience of working. They are conducting programs like post-retirement careers for the retired people so that they can earn side by side during their retirement.


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