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Michelle has launched I Heart Publix, a website where you can find chronological coupons and deals on your favorite grocery.

I Heart Publix is a popular supermarket in the southeastern United States for its low price and amazing deals. You will surely love I Heart Publix, and it is run by Publix fans who want to help other shoppers to save money.

Check out details of the I Heart Publix store.

i heart Publix

1)The Happy Report

The Happy Report is a place where Michelle rounds up week’s sale through a weekly blog post and collects unadvertised deals at I Heart Publix. You just have to review the happy report.

As soon as you review the happy report, you can add the products of your choice to your shopping list by selecting the products.

Happy Report will help you to decide what you would like to buy before stepping into the shop. So, you won’t waste your time and money on the products you don’t want to buy.

2)Printable Shopping List

If you want to save money, I Heart Publix have an excellent idea for it. They know well that making a list of the product helps save money at the grocery shop, and that’s why Michelle has made this site focusing that allows you to create, save and print grocery lists.

A printed shopping list will help you to add items to your list where discounts and prices are tallied automatically. All you need to do is save your list and print it before you start your shopping.

Once you are done with the listing and printing, go to the Publix and by what you have listed. Printing your shopping list will save your time as you are selecting the items from the blog, which is so interactive.

3)Penny Item Reminder for deals ahead of time

Michelle posts Publix penny items every week and offers time-limited penny item savings. Offer lasts for 24 hours, and you are required to use a Publix coupon.

A very creative way to earn money is by selling trash of your home.



These deals are open for the grabs on the very first day when the Publix advertisement is posted. Which is either Wednesday or Thursday depends on where you live.

There is a surprise item for sale for only one day excluding Florida and North and South Carolina. You can conclude yourself by checking every week’s deal and offers.

Most of the people are spending their time and efforts finding penny item coupon only for testing whether it belongs to taste or not. Don’t you think it’s annoying and frustrating? Why should anyone track down the list, which could not worth your time?

Therefore, I Heart Publix made it easier. The site doesn’t pay for the penny item coupon; however, it does send out the simple weekly reminder that lists the items of the buyers.

4)Cash Back

I Heart Publix posts coupons and circulars from every Publix store and other related stores. You can look up ads and find match-up deals that couldn’t be advertised even in your local circular!

Catch the opportunity of cash backs! Go and check it out the deals there and help yourself in saving more!


featured deal

So, you can enjoy a lot of shopping with Publix Stores and buy the needed thing at a very low price. Go and get I Heart Publix Coupon and start buying your favorite stuff. You can also help other Publix stores and also get a chance to be a Publix store friends!

Buy more, save more with I Heart Publix.

4)Giveaways Galore

What do shoppers dream about? Giveaway right?

I Heart Publix is an equal contest for all where entrants get the fair chance of getting an item for free. This is purposely done to save their money as well as making them feel great. Often, Michelle posts Grand sponsored giveaways.

Giveaways of I heart Publix:

– A reviewing blog of a particular item will be posted on the website by Michelle explaining its pros and cons.
– Michelle asks a question at the end of the blog post, which could not take your much time and hardly need to give thinking efforts for the same.
– You have to answer the same, leaving a comment, and you are in!

There is no chance of excuses for not entering the comments.

In the end, Michelle chooses a random commenter who receives a giveaway!

If you receive a lot of giveaways, sooner or later on in the meantime, you will get a chance to combine with other shoppers, make new friends, and a chance to explaining to the buyers whether this product is worth buying.

Don’t you feel it’s a fantastic giveaway?

6)Get previews of upcoming deals

I Heart Publix does not preview only the current deals, but you can travel to the future coming deals. Michelle posts a preview circular every Sunday on I Heart Publix so that you come to know that what deals are coming up with the time!


deals and remainders

7)Get previews of upcoming deals

I Heart Publix does not preview only the current deals, but you can travel to the future coming deals.

Michelle posts a preview circular every Sunday on I Heart Publix so that you come to know that what deals are coming up with the time!

Planning your grocery list before you visit the store will more helpful to you. Of course, you can decide before the launching of the circular.

8)I Heart Publix – Forums

You can join I Heart Publix from worldwide and can discuss current week’s offers with maximum savings. You can even win a spot to trade coupons with different forum participants.

The product reviews are beneficial to you for the unknown items you haven’t used before. It feels less risky when you buy a new-to-you product on a discount.

Go and check out Forums of I Heart Publix where you can ask questions of products you like, running offers and deals, and you can even get information about the other Publix shoppers. You can even search the questions which you would like to know and can even post the best deals in your area which you would like as much. Also, you can make friends along with gaining knowledge of Publix products in forums.

You could also arrange a shopping trip with the shoppers near you. Also, it could be a starting of connecting with new Publix friends as well as shoppers.


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