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We all know that the easiest way to earn money is through monetizing your blog with ads. I know the first solution that pops in your head is google adsense. Which let me tell you is the perfect solution to this. But google adsense can get tricky at times. Gaining acceptance from Google is difficult. Now, don’t you get all worked up about it because this article will serve as a solution to all your problems regarding GOOGLE ADSENSE ALTERNATIVES.

Before we jump on the alternatives, I believe I have come with a list of terms that you can go through which will make the article a little bit easy to go through. Also, feel free to leave a comment if you still have trouble with the technicalities of the article.

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Why Google Adsense Alternative?

Now, we know that No doubt, Google AdSense is the primary source of income for lots of content-rich websites and blogs. But there can be situations when we need to look at the best AdSense Alternatives. Here are some cases when we are looking for other Ad programs like AdSense. I want to brief you on them so that you are 100% clear as to how important these alternatives are and how it will help you to earn easy money. Some of the issues we face are:

  • Your publisher account with Google AdSense gets rejected for unknown reasons.
  • Adsense minimum payout and mode of payment don’t suit you.
  • You work in a niche that isn’t supported by Google Adsense.
  • Your account is disabled for reasons that are beyond your control.

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  • CPC: When an advertiser pays a publisher for an ad clicked by the visitor the measurement it uses is Cost Per Click (CPC).
  • CPA: When a visitor does actions like a sale, click, sign up, form submit, etc. For these actions, the publisher gets paid by the advisor. Again, the measurement here is Cost per action (CPA).
  • CPM: Impression is when an ad is on display on the web page. Now, Cost per mile is a measurement used by an advertiser when he pays a publisher for thousands of impressions generated on an ad.
  • CTR: Click-through rate is the number of clicks that your ad receives divided by the number of times your Ad is on display on a web page.
  • CONTEXTUAL AD: The type of ad which you put up on a web page or as a popup ad. It is a form of targeted advertising that is relevant to the page’s content based on keywords.
  • INLINE TEXT ADS: A type of contextual ad where specific keywords within the text of a web page are hyperlinked. For you to view the ad, you need to point the cursor over it. They are meant to be relevant for the hyperlinked words.

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Now that we have addressed the issues lets go ahead and find you some alternatives that will help you to boost your blog.



  1. Media.net

  2. Amazon affiliate

  3. Chitika

  4. Viglink

  5. Propeller ads

Let’s take a detailed view of Adsense alternative.

  1. Media.Net:


Media.Net is considered to be one of the best alternatives to Google adsense. It is an incredible way to boost your monthly revenue by monetizing your online content. Media.Net ads are up to the mark when it comes to the content point of view which in turn helps boost the click-through rates. Some of the essential characteristics of Media.net are:

  • Minimum Payout is 100$.
  • It provides with the keyword block features which adds beautiful designed keyword slabs that match your blog design.
  • Offers to automatically optimize each impression with a single ad tag on your website using this publishing platform.
  • Prohibits Adult Explicit content such as (Tobacco, drugs, alcohol), etc

2.  Amazon affiliate:

amazon affiliate

If you’re the kind of person, who means business. I believe Amazon affiliate is the right choice for you. It has the potential for increasing your overall income. So I came up with few tips for you to incorporate to earn money from your blog and websites:

  • You should know that Contextual linking is the key to getting more clicks on your ads. When you write a product review related to Amazon Products, use your affiliate links in prominent places where your readers can quickly look for it. You have good chances of making decent money with Amazon affiliate program if you go ahead and promote relevant products on the website.
  • To catch hold of the visitor’s attention, you can promote lots of Amazon affiliate products with discount codes and coupons.

 3.  Chitika: 


Chitika’s ads can integrate into your website which allows publishers to maximize their earnings. Some of the key features are:

  • Minimum payout: Paypal – 10$; Cheque – 50$
  • It offers a free account.
  • You can choose your choice of ad type.
  • Chitika offers you with three types of Ads :
  1. Search Targeted Ads
  2. Local Ads
  3. Mobile Ads
  • It provides you with:
  1. top-notch advertisers;
  2. innovative Ad technology and
  3. intuitive RTB platform.

4. Viglink:


Now, about the Viglink concept. Let me tell you that it is entirely different from all of the alternatives mentioned above because with Viglink you earn money by making affiliate sales. It is an alternative to Google AdSense that gives you a taste of affiliate marketing. The main aim of VigLink is to link publishers, consumers, and companies. Viglinks turns your money related outbound links into affiliate links, and you earn commissions made by every purchase through those links.

Viglinks is an excellent way to draw cash without signing into separate affiliate programs on each network. Payment comes in one place instead of each network paying separately. viglinks convert your regular looking link into affiliate links. If a reader purchases through that link you earn referral commission. Also, the minimum payout is 10$. Viglink is a potential Google Adsense alternative even if you have low traffic or a small website.

5. Propeller ADs

Propeller ads

Now, Propeller ads is a Uk based CPM ad network that pays its publishers for impressions. So, for medium and large size publisher it’s a win-win. It offers high CPM rates. Also, offers multiple Revenue models such as CPM, CPC, CPA, CPL. Minimum payout is 100$, and the payment term is net 30 days. It provides different ad formats such as Mobile web ads, Banner ads, On click ads, video link and direct ads. It pays you 10$ per 1000 impressions. However, it depends upon your Geolocation.

ADDITIONAL: Google Adsense Alternatives

     6. Info links

Now, Infolinks is an inline text advertising network which provides ads based on your content. It transforms specific keywords from your content into ads, so when the readers are viewing your content, they are just a click away from the ads display. Your site appears clean as these ads take less space on your website. From engaging contextual and video ads to effective display banners – Infolinks’ customizable ad products will guarantee you make the most out of your site. As usual, the higher the traffic of your website or page – the revenue from Infolinks will be higher. The advertisers for Infolinks are selected based on quality, so as an Infolinks publisher you can enjoy premium ads by Microsoft, eBay, Amazon, Taboola, HP, Ali Express, Go-Daddy, Facebook and many more. Minimum Payout: 50$

      7. Revenue hits:

Revenue Hits is a performance-based ad network that helps you to earn money by CPA (Cost Per Action) based system. It’s an advertising pricing model where the advertiser pays for when a visitor delivers for each specified action such as registering to their site offers etc. Revenue Hits has useful text and display ads that promote performance-based offers. Revenue hits is a top alternative to AdSense ads for sites with Indian and western traffic both.

Why Revenue Hits? How does it help you earn money?

  1. Minimum Payout: $20 by PayPal; 500$ by Wire.
  2. More than 2 billion ads of impressions each day.
  3. Maximum return on investment.
  4. Unlike AdSense, Revenue Hits activates your account instantly upon signing up.
  5. It offers you worldwide coverage to increase your earnings by ranking in the first spot of Google.

       8. Adversal:

It is a high paying CPM based ad network. The minimum payout here is 20$. They also offer payment term of 35 days. It provides excellent CTR if your audience is in USA/UK. Before considering this, I would like to tell you that ADVERSAL only accepts those who have a minimum 50,000 page views per month.

      9. Bidvertiser:

So, when you sign up with Bidvertiser, You can get paid for clicks and conversions. Now, how Bidvertiser works is that When you place their ads on your website, advertisers will then bid against each other. The one with the highest bid will have the opportunity to grab your advertising space.

Bidvertiser allows you to get the maximum earnings from your website. It offers text and image ads which focuses on Banners and pop-under and slider advertising for both desktop and mobile. They are best known for their ability to empower advertisers in deciding how, when, and where the ads should appear to potential and real customers. They regularly and manually check each website to ensure that both advertisers and publishers yield maximum results. When it comes to minimum payout, it is 10$ by PayPal and 50$ by cheque.

      10. Ad maven:

Ad Maven is great when it comes to popup and pop-under advertising. One way to monetize your blog or website is by becoming their publisher. Now, on to the question on how it works is as follows:

After signing up, you can see the live campaign from your dashboard. You can keep track of all your ad reports and analytics from your account effortlessly.

Now how to maintain the account? Or how to monetize your blog?

  1. Create an account on Ad Maven.
  2. Secondly, add your website’s URL.
  3. You will have a variety of monetizations to choose.
  4. You will then have an HTML code from Ad Maven which you paste it on your website to start making money from your site’s traffic. Make sure to check if your Ad Maven ad popup is active or not after pasting the HTML code from your Ad Maven account.

You can reach out to the best advertisers out there which include a large variety of Ads to monetize your site using Ad Maven platform.

      11. BlogHer publishing Program:

It has high converting ad programs like sponsored ads, related banner ads, etc. The minimum payment is $25 via PayPal, and you can also choose the check option for hefty fees. They are selective in choosing blogs, and if you are a woman blogger with high traffic site, this might be the perfect choice for you instead of AdSense.

      12. Skimlinks:

Skimlinks is similar to viglinks. It is merely a content monetization platform. Skimlinks converts your outbound links into affiliate links, and you earn money whenever a sale occurs. Minimum Payout is 10$, and it takes a minimum of 60 days to clear your money Post validation. The Skimlinks URL Shortener allows you to earn from your product or brand or business related content.

How to start?

Firstly, go to their site and join for their program. (it’s entirely free to join).Post that their team will take some time to moderate your site. If you have a blog with original content, within three days, you will qualify to use their program to make money as an alternative to Google AdSense. Once your account gets verified, you will get a confirmation email. After receiving it, you can start using your referral links anywhere on the web to start making money.

It is possible that you could end up making ten times your current earnings with Viglink and Skimlinks, as they pay for affiliate sales and not for clicks.

      13. YesAdvertising:

It is an online advertising network owned by YesUpMedia Inc. It uses CPM, CPC, and CPA pricing models to pay its publishers. It doesn’t have any minimum traffic requirement and offers high CPM rates. After signing up, you can monetize your site with ads. There is a verification process that is done by the company before ads become visible on your website. This verification process sees to it that you complied with all the terms and conditions. (to avoid spam website.) Minimum payment threshold is 50$. Payment technique is weekly and Bi-weekly. It offers In-text, Text Banner, Pop Under, and Graphical Banner Ads.

      14. Super links:

It is an ad program that is perfect for users who are tired of low CPM (cost per thousand impressions) rates of current ad programs. I would recommend Superlinks to anyone with high-quality traffic but low AdSense earnings. Superlinks pays after you reach a minimum threshold of $100 for PayPal while it is $500 for wire transfer. Superlinks offer a variety of ad formats for your blogs like full-page ads, sliders, footer ads, exit links which are all focused on increasing earning from current visitor count.

      15. Clicksor:

It is similar to InfoLinks. They send payments every 15 days with a minimum payout of $50 only. You can send payments to its publishers via Paypal, Check and Wire Transfer to eligible publishers. Publishers can earn up to 85 percent of total ad income with Clicksor advertising network. But you need to get at least 50,000 monthly impressions to start making money from this Google AdSense alternative source. So, Working as an affiliate, you will earn 10% of every advertiser or publisher you refer to Clicksor network.

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Now, that we are at the finish line, I hope this article was helpful to you. I hope this helps to boost your blog. While there may be best deals out there, you surely don’t want to miss what I offered here. With the right advertising strategies, and a goal-oriented approach you’ll succeed with these alternatives.

What kind of adsense alternative do you prefer? What is the best google adsense alternative according to you? Share one of your google adsense alternative amongst us which might be helpful to others.

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