Get Paid To Read Books: Make $3000 By Reading and Reviewing Books

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Do you have a knack of reading and reviewing books and giving opinions for the same?

Reading books is a beautiful habit, also a great way to learn and earn money.
And book reviewing can help you out in making money online from home.

How can the bookworms like you spare the opportunity to earn money reading books?

Check out the list provided in this article to become a reviewer for one of these sites.

Yes, you can earn legitimate side cash by reviewing, editing, proofreading for these sites.


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1. Kirkus Media:

If you can give reviews in Spanish and English titles, you can surely work with Kirkus Media.

They have plenty of work around, over 10,000 books a year.

Generally, their reviews are about 350 words which review all genre in different languages and of any length.

Here, you need to submit a resume, a recent review, and a list of review specialties and grab the opportunity to make money.

Kirkus media occasionally hires editors as well as copy editors.

It means you have three benefits with Kirkus Media:
– Read Books for free
– Get paid for the reviews
– work as an editor or copy editor

kirkus media-min

2. Upwork:

upworkUpwork is a platform where authors can create and publish their work. Before stepping on the huge platforms like Amazon authors need reviews and opinions for the book and hence they hire reviewers. And you can be one of the reviewers. You will get paid for the work done by you.

Join the upwork, start reading and reviewing the books and you will even get books for free!

All you need to do is draft an insightful review for the site on your blogs or any online retail site.

upwork proof

3. The US review book:

US review books pay writers for the book review on a variety of genre.

Reviews must be completed with two to three weeks of the project and requested 250 to 300 words.

Website is set up to give people easy access to book reviews, post titles periodically.

After that potential reviewer will select the title on which they are interested in reviewing.

Reviewer is paid monthly on every 5th, for each review that has been reviewed on last month.

4. ACX:

ACX is another amazon platform which is growing itself on an audible platform, where you can narrate the book and make money.

It is the biggest audio narration job website which pays you higher than any other sites.

Create a profile on ACX and upload the work that you have already done in the past so that, it would be easy to find you by the authors.


You can also look for the listed narration. This is a forward step, but here you would give a script which you have to narrate in your voice and submit it as a sample.

If the author likes your work, You will get hired or could be paid.

You can make money with two options:
– A monthly cheque
– Royalty per book

The choice is always yours.

5. Fiverr:

Fiverr is the biggest freelancing platforms which have millions of visitors each day.

Working from home is the easiest way to earn money, and Fiverr is the best place to work as a freelancer.

You can read recent books and give reviews to the author with Fiverr, where the author will pay you for each review.

As this is the biggest freelancing platform, there is a colossal competition here.

So go, compete, and earn.

fiverr proof

6. Women Review of Books:

Women’Review of books is a feminist mission to publish reviews. It is based on organizing, discipline-based research and personal experience. If you are planning to review here send your pitch in the mentioned format.

  1. A paragraph about your credentials
  2. what kind of work would you like to do?
  3. Your Focus in the interested work.
  4. A sample of the prior published review.

Here, the writers and reviewers are compensated $100 for each review.

7. OnceWritten:

Oncewritten is a platform where you can read books and publish your reviews.

Your review must:

  • Well written
  • contain uniqueness
  • more than 350 words

Unlike the platforms Oncewritten doesn’t accept negative reviews. Infact, negative reviews are not allowed to the site.

So, if you did not like the book are not allowed to leave a review.

If you loved the book and dropping a positive and a unique review you will be paid with $5 each review.

8. Publishers Weekly:

Publishers weekly are news magazine and focusing on book publishing where you find a career page on its website. They often post its advertisement on its website as it offers jobs for proofreading, copyrighting, editors, etc. You can apply there.

However, they look further for the book reviews both for traditionally published and self-published, you can give reviews for their book and can make money.

They pay a weekly honorarium, but it doesn’t specify any amount for the work.

You are required to send a resume as well as the sample review of 200 words of the recently published book.

9. Book Look Bloggers:

Book Look Bloggers is another website where you can write a review and get free books to read.

Here, you have to read the given book and provide an honest review for the same.

This would not gonna pay you but definitely you will get a free book to fulfill your hobby.

Not only books, but you can also do the same for magazines, articles, and many other blogs.

10. Online Book Club:

You can make your reading hobby into money-making.

Yes, Online book club provides readers free books to read and money in exchange for reviews.

If you are skilled in giving reviews, you can discover new authors, read their book, and provide a review to them.

Online Book Club is looking for honest reviews so if you don’t like the book or any of the things about the book just mention it you will still get free books to read.

11. New Pages:

Have you ever got free books to read?
Might be not!

But yes, you can get free books as well as little magazines by writing reviews for the books.

Every website needs an honest, opinionated review to keep itself live towards a wide range of audience.

Write reviews for the New Pages and earn free books! You can add little quotes in your reviews and make it different and attractive.

12. BookBrowse:

Book Browse is also a place from where you can get free books by writing reviews, but it is applicable only for US residents.

Book browse offers books on every mid of the month, and the titles of the books stay about five days in the site.

You have to request books for which you are willing to write a review, and if you are chosen to write the reviews, you will be sent a free copy.

You are required to write a review on the receipt of the book and post it on the Bookbrowse.

You must write a qualitative review of at least 300 words.

13. Moody press:

Are you a blogger?

Now, what is the connection of books and blogger?
Okay. Let me explain.

If you are a blogger or have an active account on Amazon, you could get free books to read.

The site is looking for honest reviews as well as honest reviewers.
– Simply fill out the registration form on the website
– Name the book which you want to review.
– Read the book
– Write an honest review
And you will get a free book to read within seven to ten days.

sign in to Moody Press

14. Story Cartel:

Story Cartel is the website where they provide free books to potential readers for free.

This website has no compulsion of writing reviews, but if you are getting dozens of book to read for free, you must give an honest review.

The review may be positive or negative but try to give a qualitative and constructive review to the authors. Probably they will pay yours for your every review.

15. Net Galley:

Net Galley helps readers to discover new books and authors to generate reviews.

A book which has not been published yet is referred to as “Gallery” in a writing field.

Are you in the Writing Industry?
Writing Industry includes a librarian, blogger, bookseller, or a reviewer.

If yes, then go, join Net Gallery.

In return, you will get free books to read.

16. Chicago Book review:

Chicago Book review is the familiar literary site goals at “Chicago’s publishing world and the great books it produces.”

The site shares reviews of many books from the very beginning of Chicago’s 125+ book publishing companies.

If you love to write qualitative and thoughtful reviews and get free books to read, continue with sending your resume to Chicago Book review.


Making money online by reviewing authors for the book is an exciting side gig to do, especially for the book lovers.

Being a reviewer, you have so many opportunities to earn with these sites along with getting free books to read.

The more reviews you write for the author, the more you will get free books and money.

There are many sites which are hiring reviewers for their site. Imagine indulging with one of the above will get pay you, offer free books to read and fulfill your favorite hobby.

Unless you turn your part-time job into full time reviewing books at one of the listed sites, you can not turn your side cash into main source income.


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