10 Kickass Freelancing Platforms To Look Into In 2020!



You think that creating content is your strong suit?

Well then get ready to use that as a tool to earn money.

There are a couple of websites or blogs which are always in need of fresh content on a daily or weekly basis. Freelance writing can be an opportunity which you can opt. A freelancer with excellent writing skills and someone who looks forward to reading and creating good content can look up jobs like these.
It will make you money on the per article basis. Isn’t this easy and amazing?

But before we jump start on the ways lets for a second go through two critical questions which will help you get clarity.

  • What am I good at?
  • Is there a need for my skill?

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After answering the above questions, I am sure you will be able to choose the perfect option from the list below.

According to me, freelancing is one of the best options. Freelancing is flexible if you’re looking for work from home jobs. It’s the best way to earn money by doing what you’re good at. How freelancing works is that you’ll have to sell your services to principal business owners. Plenty of Business owners are looking for genuine freelancers who provide an excellent job. This attracts a lot of prospective clients for you as well. There are numerous freelance gigs to name a few:

  • Graphic designing
  • Web Designing
  • Coding or Programming
  • SEO
  • Social Media Managing etc.

save money

Tips To Note!

1. You should actively seek and apply for the jobs you want–don’t just set up a profile and should not wait for things to happen to you!

2. You must be aware of the saying “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” apply that here as well. The clients can split in the blink of an eye, so it’s important to have money coming in from more than one source. It’s also a good idea to set up your profile across multiple platforms for maximum exposure and job potential.

3. Reach out to friends and acquaintances who might be in need of the kind of work you’re providing and then make an offer to do a job for them, but at a low rate, this way you can start building a portfolio and getting reviews. Just make sure they provide you their honest feedback.

4. Don’t write off jobs as one-time events. Make a habit to create a database of clients and maintain relationships with them always. Make sure you’re on their radar for future work.

5. Even between gigs, you should still be working–networking, marketing yourself, and improving your talent.

Follow this short list of tips, and I am sure it will help you gain some perspective of yourself and help manage your talent!

3 Out of the box ways to make money online!

1.Earn money by reading books on Internet!

2.Earn money being a Pizza deliery guy !

3.Earn money by selling photos online! 

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Without waisting, any precious time of yours lets jump to the list!

10 Freelance Service Platforms:

1. Upwork

Upwork is known to be the outsourcing platform that came to light when two other sites, i.e., oDesk, and Elance, merged into one.
Fact about Upwork: To increase your chances of being hired on Upwork, users suggest that you take the skill tests relevant to your work.

Always be specific while listing the services you wish to offer. For instance: Replace the keyword ‘Marketing,’ with ‘Copywriting,’ or ‘Facebook Advertising.’

Always remember while pricing, state your services on the lower end until you’ve gained a few reviews as well as past projects to back up your profile.

You should also keep in mind that having a fantastic portfolio outside of the platform won’t matter to potential clients on Upwork.

2. Fiver

Let me tell you about FIVER! it’s certainly possible to find well-paid freelance work through this platform. You will see a lot of competition here, no doubt, but with enough persistence, Fiverr can help freelancers in any field to increase their income.
Plenty of Users recommend starting with $5 gigs to test the market, then gradually increasing their prices and offering add-ons but only after you’ve managed to build up a reputation.
Initially, your focus should be on delivering outstanding work and excellent customer experience. You shouldn’t worry about the total you’re earning.

3. Guru

Guru allows you to create a profile on its website, so your freelance services and portfolio are discoverable by potential employers.
Guru also allows you to search job listings that match your skills respectively.
You can easily showcase the fantastic work you’ve done so far and stay informed of any potential job matches [concerning your skills]. With daily notifications on, you will never miss an opportunity.

4. Flexjobs

Flexjobs is a very popular platform to get genuine jobs. It relies on geolocation to match freelancers with employers seeking their services and expertise. This, in turn, allows them to communicate in real-time with in-app calling and video and provides a secure payment option.
This can turn out to be an excellent way for people with a full-time job to have a side hustle, or help freelancers who are always traveling find work as they go.

5. Craigslist

I am totally going to judge you if you tell me that you haven’t thought about this one!
We all are aware of the fact that People search for all kinds of stuff on Craigslist. This includes services and small tasks they need to outsource. On Craiglist, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. You can also search by important city to find jobs that can be done remotely.

6. Dice

Dice is known to bill itself as a “career hub for tech insiders.” While the site mostly lists full-time positions for the public, it carries freelance opportunities as well, so posting a resume or project there is a good idea for you if you are involved in the tech field.

7. hiremymom

Hiremymom is known to cater work-at-home moms looking for flexible work. The site helps qualified professionals with businesses seeking temporary or permanent project and is also a significant part of the Home-Based Working Moms Network. It’s a free platform! It allows you to post work.
Important Fact: The website does not take commissions from the job posters or seekers.

8. peopleperhour

Peopleperhour is a simple platform that allows both hirers as well as freelancers! They can browse talent and jobs respectively according to their needs although there are a few limitations to what type of work you can post here concerning allowing you to list particular jobs and requirements. One more thing the website allows is that You can also browse through freelancers’ profiles where they display their hourly rate.

9. Evanto Studio

Evanto Studio connects you with freelance talent for your creative endeavors. Whether you need artists, actors or designers, it’s your choice, and they will cater to that.
Evanto Studios vets their freelancers and doesn’t allow just any random person to post their services on their directory. Their freelance profiles contain a piece of detailed pricing information, work samples, and reviews.

10. Freelancer.com

Freelancer.com allows you to find work for your online project at a fast pace rather than standard websites and for a reasonable price as well.
Freelancers here submit their bids for your project, and you could view their past work as well as user reviews to make your decision wisely. The platform’s entire focus is on getting the job done for website development, SEO marketing, mobile development, and other online-centric projects.If you want to do something unique,you can even earn by selling your feet photos online!

Final Thoughts!

I wish you find the right kind of job and you start earning a good amount of money pretty soon! Happy Reading!

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