21 Best Freelance Services Pays You $5000 A Month

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21 best freelance services that can earn upto $5000 per month

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21 Best Freelance Services Pays You $5000 A Month

The idea here is to offer freelance services for cash. These services might include Ghostwriting

2.Technical writing
3.Web design
4.Graphic design
5.Logo design
9.Video production
10.Marketing services
13.Customer service
14.Conversion testing and optimization
15.Search engine optimization
16.Transcription service

… And any other service you can provide.
Of course, you don’t need to limit yourself to professional services. You can also offer local services, such as

17.Yard work
18. Lawn Mowing
19. Snow removal
20. Construction
21.Home repair and maintenance services

… And anything else that you’re qualified to offer (e.g., personal training, auto repair, massage, etc).
Now the reason why you might consider moonlighting is that you can make cash fairly quickly. You don’t need to create, buy or otherwise acquire products. You don’t need to set anything up. (While a website is useful, it’s not mandatory.) You can literally post an ad and get a job within a few hours or days from now.
Of course, the truth is, you WILL make more money if you set up a portfolio, set up a website, and bring out all the bells and whistles to support your business. However, you can start making money right away even without those things.
In other words, you can start your side business today while adding those bells and whistles as you go. That’s the beauty of this fundraising model.
So let me share with you tips for getting your moonlighting business off the ground:

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Tip 1: Sell Yourself

Time to dust off your copywriting skills (or develop them if you don’t possess them yet). Because whether you’re posting an ad or bidding on a job, you need to sell yourself. Good copywriting is benefit-driven, which means your ads and bids clearly tell others why they should hire you.
For example, let’s suppose you post an ad on CraigsList.org offering lawn-mowing services. A plain “here’s what I do” ad goes something like this:

Now offering lawn-care services in the greater Cityville region. Call for more info: 555-1212.
That’s kind of boring, and it sure doesn’t give your prospective clients any reason to choose you over the competition. So let’s re-do that advertisement by pinpointing the prospective client’s pain, and then adding in the benefits of hiring you:
Is your lawn overgrown? Is the city threatening you with enforcement notifications? Are you unable to mow it yourself, or maybe you just don’t have the time?

Here’s your solution…
Let the Lawn Care Experts do all the hard work for you while you take all the credit. Fast turnaround and competitive pricing mean you could have a beautiful lawn in as little as 24 hours from now. Get your free no-obligation quote now by calling 555-1212.
See the difference?
So no matter what sort of services you’re offering, be sure to let people know why they should hire you rather than your competitor.
Next up…

Tip 2: Ask for Referrals

One good way to get clients is to do a bit of networking. This means asking your friends, family and colleagues for referrals. If you’re a member of any related professional organizations, ask for referrals there too.Once you start getting clients, then do two things:

1. Ask these existing clients for their repeat business.
2. Ask for referrals.
In short, don’t be afraid to directly ask others for their business and their referrals. You’d be surprised at how many people are happy to help.

Tip 3: Cast a Wide Net

Sometimes those who’re moonlighting just use one source of promotion (like the aforementioned referrals). However, you’ll do far better if you cast a wide net. Promote yourself using as many of the following as possible:

  • Place ads on CraigsList.org.
  • Answer related ads on CraigsList.org.
  • Check Monster.com for jobs.
  • Post on freelancing sites like UpWork.com.
  • Search for related Facebook groups and network. (E.G., if you’re offering business services, then find and join business groups.)
  • Network on other related sites, such as forums.
  • Network offline (use MeetUp.com to find related groups).
  • Place ads and answer ads in your local newspaper.
  • Send out press releases about your offerings.
  • Use pay per click advertising (e.g., AdWords and Facebook).
  • Take out solo ads or banner ads on related sites.

Tip 4: Over-Deliver

The final tip is to put customer service first. This means under-promising and over-delivering on all services. Satisfied customers are like a goldmine for you, because they lead to repeat business and referrals. Once you get a lot of satisfied customers onboard, it’s likely you won’t have to advertise much (if at all), because the referral business will keep you hopping.

So that’s how you can raise extra funds for your new business venture by offering services on the side. If you’d rather sell products, then you’ll want to take a look at this final fundraising idea…

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