7 Easy And Simple Ways To Get Make-Up Products For Free!


Do you know how much women collectively spend on makeup every year? It’s a whopping 426 billons, give or take. And on average, women spend around $15000 on beauty products in their lifetime. So women, every chance you can find to get these makeup samples for free, you should take it.

In this post, I will tell you all the tricks and trades to get free makeup and that too regularly. Let’s get started!

free makeup samples

Why do companies give away free samples?

We’ll get to –getting free makeup. But do you know why companies give out free makeup samples. If you use makeup products regularly, you must already know that there is so much variety there for makeup products. To retain profits, companies sometimes give away the products for free. There are many reasons, some of them I have listed for you-

  • Promote the products: By giving away a free sample the companies, make the consumers use the products, thereby spreading its review.
  • Clear stock: Some times, the stores need to clear the inventory. The unsold products just lying in the inventory sometimes are a huge loss to the company as other related expenses keep on piling up like safety, storage, etc.
  • Increase sales index: The profit of any product is highly driven by its reaching a certain sales index. The profits are almost always bonus driven, that’s the reason why many brands give away products to reach the sales targets.
  • To get reviews: Most of the time, even the established brands need to know if their products are working out or not. That’s why many brands give away free sample products to their customers to test and provide reviews. This a good way to promote a new product as well as get opinions on improving the product.

There are a lot of different ways to get free makeup products, try one or try all. If you ask me, you should try them all.

Get free makeup samples on these freebie websites with just a click.

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1)Get free makeup from company giveaways

The best way to promote a product is by giving away free samples. By giving out free samples, the companies ask you to sign up for the product; this is a strategy to increase sales. Some companies offer these free samples as part of the rewards for their promotional campaigns.

If you want free cosmetics without taking surveys and by mail, this is your best bet. Here is a list of companies that give away free makeup.

  • Aveda: Aveda provides a free personalized 20-minute facial and free full makeup application in participating stores. Also on the $30 purchase gives you any four of its essential minis products of your choice.
  • CVS: The free products on offer vary, you can get anything from MUA Makeup Academy Lip Scrub to a Nuance Selma Hayek Liquid Lipstick
  • Smashbox: Samples available range from sachets of moisturizer to full-sized eyeshadow duos and make-up bags
  • Kiehl’s: They offer a wide range of products from a body wash, toner, moisturizer, and hair treatments.
  • Elf Cosmetics: They give you a free Flush & Flutter Gift worth $14, when you spend $10 – check out the offer here. Also, you can get a free 4-piece gift set when you purchase at least $25.
  • Estee Lauder: You can get anything from eye creams to lipsticks, Estee Lauder offers an extensive collection of free samples. Variety of its products, from makeup to serums to anti-aging creams.
  • Paula’s Choice Skincare: Here you will find anything from clay masks to anti-aging serums, there are tons of great products on the site.
  • Lancôme: Here, you can get free lipsticks, body lotion, radiance cream, eyeliner pencils, and more!
  • MAC Cosmetics: The store promotes hydrating products such as Natural Radiance Yellow and Natural Radiance pink.
  • REN Clean Skincare: If you join the brand’s newsletter, you’ll get a 20% discount for your first order for sure.

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2)Sign up for product testing trials to get free makeup

If you are not aware, let me tell you. Beauty companies need consumers to test out new products. There are quite many trial groups these days. Joining these product testing trials are another great way to get free makeups.

You need to find the opportunity to join a Consumer Participation Panel. After registering online to become a panelist, you will be invited to on-site events where you will test – and keep – fabulous make-up products.

Although sometimes you don’t generally get to choose the products that you will have to test, this is an excellent way of trying new hair and make-up products before anybody else.

3)Get monthly beauty freebies by sending mails

Did you know that companies do give away free samples directly if you ask them for a trial. All you need to know how to ask them. You will often get free samples of perfume, food, magazines, and just about anything else.

A step by step guide to get free make samples. It’s not like you will click on a link, and you will receive these products, it is some work for sure.

Step 1: Make a list of the companies, Well I have done this for you.

Step 2:Know how to contact them. Get their mailing address from their official websites.

Step 3: Write a courteous letter, stating how much you like their products and want to try out their newly launched product before buying it. Writing a polite letter, requesting will definitely get you those free products, trust me.

Here are some of the brands that send free makeup upon asking through mail!

      • Sephora
      • Ulta
      • Smashbox
      • The Body Shop
      • L’Occitane
      • Laura Mercier
      • Bobbi Brow

4)Get free makeup at beauty counters

Many of the brands mentioned above also give away free makeup at counters! This is what I can tell you, if you ask correctly not only will they give you try out all the makeup samples you can while you’re there, the beauty counters will also let you take away samples of the makeup you’d like to try out for a few days before you decide to a purchase.

Almost all the shops have, a stock of free samples, which they sometimes give away to potential high spending customers. This one way of getting free makeup requires some skill and being observant.

Also, this is one of the ways that stores keep their customers loyal and satisfied is by providing them with free stuff!


Let me tell you the things to keep in mind while asking for free makeup samples.

  • Ask for samples when it not busy.
  • Ask them you would like to test the free sample for a few days, before buying the product you have in mind.
  • All the stores have small containers to give away some of the sample makeup

I ‘ve listed down for you a few brands that give away free stuff over counters.

  • Sephora: Sephora offers three samples of any item per visit (this includes adorbs mini version which they will pour/scoop/squeeze into a small container).


  • CVS: With any $15 beauty purchase, you can choose from a gym bag-friendly Essence of Beauty body mist, MUA Makeup Academy High Shine Lipstick, or a Skin + Pharmacy Advanced Acne Spot Treatment.


  • Nordstrom: At the counters of Nordstrom stores, the salespeople keep little to-go containers into which they will scoop any of the products you want to test out (whether it’s an eye shadow, face mask, or hair treatment).

5)Use magazines to get beauty freebies

Magazines are another fun source. This is a bit traditional way, but sometimes you will hit the jackpot. Though giving free makeup through a magazine is not that popular, you should definitely give it a shot!

  • Allure magazine: It offers regular full-size product giveaways to its subscribers. Many magazines run monthly giveaway contests, so even if you don’t win something the first time, I suggest you to keep enter
  • Dare Magazine: It gives away products like Free Revolution Ultra Base Corrector, Got2B, Mane n’ Tail & More
  • Harpers Bazaar: It gives away products like Rodial Black Mascara Worth £24 for free!

6)Get makeup from Freebie websites

This is the quickest way to get freebies, though it’s not guaranteed you will receive a product every time. There are many coupon sites, where you can get coupons, rebates, and discount deals, etc. all the boxes of freebies will be sent directly to you within a few days or weeks.

The list is inexhaustible. And come on, who has time to visit them all. I have listed only the most promising freebie sites for you. On these websites, you will find a wide variety of free beauty products from well-known brands and products, like Aveda, L’Oréal, Garnier, and Lancôme.

  • Bzzagent – not only in the beauty department, but you can also receive all sorts of goodies from them. For this, you need to need to do is fill out a simple survey to get started.
  • Freebies4Mom: Here you can get a free sample of full-size box of Clairol Nice ‘N Easy hair color, and also get it delivered in 4 to 6 weeks
  • Freaky Freddie’s: Their Beauty section sometimes offers free makeup samples from all known brands. Keep in mind, their beauty and hair freebies are limited, and so you might want to be fast for new freebies.
  • Free flies: Cosmetics companies like Revlon, Burberry, Urban Decay, Maybelline, L’Oreal, and Sephora, etc.
  • Free Stuff Times: On this site, you will get free products from well-known brands, like Aveda, L’Oréal, Garnier, and Lancôme.
  • FreeSamples.org: Here, you can choose samples from well-known brands, like L’Oréal, MAC, and Cover Girl.
  • Freebie Radar: Here, you can get freebies from brands such as Kiehl’s, Garnier, and Maybelline. Some other body care brands such as Axe and Aveda are often spotted in the site
  • L’Oreal Consumer Product Testing Panel
  • Magic Freebies: Here, you can find free products from brands like Cover Girl, Maybelline, and Vaseline.
  • My Savings: This site offers you a great “try before you buy” products that you will enjoy. With free memberships, you can get free samples of makeup, beauty care.
  • Snag Free Samples: Here, you can get free samples of makeup, hair products, creams, eye colors, foundations, and other promoted beauty and cosmetics products.

You should also check out these other freebie websites!

7) Get free makeup by reviewing products

Cosmetic companies highly rely on product reviews for publicity. Reviews from customers are valuable to the brands, and so they are willing to give out products for free!


  • Smiley 360: For this, you need to build your profile and earn points first before the site can assign product reviews or “missions.”
  • She Speaks: This is a good site for freebies is the opportunity to do product reviews in which products will be given to you for free to check
  • Swaggable: Here, you need to choose a product from the list of products, reviewers must apply for it and get approved to receive the sample. Some of the products require reviewers to have their blogs, but some only require social media mention.

You should also check out these other review websites!

Tips to Avoid Free-Sample Scams

Before leaving, I would like to give you some advice to avoid the free sample scams. Many times you will come across sites whose validity you will doubt, While going through such websites, remember these tips to ensure you don’t fall into a free-sample scam.

  • Focus on looking at the products that you need. Don’t get lured into the products that you don’t require just because there is a discounted price.
  • The surveys you will be asked to are not your job compulsory –you don’t have to fill them out.
  • The companies require only your necessary information such as name and address to give away free samples if any site asks for sensitive information such a credit card details I suggest you stay explicit o such sites.
  • You don’t need to do a free trial before you take a free sample. You can just ask for a free example to take home,
  • Look for websites that send you to the actual company offering the free sample.
  • Like your favorite companies on social media. They might promote samples directly through Facebook or Twitter in exchange for you “sharing” the offer or product with your followers.

I would strongly recommend you to try these ways to get free makeup. And I would really like you to share your experiences later. I hope this post proved to be helpful.

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