Done For You Facebook AD Templates and Successful Campaigns!


​Copy & Pase this Facebook Ad Campaigns To Skyrocket Your Profit

If you want to run a successful ad campaign for FB, you need to take care of following things here...

  • Attractive headline
  • Ad Image
  • Ad link
  • ​Ad Copy

Instead of giving some tips about successful Facebook ads, I am going to give you a live example of the big corporates and successful online marketer's FB ads. It will help you to understand what's working right now and how you can improve your Facebook marketing.

I am also giving you done for you "successful Facebook headlines" so you can use for your own FB ad campaigns and also going to show you the "Facebook Ad Image" so you can create profitable ad campaigns for your products or clients.

​7 Real World Facebook Ad Campagins That Will Inspire You to create profitable ad campagins

Google Facebook Ad

Microsoft Surface Ad

Shopify Facebook Ad

  Neil Patel Facebook Ad(Famous Internet Marketer)

  MailChimp Facebook Ad

 Ahrefs Facebook Ad

Groupon Facebook Ad

​Done for you Facebook Headlines to Your FB Ad Campaign

Here are several headlines you can use in your Facebook Ad copies for your business or your clients.
Use these headlines for your ad campaigns and add your own twist to them.I have added 5 different headlines for various different niches.If you like to read more about selecting the right niche,you can follow this article 3 Most profitable niche will make you a millionaire !

Make Money Online / Biz Opp Niche

​Underline = Add Your Own Twist (aka Fill in the Blanks)

1. FREE Guide Uncovers A Hidden Loophole In Affiliate Marketing That Allows Ordinary People To Generate A Solid Income Online!

2. DISCOVER How You Can Generate A Nice Income Online, By Simply Writing Emails!

3. LEARN How To Uncover The Secrets Of Using Facebook™ Groups To Generate A Solid Income Online!

4. STILL STRUGGLING To Make An Income Online? Download My FREE Checklist On How To Make Money From Influencer Marketing!

You can read following articles to make money online for further information.

Fitness Niche / Weight Loss

1. READY For Summer? Learn 10 Secrets Of Looking Toned Within
Just 4 Weeks, Using FREE Weight Loss Plan. Download Yours
2. AMAZING: “Amazing New DVD Lowers Your Weight By Just
Watching It!”
3. DO YOU Suffer From Excessive Bloating Problems? Then
Download My FREE Guide On How To DESTROY That Bloat, And
Start Looking Good Again!
4. IF YOU Want To Look Good For Your Next Holiday, Then You
Need To Get Out This FREE DVD!
5. [SAVE 90%] Are You Ready To Transform?

Headlines for eCom Products

1. “JUST RELEASED: Brand New HD Camera That Allows You Take
Laser Sharp, Crisp Quality Photos With A Click Of A Button.”
2. “POWERFUL NEW Clutch bag Helps You Organize Your
Valuables With Just A Simple Click”
3. “JUST IN: New PEN Writes So Smoothly, It Will Make Everyone
Envy You”
4. “NOW You Can Stop Any Attacker Without Weapons, Or A Black
Belt In Karate With The RUFF RUFF Device!”
Copyright Proft Dojo. All rights reserved.
5. “FINALLY, A Simple Way To Sleep Like A Baby, With The Magic
SOOTHER System – With Just A Click Of A Button”

Headlines With “Clickbait” Tips and Numbers

  1. How To Sing Like An X-Factor Winner In 90 Days Or Less – Guaranteed
  2. Would You Trade $1.00 For Our Famous Tasty, Straight Out Of The Oven Italian Pizza?
  3. LEARN 5 Secrets On How You Can Make A Solid Income Online, By Simply Working Part Time!
  4.  Be Ready To Say Goodbye To Your Day Job, Within 6 Months With Our A-Z Income Blueprint System!
  5. DISCOVER The 3 Secrets That Allows Anyone To Make A Solid Income Online, Without Having To Invest Anything!

Read this article ,50 Eye-Catching Blog Titles That Gets You More Clicks! to get more click bait headline ideas!

Done For You Facebook Image Ad Image

What is the best type of images that work well on Facebook? Of course – different niches require different images.
Feel free to use this checklist as a guide as to the type of images to use for your ads. In this guide, I am going to focus on the “make money online niche”.Having said that, you can use these principles for virtually ANY niche.

Here are 5 different images that have worked well and the reasons behind each one explained below.
I encourage you to use real actual images.

At the end of this guide, you will see a list of 500,000+
Copyright- free stock images you can use for your yourself.
All right , let's get into the 5 types of ad images that usually do really

Image Type #1 - The “Happy Couple” Image

This type of creative image is best for this niche because it personifies
happiness. The “happy couple” image is something a lot of people
can relate to – especially if you are focusing on selling to someone in
this niche.

Image Type #2 - The “Laptop Lifestyle” Image

This type of image usually involves a man or a woman relaxing on the
beach – this definitely hits the pain points. People can change their
situation and have all the freedom they want by investing in the right

Image Type #3 - The “Happy Family” Image

This type of image is usually used to illustrate the “happy family”
image where the advertiser carefully positions this ad so people too
start to think about their own families.
Here is an example of a 7-figure marketer called Dan Henry cleverly
using this type of ad.
Here is another one:

Image Type # 4 - The "Crazy" Image

This type of image is used to knock people off their tracks. Usually, it
is an attention-grabbing image of a stock photo or an actual image of
people doing something “wacky”.

Image Type #5 - The “Attractive” Image

Usually, this type of image is used of someone who is promoting the
product or the service. This would work well in certain niches, and
especially if you're a celebrity or recognizable in your niche... like
Lewis Howes (pictured above) is in the “entrepreneurship” niche.

500,000+ Copyright-Free Images

Warning: DO NOT use images from Google Images. It's illegal and
you can get sued by the photographers! Don't believe me? One of my friends was sued almost $30,000 last
year for using a Google image without permission from the photographer.
So... point of this story?If you can click amazing photos then you can use for your own marking campaign and even can sell your photos online to make decent money also.

Use these amazing sites below if you ever need stock images for
your quizzes:

  1. Pixabay
  2. Pexels
  3. Burst By Shopify
  4. Unsplash
  5. Freerange

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