30+ Epic Ways To Make $50/Day From Night jobs!


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If you’re someone who is looking for work from home jobs and that too night shifts then look no more! I have the perfect solution here!

Working from home can be quiet flexible and easy. At the same time working at night can be advantageous. You get to complete your work during the day, and at night you can easily pursue the job. At night you have no distractions, there is no noise, and there is a quiet environment so working can’t be much of a hassle. Also, if you’re a mom then managing household chore and taking care of kids in itself is a job, so night shifts seem to be perfect for you!

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Here’s a list for 30 worth-it night jobs!

1. American Express

American Express is known to hire people who wish to work from home! They occasionally hire people for 2nd or 3rd shift! These positions might vary. For instance, you might be hired as a virtual team leader, or an overseeing a group of travel counselors, or a customer service agent. Head to American Express for job openings. Type virtual in the search menu and sift through the available options. Find yourself a decent night job!

2. Teach the English Language to students of different countries.

If you enjoy spending time with the kids or you’re a mom who does this on a daily basis. Then look no further I have the perfect job for you! Teaching kids can be a task, and you can pursue it as a night job!

Because of the time difference, your schedule might start the late night or early morning such as 2 am. You can set the schedule as per your comfort!

Some of these sites might need you to hold a bachelors degree at least but few might not! Keep an eye out!

3. FreelanceWriting

FreelaceWriting is a platform where you can write content for the websites and blogs from home. So if you are good with english and have a great writing skills you can register with this site and can do work at night from home.

This is the best job to render at night if you have writing, your hobby.

So, go ahead and search for the job under “work at home.”


4. Liveops

Are you organized, friendly, self-motivated? Do you consider yourself a pro at providing customer service or providing phone-based services? Then, look no further! Liveops looks forward to providing independent contractors a job. They have to provide support for a variety of companies from home!

Liveops, most of the jobs, are available 24/7 so it’s up to you to choose a time slot for yourself. So, go checkout liveops and find your ideal job according to your skill set!

night job

5. Direct Interactions

This company also offers 24/7 flexibility job offers. Perfect candidate for a night job. Make sure you read the job description properly before applying for the job. The shifts here might vary from time to time. A requirement at Direct Interactions is that A landline telephone is required, and you need to be available 30 hours a week.

6. SigTrack

If you look forward to data entry gigs, then Sigtrack is the best option. It lets you set your own working hours. At Sigtrack, you get paid for verifying and tagging signatures on petitions.

Sigtrack helps in the learning process. Make sure you ace the accuracy trait while pursuing data entry gig. Data entry gig can be a perfect night job!

7. World Travel Holdings

As a customer service Representative, you have the option to work night shifts at world travel holdings. But they require you to go through training. Their training period is of 6weeks. Training time is 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST so that you would need daytime availability for training.

Once you’re done a session (between 12 p.m. and 12 a.m. EST) post-training you move into the shift-bid process. They change your schedule every quarter and will include nights, weekends, and holidays.

If time flexibility is not a priority to you and working at night isn’t an issue either then this is the right job for you!

  • Become a paid blogger!

Plenty of companies hire professional/creative bloggers or freelance writers. They hire them to write blog posts for them. Plenty of blog site owners outsource blogging service to freelance writers or bloggers. Either they don’t have the time to write, or they don’t have the blogging or writing skill hence outsourcing is the best option for them. If you have a talent for writing and have excellent knowledge of a topic or a niche, you can get paid well.

  • Below is the site list! Check it out!

8. Blogging Pro

9. ProBlogger Job Board

10. Write Jobs

11. Blogger Jobs

12. Mysurvey

job type: an online survey job
Pay scale: Pays cash, gift cards, etc.
schedule: flexible

13. USA Contact Point

Job type: Customer Service
Pay scale: $0.18 per minute plus incentives
Schedule/Hours: Flexible

14.  Uhaul

Job type: Customer Service and Sales
Pay scale: $9 per hour
Schedule/Hours: Full-Time ( Hours may vary)

15. VoiceLog

Job Type: Customer Service
Pay scale: $8.50 to $9.50 an hour
Schedule/Hours: Flexible

16. Amazon Mechanical Mturk

Job Type: Data entry, Transcription, writing, etc.
Pay scale: Varies depending on the task
Schedule/Hours: Anytime

17. Clickworker

Job Type: Search evaluation, writing, editing, etc.
Pay scale: Varies by the task
Hours/Schedule: Flexible hours

18. Fancy Hands

job Type: Administrative and clerical tasks
Pay scale: $2.50 – $7.00 per task
Schedule/Hours: Flexible

19. Great American Opportunities

inquire for a job at Email inquiry to [email protected]
Pay scale: $0.10 to 0.14 cents per form filled.
Schedule/Hours: Work on your schedule.

20. Smart Crowd (formerly known as VirtualBee)

Pay scale: $0.20 to $0.60 for every 1000 characters typed for a data entry gig.
Schedule/Hours: Anytime day or night.

night job

21. Language Line

There are plenty of online translators jobs available for you to grab! If you master dual languages, then this site as well as below, few sites might be helpful for you to grab a night job!

Pay scale: Competitive, based on experience
Schedule/Hours: Flexible

22. Cactus Global

Pay scale: Competitive, and varies based on experience
Schedule/Hours: Flexible

23. Brainfuse

Here you get the opportunity to teach the English language online!
Pay scale: Competitive, based on experience
Schedule/Hours: Anytime day or night.

24. REV

If you’re someone who is already a transcriptionist or is aware of a transcriptionist job, then you know Rev is the perfect platform to pursue it! You can read the detail Rev transcription review in the following article.

Pay scale: Varies whether you’re an expert or a beginner
Hours/Schedule: Flexible hours

25. Transcribe Me

We all know that work from home transcription job can be a good opportunity to earn extra money. Transcribe me helps achieve that goal.

Pay scale: Varies depending upon experience
Hours/Schedule: Flexible hours

26. Scribie

Job Type: Transcription/Reviewer
Pay scale: Varies on experience one holds.
Hours/Schedule: Flexible

27. Media Bistro

Plenty of companies and solo entrepreneurs hire social media experts or consultants to help them manage their social media accounts. This can turn out to be an excellent work from home night job!

Pay scale: Varies
Hours/Schedule: Flexible

28. Sutherland Global Services

Plenty of major gaming companies want to make sure that their products or games are perfect before they are released to the market. So, they require you to test their games and get feedback on their user experience. It’s an offer to become a video game tester.

job type: Video Gaming Support Specialist
Hours/Schedule: flexible

29. Pay Per Post

There are plenty of review writing sites where you can get paid to write reviews on products and services.

Minimum Payout: $50
Payment: Via Paypal

30. Sponsored Review

Your payment depends upon the number of reviews you write on the products or services that you might have used or have knowledge about.

Minimum Payout: No minimum
Payment: via Paypal

To conclude, I believe the above article will help you gain a better and decent earning night job! I hope that you have gained knowledge about various options out there. If you have any questions or you have an experience worth sharing feel free to let people know in the comment sections below.

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A few miscellaneous jobs which you can pursue as a night job are as follows:

31. Advanis – Telephone Research Interviewer

32. 3 Play Media – Editing

33. Upwork – Freelance Work

34. Guru – Freelance Work

35. Freelancer.com – Freelance Work

36. ORC International – Telephone Research Interviewer

37. Reasoning Mind – Tutoring


I believe if you set your mind to it you can very well achieve your goal! Apply this theory here and get yourself a great paying night job! Get a planner and make a schedule which helps you manage both your family and your work(at night)! If you have any query or doubts feel free to ask in the comment section below! Happy reading!

30 Night Jobs

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