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Content creation is skill. You can always master it over a period of time but you don’t have enough time to learn the skill then I have a solution.I will like to suggest you borrow skill from other successful bloggers. This template is getting used by many successful bloggers and you can play with this template. Use it wisely to get more attention to your blog and create content like a pro blogger!


Create your very own outline!

Dedicate some time to creating an outline. We all suffer from time constraints. We all believe in creating a link for every article. Like I know how difficult it is to remember key points and then to add that into a particular blog post. And many times we miss out on content because we tend to forget things.

So, for all the writers, content curators or even a beginner who has just started in this blogging field, this one is for you. I have just the solution. You can create an outline which will make your writing process a little easier.

The outline can be made depending on the lengths of the article. You can include any and everything in your article. This can be your secret to success! Consider outline as your pillar and the blog post as a final product! Without further ado, here is a sample on how you can create an outline for your next blog post!

Sample Outline:

  • Issue:
  • Solution to the issue:
  • Title of the blog post:
  • Longtail Keyword:
  • Subtitles:
  • Call to Action:
  • Content Upgrade/ addition:

Try a problem-solving approach!

When you create content, always aim for good content! I have just the idea for that. Like how about you create articles that aim to solve People’s issues?

Let me give you an example to help you understand a bit. If I talk about my blog, it is in the internet marketing niche. So I aim at assisting people who need jobs or are curious and need information regarding various products.

For example, recently I wrote an article on business ideas for Moms. This blog post focused on providing help to all the moms out there who wish to work and take an independent step towards monetary success! So, I attempted to solve an issue, and the results were amazing as well. I shared my article on the facebook group and People got really appreciated the content. You can see the attached screenshot of it.

facebook group post

Bottom line try this approach, you never know you end up helping out plenty of people out there and in turn, end up reaching a lot of them.

Keep In Mind The “Google”

Your site needs traffic and the best way to get traffic is organic traffic. When someone type in Google and then your site will appear in the google and people are going to come to your site every day without any efforts.

So,I use this amazing tool called Ubersuggest to do that work. It’s a free tool and it will help you to create better content for people and search engines.

ubbersuggestFor example, I am writing a Grammarly review and I see that more than 4400 people are searching on the phrase called”Grammarly Plagiarism Checker” so I create a separate paragraph for this keyword and explain this feature in detailed in my review.

So I am providing value to the people and also to the search engine and As a result, I might get more exposure and traffic from Google and people also feel more connected to my content as I am speaking into their words.

TIP: Always, write down your longtail keywords. Use Ubbersugest to find more relatable keywords to your content and apply that data to create more effective content for your blog.

Choose An Attention-Grabbing title

Think about what “results” your target audience wants to achieve.
• Your title should hint at DESIRABLE results.
• Your title should hint at SPECIFIC results.
• Your title should hint at REAL results.
• Your title should hint at INTRIGUING results.
• Your title should hint at TARGETED results.

Attention-grabbing titles can be very tricky but can be helpful to get your blog posts to look quite presentable! You can get a better perspective if I show you one of my blog posts as an example!

headline imageAs you can see that I have used the specific number like 30 and power words like “free” and “amazing” to attract more users to my blog in the headline. You can check this article on here30 Amazing FreeStock Photos site 

Templates For Attention-Grabbing Tittle

Note: See the main text for examples of each.
Templates you can use for creating an article title:
• How to __________ in ___________ Easy Steps.
• How to __________ in ___________ (Time Frame).
• The Real Secret to Quickly _____________.
• Top 2 Ways to _____________.
• 5 __________ Mistakes That ___________ (Undesirable Result)
• 3 Little Known Tips for _______________.
• ____________ Checklist: Are you _____________?
• The Hidden Costs of _________________.
• 7 Simple Steps to _________________.
• (Acronym): A Proven System for _____________.

You can read further to get more amazing headline ideas.50 Eye-Catching Blog Headlines That Gets You More Clicks!

Determine 3-5 Points Of Interest!

If your article is a “how-to” article, then outline the 3-5 STEPS in the process you’ll be explaining. If your article is a “list” article, then outline the 3-5 ITEMS you’ll be sharing (such as keys, ways, questions, resources, tips, case studies, etc.)
You’ll want your article to be 800-1200 words, so divide the word count up among the number of points you’re identifying (along with a short opening and closing), and that’s how long each of these sections will need to be.

blog template

Write An Interesting Opening Sentence!

Use one of the traditional “types” of openings:
• Ask a question.
• Reveal something startling.
• Inject emotion.
• Provide proof or facts.
• Present a problem.
• List and overview.

Templates For Interesting Opening Sentence

• Did you know ___________?
• Be honest – are you one of those people who _________?
• How many of these mistakes are you making?
• I’ve got a confession to make.
• This may come as a surprise to you…
• Everyone wants to know how to _______, well, here’s how I do it…
• I bet you’re frustrated over…
• If this doesn’t get you excited, then nothing will!
• According to new studies…
• When you see the results, you’ll probably be as surprised as I was.
• 4 out of 5 people / 27% of all participants / only 3 said “yes”.
• One of the biggest problems _________ face is _____________.
• Possibly the most misunderstood part of ______ is __________.
• There’s good news – _________ can be fixed with very little effort.
• If you really want to ___________, you’ll need to ____________.
• Yes, you really can __________ if you _______________.
• Here’s a really simple way to ______________.
Fill-in-the-blanks for each of your points.

For Example, I am writing an article on 25 Legit Business Ideas For Moms that Earns $3000/week in 2019! and I started this article with the following questions.

headline questions

Questions are helpful to create curiosity in the readers and then help it to hook up with your content.

If you are writing an affiliate review then this ready-made review template can give you high conversion and helps you to create fast content.Need More Affiliate Commission? Check out This Product Review Template!

How Your Writing Should Be?

Your writing should be PERSONAL. Write with one person in mind, using the words “you” and “your” as often as possible.
Your writing should be POSITIVE. Be motivating and empower your reader to accomplish whatever you’re sharing in the article.
Your writing should be PRACTICAL. Usefulness is the measuring stick by which all ezine articles are judged. Does your article have some kind of practical advice your reader can apply and use?
Your writing should be POINTING. Your content should always “point” the reader towards whatever you hope to get them to do.
Note: Make your “final point” the one that all other content is completely DEPENDENT upon.

blog template

Close with a Call To Action

Your article closing should transition the reader from your content to the right information. If you are writing a review post then, write “useful, but incomplete” content that provides the reader with valuable information, but hints at additional resources in your byline which will enhance or maximize that information. They click on the link to visit the “Review” product. You are writing the review about this product and finally, they visit the sales page and might even buy the product.

Create a response-producing resource box of the Article.
If your goal of your is to get new subscribers to join your list(s), then keep in mind following things.
• Give away a free report or mini-course in your resource box.
• Place that freebie offer (I.E. “option form” or “download link”) at the top of a sales letter, or embed it into the copy of a sales letter, or redirect visitors to a sales letter after they’ve joined a list.
• That way, you get them to join a list AND expose them to a money-making offer at the same time.

Get High CTR On Resource Box

4 ways to use your resource box to get readers to take action and click on your link:
• Multiplication. Your resource box references something that offers “multiple ideas” for accomplishing your “final point” from the article.
• Expansion. Your resource box references something that “expands” on the “final point” from the article.
• Automation. Your resource box references something that “automates” or “speeds up” what you shared in the “final point” from your article.
• Absorption. Your resource box references something that will allow the reader to accomplish the “final point” from your article for FREE or at a REDUCED cost.
Note: Make whatever you reference in your resource box highly related to the “final point” from your article.

The Ending is Everything!

Every blog post needs an ending! The ending is like an anchor to a successful blog post! We need a good ending because ending helps provide support. Like it serves as a conclusion. Final thoughts are very crucial when you’re writing a review blog post or even a normal informative blog post! It helps the reader to come to a conclusion sort of builds a connection! So, always make it a habit of ending the blog post with your thoughts about the said post!

Always drive users to share your content on social media. If you look into the end of this article I have made an appeal to the users to share the content on social media and this simple technique is generating more traffic from social media to my site.

Promotional Strategy:

Consider promotional strategy as a key to a great blog! Like why are you creating such amazing content? Where are you going to share this? When will you share this? You might find these questions minimal, but actually, they are quite trivial when it comes to building a promotional strategy! So, give this tip a thought as well!

Pin it to win it!

If you’re someone who is eager to increase their Pinterest traffic, then the only thing apart from content is pin image where you need to excel! Like you need to create a high converting pin! Pin image makes a lot of difference when it comes to increasing traffic to your Pinterest account!

For example, One of my pin images got viral and generate nice traffic from Pinterest without any much efforts. So Pin into Pinterest to generate more traffic and loyal fans.

My article on 3 best niches got viral on Pinterest and you can see that I got around 5000 visitors from just one pin image.

article viral proof

I have written an article on how to improve writing skills and this pin image got viral and generate more than 200 visitors instantly.

Pin images Put on the finishing touches before publishing

Check for misspelled words. Check for improper grammar.
Format your article at 60-65 characters per line.
Keep your article word count between 800-1200 words.

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