10 Awesome Ways To earn Money From Data Entry Jobs In 2020!


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Is it really practical to look for a Data Entry Job?

The answer to that my friend is yes there is a chance that you might be able to find a genuine data entry job.
I know what your next question is going to be.

How are we supposed to know if they’re a scam or a genuine site?

Well, that’s what I am here for right? This article is a one-stop solution to all your queries. You can definitely find a job in data entry category at the end of this article.

So, let’s get started, shall we?

First and foremost let me answer a few basic questions before jumping to the list of sites.


1. Do You Get Paid To Answer Questions?

Yes, obviously. This article is all about providing you assistance in successfully making the above question into reality.

Most importantly, you’ll be presented with plenty of companies that pay you just for answering questions.

And yes, there are indeed genuine companies or websites out there that actually pay you if you help them with necessary, useful information by means of Q&A.

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2. Requirements One Needs In Order To Pursue This Type Of Job?

While anyone can apply in this category, there is no doubt in that. But you will have a better chance of getting accepted if you qualify to the company’s needs.

For instance, if you are well aware of individual subjects, you can use that knowledge to make money online through these kinds of jobs, i.e., by answering questions for such websites, and getting paid!

The questions can be of any category. They could be academic, or technical, or financial, business, or product-based, etc.

Those who seek answers to these above types of questions will love to view your ideas or advice so they can make crucial or rather personal or business decisions.If you like to work from your home and build a successful blog then check out this awesome guide to build your first blog that makes $4000 Per month passive income.

3. How Can You Earn Money By Answering Questions?

There are several companies or websites known for being purely Question and Answer websites.

Users who seek good information about a particular product or companies that wish to know how their products stand in the marketplace usually use this Q & A websites to get information.Here are the top 10 sites that pay you by answering questions.

These Q & A websites help their clients to post their questions and get answers related to any topic from their visitors.

The revenue received from these advertisers or those who desire the information is shared with the people like you who have provided the answers on such websites.

You getting paid totally depends on the volume and nature of the answer you have provided to that particular question. You can write out a lengthy response to questions. It all depends on you.

You can take help of various search engines. They are at your rescue to provide you with material which you could use while framing the answers.

4. Essentials One Needs, To Provide Answers To Questions.

Certain elements qualify people to get accepted by websites that pay for answering questions. These elements are:

(i) You should hold necessary equipment such as a smartphone with Internet access or a computer with a reliable internet connection.

(ii) An email address is a must as well as a PayPal account (or other specified payment gateways mentioned on the websites) and a phone number.

(iii) You must know general topics or master in a particular subject.

(iv) This one is mandatory. You must hold excellent oral and written communication skills as well as the ability to provide answers with zero spelling or grammar errors.

(v) Age is a factor here so you must be above 18 years of age.


5. A list of qualities one must have in order to pursue this kind of a job!

(i) Computer Skills
(ii) Typing Skills
(iii) Organization
(iv) Good Communication
(v) High Tolerance for Repetition
(vi) Software Skills

Now, that you’re aware of the requirements as well as the amount of work and resources you might have to put into in order to get this job, let me help you with getting a screened list of companies who hire people like you just to go and answer a bunch of questions for money!If you have a very creative mind then you can earn money by selling photos online and You can earn money by selling feet pictures online!

If you love reading books then,You can even get paid by reading books also!

List of companies:

1. Quora:

Quora is one of the popular Q & A websites, and hence deserves to be #1 on this list!

You can get answers for any topic on this site that too from different individuals across the globe.

Here is the proof that Quora is paying money for answering the questions.

quora proof

And yes, you can earn a decent amount of cash from this site by contributing answers to questions.

Quora holds a Beta Program. It’s known as “knowledge Prizes.” This program can be accessed to have your answers sponsored.

If you provide an answer to a question and it is selected through the above program, then you will make some money.

Tip: You can increase your chance of being selected if you provide useful answers to the questions. Relevance is a considerable factor determinant here.

2. Expert123

This is another good website that pays people like you for Providing self-written articles which in turn provide answers for others.

The articles can be on any topic. It totally depends on the users perspective.

All this website hopes for is:

  • You share your knowledge for the public out there through this website.
  • You learn from other users as well. You expand your horizon of thinking.
  • And in the end, earn from your expertise!

The topics can be on subjects such as software engineering, or parenting, or travel, or even entertainment, etc.

You provide great quality answers and can earn $10 to $20 for each article that you provide to the website.

If you share popular answers, you receive higher pay then the usual parameter.

3. KGB

This website is another gem where you can apply and get paid for answering questions. Interestingly via text messages. This is quite flexible too.

You can provide answers to the company’s Frequently Asked Questions section.

Through this website, you get paid in the 2-way mobile text service, and if you have any query, you get answers to Frequently Asked Questions about working for the KGB.

You can earn 3 to 10 cents for each answered question posted to you.

4. PrestoExperts

PrestoExperts is a website which purely pays you to give expert advice to customers.

You can engage directly with the clients on this website via online chat, email or phone.

You will make approximately $2-$3 per minute sharing your expertise on subjects in categories like Business, Education, Technology, Health, Counseling, etc.

While we are on the subject of health, Are you aware that you can get paid for clinical research and trials?

When we are talking about PrestoExperts, you can charge your own fee for the freelance work you accept.

Payments are made as per the category you might fit in, and you will get your money monthly.

5. Weegy

Weegy is a genuine website where you can showcase your talent in a specific field by answering questions to your particular category.

You can sign up at Weegy as any of the following: You can either sign up as an educator or a student or even a professional or just an everyday regular person.

If your account on Weegy reaches $20 threshold, you can cash out via PayPal.

6. Clarity

Clarity is a website which provides you with the opportunity to earn money by answering questions for the public.

You can offer advice to a member and respond to their questions within a given time frame of 72 hours.

Clarity has a system which rates experts and the answers that are provided on Clarity are usually through phone calls.

You can sign up as an expert and get paid for your advice!

7. 1Q

1Q is a fun site where you can answer a few questions and get paid for your efforts.

You can answer questions related to products for advertisers using your computer or even a smartphone (if you prefer to download the app).

The kind of questions provided to you is entirely based on what details you provide on your profile.

Any question answered for 1Q will attract you 0.25 cent or 0.50 cent compensation approximately. You can choose to get paid 0.25 or 0.50 cents.

If you choose the latter option mentioned above, it will mean that you will get more questions than the former option provided to you.

Also, you are paid instantly via PayPal after you provided an answer to the question.

8. Maven

Maven is a website where you can give answers to questions and get paid for the knowledge that you provide to the public.

The tagline on this website is “Everybody Knows Something,” and you can share your answers via live chat or phone communication.

You earn on an hourly consulting rate you set for yourself, and you also gain if you provide others with this reference to use this website.

The website has a system that matches the questions with your area of expertise.

You can cash out after you reach a threshold of $25 in your account.

9. AccuTran Global

AccuTran Global is mostly known to be a transcription company.

It is fair to say that mostly they bring on independent contractors to do the required job.

However, they sometimes have data entry jobs as well for new beginners, so it’s best to keep your eye out.

10. JustAnswer

This is another good website that accepts and pays experts to provide their knowledge.

You can apply as an expert here at JustAnswer and help provide answers that visitors are looking for.

The answers should be related to the subject you are well aware of.

It’s a good idea to apply to as many categories as possible that you are sure you have the expertise of.

Also, you will need to complete a subject-matter test in any of the categories, and you must submit your professional credentials.

You can earn 25% to 50% approximately of what individuals or businesses are willing to pay for the answers you provide.

The answer price paid by clients can range from $5 to $2 approximately or more.

I hope the above list of websites helps you with getting a job in the niche of data entry! There are many scams are going in to make money online world. Check out this scams site like Paypal money adder, master writing jobs, Fulgram so you can always be free from internet scams.

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