Cash for patriots program review: A scam or money making opportunity?


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There are millions of money-making opportunities in this world still people dig well of scam to drown into with thousands of fraud.

Yes, some people are crazy about making money, deceiving the other parties.

We have one live Example, Zach Scheidt, who has invented a Scheme named Cash for Patriots.

Now a question arises, is it a scam?
It’s a Government Program how it could be a scam?

Let me explain to you about Cash for Patriots, a government Program!

What is Cash For Patriots Patriots?

I know your answer will be Cash for Patriots is Government Program where you can earn Up to $6,567 simply by registering a name on the list.

Just think about it, I guess you are reading this article, and you are not a fool.

Who will go to pay $6,567 just by adding your name simply to the government list without doing nothing? How and why you will start receiving a cheque of this much amount at your place?

So basically, it is a program outlined for any American residents who want to earn some extra cash.

Cash for Patriots doesn’t promise to pay a huge amount, but it hints the possibility of getting substantial cheques for every month in your e-mail.


Young, old, disabled or otherwise, regardless of gender and race, anyone can sign up their names under the list of the Cash for Patriots program and take advantage of their substantial income.

How does it work?

After knowing what is Cash for Patriots, you would wonder how this process being work. How they make money, from where the money comes from If they are charging any cost to sign up.

But their presentation, explanation, and summary imply that once you join with cash for patriots, you will have everything to start. You need to start checking your emails.

Cash for Patriots have inferences of Trump’s promise that he will promote all the US Companies to repatriate their profit overseas to the Country so that citizens can invest in Domestic operations and initiate a successful operation of money making opportunities.

Cash For Patriots itself is a sales pitch program for investment newsletter known lifetime income report. The newsletter comes in your email every month, which issues a compilation of tips, investment opportunities, and strategies.

Basically, you are told to earn money with Cash For Patriots Program, but the fact is you are just allowed to buy investment advice and then use your money to invest in those tips.

Is Cash for Patriots a Scam?

Now we are going to discover whether Cash for Patriots is a scam or not?

The word scam breaks up the willpower and trust amongst the people.

The true sense about Cash for Patriots is that it is not an internet money making scheme and at the same time, it has created the confusion as it came with misleading presentation and twisted fact.

Cash for patriot itself is a ruse to get yourself sign up for the Lifetime Income Report newsletter.
Agora Financial use very misleading, scammy and deceiving techniques and also promises to pay to the entire people for signing up in the various subscription.

The mastermind behind cash For Patriots:

Zachary Scheidt, an editor at Agora Financial which is one of the largest independent financial research firms in the US and he is the only mastermind for the program Cash for Patriots.

Zachary Scheidt is the best selling author and a former multi-million dollar hedge fund manager.

Zack claims that you could make around $1000 even if you don’t have any trading experience.


I don’t know that zack has owned this mastermind or got the back of Agora Financial, but the thing is that he is misleading people and it should be a major cause of concern.

Zack used Trump’s name to give his program credibility.

He has set a ruse to get people to sign up for the Agora Lifetime Income report.

This thing made us think that is it a legitimate way or scammy to earn that being sold those Scammy tactics?


Here I am going to discuss some warning of cash For Patriots. Point it out before signing up for Cash for Patriots Program.

1. A funnel page for Agora Financial:

The most significant warning of Cash for Patriots is it is a funnel page for the stock investment and analysis firm called Agora Financial.

According to the research, I have found that when you sign up for the Cash for Patriots Program, you will be signed up to the Agora Financial’s stock investment guides by default.

2. Unverifiable income claims from so-called veterans:

Honestly, it seems genuine income opportunity, but the way Agora Financial is marketed is a bit questionable for me.
Isn’t It?
It is because this program misleads people to make money without doing nothing.

In the sales pitching video of 45 minutes, Zach has described the retirees and army veterans who apparently receive the cheques of thousands of dollars every month because they have enrolled themselves in the program.

cfp video-min

he has also showcased the list of names of the veterans and retirees who receives cheques every month.
But we conclude nothing from that as it shows only the names in the list that can not even verify on the web.

Zach also shows the pictures of the families who are lucky veterans so people can trust easily on the program, and even they don’t cross check anything,

How could you trust in the program where the families who are receiving a cheque of thousands of dollars per month cant even verifiable?

I suggest you keep in mind this warning before joining the cash for Patriots program.

3. Zach wants to you sign up to Agora Financial’s monthly Subscription service:

Cash for Patriots is a well-defined sale pitch to encourage Agora Financial’s Lifetime Income Report monthly subscription services.
Its all about investing in a dividend stock.

Investing in dividend stocks is although a legit business model to earn money, and you can indeed earn investing in stocks and dividends. What I concerned about is how they are using the cash for Patriots as a government program is a very disgusting way for their monthly subscription services.

Lack of transparency is the biggest red flag of the program cash for patriots.

The way they make you believe that you will receive the cheques of thousands of dollars from the so-called government without doing nothing is unethical according to me. There is the bigger scam is going than cash for Patriots program and it’s called PayPal money adder. If you are looking to earn money through PayPal in authentic ways then read this article.

4. Complaints against Agora Financial:

There are various complaints that I have found on the web.

Most of the complaints are from retirees that they have click on the buy now button even though they were charged.

people thought while signing up that they were signed up Zach’s book of $49, but actually, they were signed up for the Agora’s monthly subscription of $99 per month.

cash for patriots

So it seems that there is a lot of confusion in the products and services offered by the Agora Financial


There is a sales video on the website of Agora Financial without any testimonial. Still, it rattles few names who are receiving cheques between $1710 to $11365 every month, including outrageous claims.

So here are the claims that so and so received a paycheque of so and so amount, but there is no proof that who received this amount and when?

cash for patriots program

Even I tried to find the validity but couldn’t able to find anything

Pros and cons:


-Zachary is the real deal
-Investing a legit model for them who has $10000 to splash it out
– You get paid for the work done by you


-The website, videos, and claims all are deceptive
– There are a sheer number of complaints against Agora Financial
– It’s a page that funneling you into the Agora Financial.



I recommend not to sign up for Cash for patriots.
I virtually agree that every company has some negative reviews but I just tired by the sheer number of complaints filed against them.

Whether it be a Cash for Patriots or Agora Financial, they use very scammy ideas promises to earn easy cash by misleading the people for signing up to their various subscription services.

There is not a single shadow of doubt in my opinion for Cash for Patriots Program.

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