Cash for patriots program review: A scam or money making opportunity?


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If you are allowed to earn Up to $7,980, you would say why not! But if they say it is simply by registering a name on the list.  Then without a doubt, so many questions will come to your mind. Cash for patriot program does exactly that!


Cash for patriots  program promotion
Cash for patriots program promotion

With so much hype and so much money claimed, there is a lot of confusion about its legitimacy.  In this post, we will scrutinize this program in and out. Let’s begin!

What is Cash For Patriots?

Based on their sales video, it is related to the government tax reform programs, which want to give payout the U.S citizens.  The skeptical part, however, is the claim that there are trillions of dollars unclaimed and which is available for free to all those who will sign up.  So with words like Trump and Tax reforms and social security used in the video. You must wonder, is it a Government program?

Screen shot from the video
Screenshot from the video

Is it a government program?

A big no! How do I no this.  Observe the video.

Twisting facts - screenshot of the video
Twisting facts – screenshot of the video

It just hints at the money being a part of the government plan . But in reality is a funded by private sectors.

 Trump’s promise  US Companies to repatriate their profit overseas to the Country invest in Domestic operations and initiate a successful operation of money-making opportunities.

The Cash For Patriots does not seem to have any links with any government program, including social security. This is quite misleading as all the free information and advertisement always seems to link back to the new tax bill passed by Congress and signed by President Trump.

Who is behind the program?

If it is not the government, then who is behind the program, you may wonder? Zach Scheidt, a former multimillion-dollar hedge fund manager, is the mind behind this program.

Zachary Scheidt
Zachary Scheidt


  He is also the author of the Income Packed. It is, in fact, he who has voiced the promotional video.

What’s in it for them?

The video claims that the money is a part of the reform program, and it is supposed to increase the flow of cash to run the economy smoother.

Cash For Patriots itself is a sales pitch program for investment newsletter known lifetime income report.

The newsletter comes in your email every month, which issues a compilation of tips, investment opportunities, and strategies. You will be investing in the stock market and looking for companies that pay good dividends. Cash for patriot itself is a ruse to get yourself sign up for the Lifetime Income Report newsletter.

Basically, you are told to earn money with Cash For Patriots Program, but the fact is you are just allowed to buy investment advice and then use your money to invest in those tips.

How does it work?

 doesn’t promise to pay a huge amount hints the possibility of getting substantial cheques  

Sorry to break your bubble, but it is nothing like how it claims in the program. You won’t receive any cheques by just signing up. If you don’t have any money to invest, then, definitely forget about this.

You will receive cheques, or I would rather say dividends for your investments, once you invest in the company the agora financial lt thinks it may profit form

Who is the Cash for Patriots Program for?

As claimed in the video, all US citizens are  eligible for the program

Young, old, disabled or otherwise, regardless of gender and race, anyone can sign up their names under the list of the Cash for Patriots program and take advantage of their substantial income. What it does say is that you won’t benefit if you don’t have any money to invest.

How is it misleading you?

Let’s talk about the red flags.

  1. Vague video

Cash for patriots video screenshot
Cash for patriots video screenshot


Apart from the fact that one has to sit through a 45 minutes long video to get some information. It doesn’t give substantial details. Half the time you will only listen to various people collecting huge sum of money under this program and already benefitting from it. No names of private sector or Agora financial in the entire video. 

2. Government plays no role

It claims that  President Trump came up with a Tax reform program  September 29, 2016, by Congress’s Joint Committee on Taxation,  which ensured that as much as $2.6 trillion was distributed among American citizens.

But if you go and check the joint Commission on Taxation the archives on and there was no press release date for Sept. 29,2016. The ones before and after that date don’t mention this ‘federal program’ either.

jct publication
jct publication

3. A funnel page for Agora Financial

 it is a funnel page for the stock investment and analysis firm 


Screenshot of the promotional video
Screenshot of the promotional video


 showcased the list of names of the veterans and retirees  can not even verify on the web


 to encourage Agora Financial’s Lifetime Income Report 




Most of the complaints are from retirees that they have click on the buy now button even though they were charged.


Complaints registered
Complaints registered




cash for patriots program claimed earnings
cash for patriots program claimed earnings

Is it a scam?

It may not be illegal. But twisting so many facts itself makes it a scam. Their twisting of facts has made so many people fall for the trap already. Agora financial is definitely benefiting from that. The government plays no role in either funding money or as a part of the program. Making this all fishy and scammy.

My personal opinion

sheer number of complaints 

In my opinion, there are many other authentic opportunities out there which might not claim to make you so much money but are definitely a lot more transparent than this program.

Check them out below.




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