Top 5 Creative Business Ideas To Start On Instagram!



Are you an active Instagram user? Do you have a verified Instagram account? Do you want to start your own business? But don’t know what or how to? Do you want to utilize those millions of followers?

Well, here are a few lucrative suggestions done for you! These suggestions or one might say successful business ideas will help you gain a better perspective as to which business you would like to start!

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These business ideas surround Instagram! Instagram will be the platform where you will be able to execute the idea! These ideas will help you earn dollars per hour! Ready for these ideas? Scroll down then!

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Before we start with the business suggestions, let me just take you through the whole process of starting a business on Instagram. It goes like this:

1. Focus on the followers!

If you’re a daily user on Instagram or even know Instagram, you know how important it is to maintain a certain count of followers. Whether you are a brand or a business owner, your performance totally depends upon the number of genuine followers it holds! And if you’re a regular on Instagram, then you will know that plenty of users holding a huge number of followers indulge in promoting products or services or modeling or even being an influencer. They try and monetize their Instagram account. How? By converting their followers into customers! If you’re a regular, then you can skip the next step in the process and go straight to the list, but if you’re new then you should go ahead and go through the tips I have done for you!

2. How can you build a professional business account on Instagram?

In a shorter version, you need to keep in mind three things while building a professional account!

(i) Setup your profile with relevant information!
(ii) Importance of Posting!
(iii) know your followers!
(iv) Use Relevant Hashtags!

(i) Setup your profile with relevant information!

Your profile should reach all kinds of followers. Keep your profile professional! Try and establish a connection with the followers by giving relateable content! If you want to establish a brand in the fashion niche, then keep your posts chic and trendy. If you want to target followers in that niche, then you need to provide relevant information. Fill out your bio on your profile with accurate information! Your bio should reflect what your brand is and what you would like to sell clearly!

(ii) Importance of posting!

Instagram is an ever-changing app. so you need to keep up to date with the trends! You need to keep posting regularly! Your posts should reach the maximum amount of your followers. But while focusing on the quantity to reach more people don’t forget quality as well. Quality is important and key in establishing your brand! There are plenty of attractive filters and special effects you can utilize to make your posts look attractive!

(iii) Know your followers!

It’s very important to know what kind of audience you wish to entertain! For instance, if you wish to pursue being an Instagram influencer, you will probably end up selling products useful for women, so it’s natural you will want to target more women followers to increase your sale! Hence, it’s very essential to be clear on what kind of audience you wish to target! And then strategize your posts accordingly.

(iv) Use Relevant Hashtags!

Hashtags – the key to making your posts viral on Instagram! Every other person is verified or has a public account on Instagram! Like you there are plenty of people who are trying to establish their brand and would want to appear on the explore page of Instagram. Explore page is where most of the followers tend to find relevant information! So, it is very essential that you learn to use hashtags wisely. The right use of hashtags will help you access more number of followers.

Without further delay, let’s kickstart these:

Business Ideas to start on Instagram!

1. Affiliate Marketing

What affiliate marketing means is promoting someone else’s product or service. What better platform then Instagram? So, when someone purchases the product using your referral link, then you will receive a commission. I know I don’t have to press on the fact of how so many people are earning/making money from affiliate marketing.

There are plenty of companies that offer such services such as Amazon, Clickbank, JVZoo, Warrior Forum, and more companies have the affiliate program.

You’re going to make yourself a decent amount of commission by this program especially on Instagram!

Affiliate Marketing is definitely for those who can manage a few tricky steps like to make a good profile on Instagram for the products or to know how to drive traffic you can for sure earn a decent amount of money.

Affiliate Networks suggestions for you to jumpstart:

1. Amazon Associates
2. eBay
3. Shareasale
4. Ebates

2. Sell Photos on Instagram!

If you’re an awesome photographer and you’re looking for a platform, then Instagram is the right choice! You can definitely attract a lot of customers on Instagram. If your photographs are fancy, then there are plenty of people out there who are interested in buying them for personal or commercial use! People can hire you as well as a photographer for various events, and you can earn a decent amount of cash! You can get commission based work on Instagram as well! All you need is photography skills, a decent number of followers and a good camera! Then you’re good to g.In no time will you be able to reach people and start earning cash!
If you’re not comfortable selling on Instagram, there are plenty of other sites where you can sell photos such as:

  1. 500px Prime

  2.  SmugMug Pro

  3.  Shutterstock

If you have a very creative mind then you can earn money by selling photos online and You can earn money byselling feet pictures online!

3. Sell Products Online!

Instagram is a huge platform! Millions of people use it daily! And hence it is the perfect platform to sell your products too. You can sell anything, and it will sell. The demand-supply curve is amazing on Instagram if you ask me! The more relatable, cheap and handsy products you provide the more number of products you will end up selling. It could be a course book, used novels, toys, clothes, accessories, games, footwear, etc.
Create your own online platform where you can sell your products. Connect that account with Instagram, and you will have more traffic to your store! Post daily on Instagram relating to your products and people will show up on your store and buy stuff! This way Instagram helps boost your sale!

4. Become an Instagram Influencer!

This one is quite popular right now! Let me tell you what you will require to become an influencer and how it will help you earn cash!
First things first to be an influencer you require the following:

1. An Instagram account with a huge number of followers!
2. Owning a business account!
3. Good camera equipment.
4. Constant qualitative posts!
5. Usage of the right amount of hashtags!

Now, that you are aware of the requirements, how to use that as a business? Read below!

1. You can promote plenty of products both digital and physical.
2. You can also get paid by companies to promote their brands.
3. Best of all you can sell your own products.

I hope this clears any doubts you might have had regarding being an influencer. I hope you find your calling and act on this business idea soon!

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5. Good old blogging!

Do I even need to tell you about this? I mean this is one of the easiest and the most promising one in the whole list! Blogging is not only a key to success but key to happiness!

If you want to start your own blog, there are plenty of niches that are available for you like fashion, health, lifestyle, affiliate marketing, food, self-help, etc. Pick one and start your blog.

Plus it will be quite flexible, and your schedule won’t be like a 9-5 job! After all, you’re your own boss! If you’re a woman, who has a lot of responsibilities you should definitely consider this as an option!

The common misbeliefs: “I am not a tech-savvy person” or “I don’t have the investment that it takes” etc. are not valid. If you’re a person who knows his way around basic internet workings or can put his ideas into content, then you’re very much capable of coming up with your blog.

Waste no time and start writing!

How does this count as a business idea in context to Instagram? Well, you can always use Instagram as a platform to promote your blog. For instance, if you have a travel blog, then you can always keep pictures or related posts on Instagram so that people who love your content eventually land on your blog! This way you are getting more traffic to your blog! Eventually, you get good deals and commission based work to earn instant cash!

If you like to work from your home and build a successful blog then check out this awesome guide to build your first blog that makes $4000 Per month passive income.

Final Thoughts!

I hope the above suggestions help you get a better perspective. I hope you pursue one of the above business ideas and start earning income soon! If you have any queries or have any unique experiences do share in the comment section below!
Happy Reading!

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