Ascendpages Review And Bonus – Is It Best WordPress Alternative ?


What is Ascendpages?

Ascendpages is the first drag and drop mobile friendly website builder which does not require WordPress.Most of the themes are based on WordPress or Joomla.Now, WordPress has its own learning curve and it takes some time and efforts to make a website on WordPress theme.So, if you are searching for some better option to create your website, then Ascenpages is a good option.

How Ascendpages Can Be Useful?

  • Ascenpages has more than 250 tempates which can make a website building proccess very easily.You don’t need any designing skill to create beautiful stunning website.
  • You can build squeeze page,sales page or even build entire sales funnel in less than 90 seconds.
  • It has drag and drop option to build website.
  • You can host a website on anywhere including Amazon S3 or other cheaper option.You hosting can become very cheap and you have an option to host your site anywhere.
  • It has unique coding compared to WordPress so site loading speed is relatively fast and it can increase the user experience and your search engine ranking also improve.
  • It is 100% mobile friendly and fast loading web technology.

How Ascendpages is Working ?

I like to show you how you can build 2 pages sales funnel in less than 90 seconds through simple screenshots.

Ascenpage funtions

There are pre-made functions in the ascendpages software.So, I want to create a header for my website so I can easily select the header option inside the dashboard.

Squeeze page

The final squeeze page is going to ready.As it comes with drag and drop page builder and live editor it takes seconds to create high-quality web pages.

ascendpages live editor

Now, It’s time to build the second page with video sales page.

Again choose a header from pre-made functions of the software and select the new template for video sales page.


Video sales page theme

All you have to add the youtube or Vimeo ID and your final sales page is ready.You can easily add call to action and social buttons to the sales page from the pre-made drop and drag elements.

Social buttons

So finally your Video sales page is ready.

Watch Live In Action

Watch in live action that how 2 page funnel is built by Ascendpages software in less than 90 seconds.

As you can see that creating a website is really simple and easy using Ascendpages live editor.

Is it best WordPress alternative?

WordPress is good CMS which provide many options to website builder but it has the huge learning curve and it’s much more expensive over a period of time.You need to invest into costly WordPress themes and plugins.

If you like to clickfunnels,then they are also very costly compared to Ascendpages.Clickfunnels charges $97 per month and I personally think they are way more charging for drag and drop website builder.

So, yes Asendpages is one of the best alternatives for WordPress.It has all the improtant function to build a website with ease and it’s very affordable.

Who created Ascendpages software?

When we are buying any software we must like to know who are the people behind it.Do they provide genuine support after the purchase?The main person behind the launch is Andrew Darius and he had launched many products in the past and he has the really good track record of making his customer happy.

This is the main team and people who work to create this awesome software.

Ascendpages team


What’s the Price Of Ascendpages? And Is There Any OTO?

You can buy front hand license (FE) – $47 to $67

OTO 1 (More  Page Templates) – $37 Per month

OTO 2 (Asendpages Fast Hosting) – $29 Per month to $10 Per Month

Overall, if you don’t buy any OTOs or special offer, you can still easily use the software in just $47 lifetime.I think this is the best deal for any drag and drop live editor software.This is the only live editor software available right now.






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