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Article builder

Have you ever thought about one click article generator software to create fast and unique content? Well, you come to the right place. The myth of creating content for hours might be wrong if you look at the demo of this amazing software. This software was launched back in 2012 but this is still the unique software as not a single software in the market can do things like article builder does.

I have huge respect for the markers of the article builder.Jon Leger has made this amazing piece of the software to create content with one click.


I hate article writing.Article creation is the boring and tedious work, but it is essential in the internet marketing world.You need to create content for your blog or to syndicate content on article directories, web 2 .0 properties or the different place to get backlinks and thus you need an article.

Article builder is the one click article generator software.Most of the article creator software creates rubbish, crap, and useless content.The content is not readable and very poor quality.Article builder is the best content creator tool for unique and fast articles.

Why Is Article Builder The Best Unique Article Generator Software?

article builder review


Article builder has the huge database of articles covering all the major niches.The database is updating on the consistent basis.I really like this feature as you can the constant free content in the software.
  • It can give you the 100% unique articles.
  • The articles are passed by Copyscape and high quality.
  • Articles contain 300 – 1000 words, it depends on your requirement.All you need to type the words numbers and article will generate.
  • Article builder has the best customer support system.
  • Article Builder supports thebestspinner, so you can create the unlimited number of spun articles in the one click and then distribute to the various web .2 properties, article directories or even private blog network.Your content problem will be solved forever using article builder.
  • You can automate your blog post using article builder.There is an option in article builder to post the blog automatically in your niche.All you have to select the category, configure your blog and then this software will post the content on your blog automatically.
  • You can inject your own content into article builder system.Watch the advance feature of unique article generator software at here.
  • You can request to add the content of your niche in article builder database.All you need to just email them about the content you want and you can have unique content of your niche.

I have used all the major article creator software but none of the software is as powerful as article builder. The article builder has the biggest content data available in the software.I don’t think so any software has this much quality content database.The good thing is , you can use this whole content database with one click.I feel that this is the most creative and unique software available in the market.

Why do you want to create content?

Offcourse, it depends on what is your need.What kind of article do you want?Where your article will be posted?What is your niche?Well, there are many factors depends in selecting the best article creation software.Fortunately, Article builder is one of the best online content creation tools.I am sure it can solve your content creation problem because it is covering the wide range of topics and niches.

Content is king and you need to create better,unique and viral content.Now either you have to outsource the content or you can create content by yourself.I had a better suggestion that this, how about you can create the content by using the software.Well, the first image comes that, the content will not be the up to the mark.

It will, the only thing you have to use the content smartly. Even you don’t like to put your main article, you can use the content on your social media campaign. Imagine, how much efforts and time will be saved for the content creation. Time is money and if your time is getting saved by some software or application than you must use for your business. I personally use this software on my business and it does help me to save my time and helps me to increase my revenue.

How I use Article generator software?

I use article builder for my link building content. The content which is going to post on the article directories and Web 2.0 properties to get the backlinks.I often create content using article creator and also use it for my Adsense and niche affiliate sites.I am building small niche affiliates sites and to create content, I use article builder.I outsource content creation previously in the India and Philippines but once I start to use article builder I hardly do outsource. The content is unique, high quality and readable. Apart from that, I use article builder’s content on different web 2.0 and for the social media platform.

The only difference is the article builder’s articles are so cheap since it is a one-time investment and it creates content with one click.You can look at the different Jon leger’s product for more content creation options.I personally think article builder is still the best content development tool available on the planet.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

You can buy article builder monthly so you can taste the service and the software. If you don’t like the service, it comes with the money back guarantee. So you don’t have to lose anything. Use this software for content creation and grow your business fastly.

I strongly suggest use article creation software to automate article creation process.Save your time and money in the article creation process. Using smart article builder software gives you more time and freedom.You can increase your business profitability rapidly using a software.

If you like to see more option for content creation then you can look textsuite for that purpose.However,Article builder has his own feature and functions that are really unique and helps to build content super fast mode.


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