8 High Paying Amazon Work From Home Jobs In 2020!


Amazon jobsAre you that 9 to 5 corporate burnout tired from those traffic jams and bossy co-workers. Or a stay at home mom, raising your child or maybe a college kid, looking for some side income. Whatever the reason may be to work from home, you are not alone!

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Work from home jobs are on the rise, if you don’t know what opportunities are out there or where to begin? I will tell you just where to start.

Become a virtual worker!

You will come across tons of ways of making money from home. But work from home has a skeptical ring to it. Don’t be cynical. All you need to do is find the right opportunity that will suit your needs.

In this is the digital era; virtual opportunities have become far better than what you would have ever imagined. Amazon is one of the most trusted brand, not only as a service provider but also in terms of employee satisfaction. Amazon provides you various work from home opportunities.

 At whatever stage you are in your career you would defiantly benefit from this post. You may as-well find what you were looking for! I have listed down for you eight amazing and versatile job opportunities that Amazon provides flexible jobs for everyone looking to work from home remotely.

Before you start, ask yourself.

What are your interests? Hobbies? Special skills?

Are you an artist, a free-spirited entrepreneur, good at communications or perhaps a great planner. Amazon has work opportunities for everyone. Check them out.

#Entrepreneurial jobs

1) Become an Amazon FBA

Sounds like a complicated term, but in my opinion, this is perhaps the easiest side hustle. If you have an eye for quality products and tact to bargain and buy them at a lower cost, you can easily make money from this venture. All you need to do is find products you can sell for profit online. You can also sell your products through Amazon.Amazon lets you store your products in their centers and will pick, pack, and ship the orders for you. What could be a better way than becoming an online seller with a reduced burden of delivering it. Amazon’s FBA(Fulfilled by Amazon) is what you can check out. What you get paid solely depends on your potential on what kind of products you manage to find.

Amazon FBA merchandise screen

What are you required to do:

  • Create an Amazon seller account
  • Establish a label
  • Negotiate with manufactures
  • Create a listing on Amazon

Although starting this business requires upfront capital, Amazon will take care of the issues otherwise seen in the traditional E-commerce business. So I suggest you go for it.

2) Become an influencer


This is for all you moms who are hot on social media scene and who knows how it works. Every time an item is sold through you, Amazon will pay you a commission. You will be testing, reviewing, and promoting Amazon products. This is, however, an invitation-only platform based on your online presence for influencing.

An Amazon influncer

What are you required to do?

  • Sign up with your Social Media Account. You will probably have to wait for some time for it to get qualified.
  •  Engage with your followers: You should have a large following. You must have YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook account to qualify. Amazon will look at the type of content from which it will profit.
  • Customize your list: You can choose the product you want to promote.

Amazon runs two programs Amazon influencer and Amazon associate.

#Creative jobs

3) Customize clothing

Amazon has excellent opportunities for all you moms who want to showcase your creativity. Under Amazon’s Merch by Amazon, you get the chance to customize T-shirts. It is an on-demand t-shirt printing service. How you make money is that you get a royalty on every product sold by amazon. Earn money by directly submitting your design.

Template of merch with Amazon
Template of merch with Amazon


What are you required to do?

  • Get Your Account: As it as invitation-only job, you need to wait for approval which can be anywhere between three weeks to three months.
  • Create your artwork: Create in the format as specified by Amazon.
  • Understand how merch tiers and rankings work: You can earn more by understand which audience to target.

4) Publish your book.

E-books are all the hype, so don’t hold back that writer within you. Become a self-published writer with Kindle direct publishing. Under this program, you can publish without the extra added burden finances. Amazon has a very flexible system for publishing. With this venture, you can set your time schedules and manage your own money. Amazon will also sell paperback books for which you won’t be paying and will get royalty. There is no upfront investment, and your earning will solely depend on how much your books sell.

Amazon book graphicWhat are you required to do?

  • Set up an account: Provide author, payment, and tax information
  •  Provide Book details:  Enter information like title, author, and description.
  • Innovate: Transform your manuscript into a formatted file and design a cover that grabs readers’ attention.
  •  Decide pricing: Decide where and for how much you want to sell your book.

Amazon also has a contest coming up. Checkout Amazon KDP Pen to Publish Contest.

#Technical jobs


Amazon has created a platform, Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) for individuals like you who need to work remotely from home. Amazon acts as a mid platform and connects you directly to the businesses looking for temporary workforce. This allows moms like you to do the micro-tasking without putting an immense burden on yourself. These menial jobs so perfect for moms you can commit minimal time.

What are you required to do?

The tasks can be as simple as conducting a data validation, survey participation, content moderation, or performing data de duplication. You require a specific qualification as set by Amazon.

Click to know more.

6)Technical support Associate.

If you can think on your feet to solve issues and troubleshoot problems, consider yourself qualified for this job. This requires you to have some technical knowledge of devices and digital products. For this, you need to have both technical and customer service skills.

Qualifications required

  • Good internet connection.
  • Good command of English (verbal and written)
  • Phone, typing, and computer skills
  • Ability to navigate the Internet, email, and chat to customer via Instant Messenger

For more information, you can check out Amazon jobs.

#Sales jobs

7)AWS Partner Trainer

As you all know, Amazon primarily sells products. AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a platform in the cloud that is used by hundreds of businesses around the world. If you have previous experience in sales and customer service, then you can become AWS partner trainer. This job is for someone who can effectively communicate to an audience at different stages in their buying journey. Your job will be to teach AWS partners about using cloud services. Better if you have previous cloud experience.

Qualifications required:

  •  Experience in delivering business-focused & technology related training
  • Understanding of cloud
  • A business degree or equivalent.
  • oral presentation skills and communications

Register as a trainer. Apply here.


8)Customer service Associate 

As a customer service associate, you would be required to provide the customers with a with the speedy, friendly, and efficient assistance. You would assist the customers to expedite the process of purchasing and give a best in class delivery experience.

Qualifications required:

  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and multitask.
  • Excellent comprehension and composition skills.
  • Ability to communicate correctly with customers
  • Familiarity with Windows, Microsoft Outlook, and Internet Explorer

Follow these pro- tips and increase your chances of getting hired.

  1.  Good and stable connectivity: Get a high-speed internet connection and assure them of 24 hours connectivity.
  2. A laptop/Desktop: Make sure you have a laptop which works smoothly and a good set of headsets with mic.
  4. Assure them of a quite, noise-free environment at home
  5. Tailor your resume to suit the job requirement; it will take just a bit more time and effort but trust me it’s worth it.

 All I am saying is 

The world has become digital, and virtual work opportunities will make you as much money as that corporate job did. It’s time you do what you really want to do. Start a career that you are passionate about before you look for jobs that will make you money. Amazon Virtual jobs is just the push you need to showcase your talents.

Transform yourself into a virtual worker today! It’s about time.




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