Ten easy and quick ways to get free products from Amazon!


Why spend money if you can get it for free! I mean, I really like expensive stuff for free!!! And what would be better than getting free products from the most trusted brand- AMAZON !!!

Now getting all kinds of products from amazon for free has become easy. This post will tell you exactly where to look.


Get free products from Amazon

Why amazon gives products for free?

There are three main reasons for Amazon to give away free products.

  • To increase sales
  • To get positive reviews and feedback
  • To empty the inventory

That’s the reason you will find many websites and programs, which claim to give away products at a discount or for free. When I started looking for such websites, the list was endless.

That’s why today, in this post, I have listed down for you the ten best ways to get free products. I have also listed down for you all the official websites and groups which give away free amazon products.

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Let’s get started!

Become an Amazon Reviewer

If one is to believe the study from marketing agency BrightLocal, more than 70 percent of consumers trust product reviews more than they trust a friend’s recommendation. That’s why it comes as little surprise that writing reviews for products come with many monetary benefits.

And because of this, there are a lot of fake reviews on Amazon, approximately 50 percent of the entire e-commerce market. This is called incentivized review.   There are numerous Amazon reviewer trader sites or groups where members can sign up to receive free stuff on Amazon in exchange for reviews.

Amazon review sites partner with sellers to offer products for free or at a steep discount in exchange for a review. There are a few things that you need to know. According to  Amazon’s customer review policy, most of the sites are required to place a disclaimer of giving an incentivized review.

There are many sites to choose from, and different places have different products to be reviewed. I have listed down for you a few of my favorites.


Snagshout connects adopters and influencers with great brands that appreciate their customers. In the past, Snagshout has been featured on CNN Money, The Chicago Tribune, US News and World Report, and The Penny Hoarder.

Snagshout believes in promoting new ideas, products, and brands.  According to them, great brands are built by their customers and not just their advertising departments.

Sign up for Snagshout here.


Cashbackbase is a discount website for Amazon products that collects the latest deals to help buyers save money. Every user can choose the products they would like to buy and purchase them on Amazon at the lowest price.

It is really easy to get started on Cashbackbase, all you need to do is create a cashback based buyer account and complete your info. Once you are logged in, claim a deal and contact the seller or wait for the seller’s approval. After the seller approves your deal request, purchase the item on Amazon and upload your order info. Remember that the seller confirms your order info and issue a refund to your PayPal accordingly.

3)Deal Go!Go!Go

When you install Dealgogogo, which is a free chrome extension,you will automatically find a massive amount of coupon codes while browsing product pages on Amazon. Without even having to leave Amazon, Dealgogogo chrome extension users can see coupon information and similar discounted items on every product page. The coupon codes provided by the extension will be automatically applied at checkout, how convenient is that!



Previously known as AMZ Review Trader.

On Vipon, you can review up to 20 products at a time. The only downside I found was that the sellers need to approve your Amazon Profile before they give you a promotion code.  Remember, to get an extremely high discount. You need to have a good profile ranking.

It is extremely important to leave reviews as they continuously check to make sure you are somewhat doing your work. If you are unlikely to give reviews, they most likely won’t send the free or discounted products.


Apart from the sites mentioned above, many other sites give free or discounted procuts to valuable reviewers. Review sites always have a wide range of products to choose form. The categorization system of these sites makes it immensely easy to find what you are looking for.  Be it electronic products or beauty products.

Here’s a list you should check out.

    1.  Elite Deal Club 
    2.  Giveaway Service
    3.  I Love To Review
    4.  EtekCitizen
    5. Deals for Review
    6. VIP Power Club
    7.  Home Product Testing
    8.  Secret Deals Club
    9.  Trust Review Network
    10. Jump Send
    11.  TestZon

Become An Amazon Product Tester

If you are wondering if such a thing is possible or not, rest assured. All product companies are looking for feedback so that they can use it to improve their products. If they find your feedback valuable, they will be more than willing to give you free products or great discounts in return.

You can start as a tester by posting reviews on products you’ve already purchased on Amazon. Amazon has changed its policy, so now it’s harder for brands to get reviews or feedback on their products from customers.

These are the best Amazon testing sites that have the best deals online.


AMZDiscover is such an amazing online search engine where all 80 percent of the potential customers go to for review of the products.

On this, all the reviewers are displayed with necessary information including their name, helpful votes, and reviewer ranking.

6)Amazon vine program

As an official Amazon product tester, you will become a part of the Vine program; you’d get access to a range of products from Amazon that you can choose to review. The prices for these products can range from anywhere between $1 to over $1000 and span every category on the seller’s website.

The vendor cannot influence, modify, or attempt to edit the reviews. Even Amazon does not modify your Vine reviews, you just need to comply with their posting guidelines. A Vine review can be identified with the green stripe Customer review from the Amazon Vine Program.

Other testing groups recommended becoming an Amazon product tester!

Tips for Amazon testers.

    1. Stick to one product category of products.
    2. Fill out the Amazon profile as much as possible
    3. Study your chosen category
    4. Quality is better than quantity always when it comes to Amazon Vine
    5. Update some of your older reviews. This will give you a high chance of getting upvotes and getting noticed by Amazon.
    6. Talk in detail about what you like or didn’t like about the product.

Become an Amazon  Influencer

7)Amazon Influencer Program

Are you an influencer on social media? If you have a huge fan following, then you should definitely join the Amazon Influencer Program. This is an initiative where influencers can get commission on products that are sold through them.

You will have to build links and shopping ads, and then incorporate them into their websites or blogs.

8)Brand Backer

Brand Backer connects all the major brands with more than 20,000 influencers and creators. This site is specifically for beauty and Lifestyle products.  If you are an influencer on any of the sites like youtube, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, you have high chances of getting free products.

Become a facebook committee member

Facebook is a handy tool for those looking to get free products from amazon.

Facebook has more than  2.23 billion users, and Amazon is making use of Facebook’s connectivity. There are quite a few groups om facebook targeted specifically at Amazon sellers and reviewers. These groups cover from review exchanges, product deals and offers, and other product recommendations.

Here I would warn you about a few malpractices happening. According to Amazon’s own guidelines for “promotional content” from sellers, the practice of giving away free products or offering refunds or rebates in exchange for positive reviews is prohibited.

Some sellers offer in facebook Groups offer a fee or free product to the buyer in exchange for a positive 5-star review, which most definitely goes against Amazon’s ToS. However, there are plenty of other genuine facebook groups

I have listed down for you some of the popular groups on facebook.

9)Amazon Free Product Testers Club

This is an open group on facebook so that anyone can join it. Here you will find many useful links and interesting discussions happening about the new ways to get free products.

10)Amazon Reviewer Group

This is similar to the product testers club, but this is a closed group, so you need to be an influential reviewer to be part of this group.


Some other popular Facebook for you to checkout!

    1. Amazon Free Product Testers Club
    2. Free Product Amazon – Honest Reviews And Top FBA Seller Club
    3. Amazon Reviews
    4. World’s Best Amazon Reviews & Deals
    5. Save Money With Amazon Reviewer Test Product

A word of Advice

If you plan on making a lot of purchases through Amazon,  or the sites mentioned in the post, I will highly recommend Amazon Prime. You will save a lot of money, and the products will get delivered faster.

  • Make sure you leave as many reviews as possible; this will help your profile ranking. This will highly benefit you in making purchases.
  • While some sites are definitely better than other websites and offering products, you should still check out all the possible sites regularly. You never know where you will hit the jackpot.
  • Sign up for Multiple Sites & Program

Give one of the above methods a try and start getting yourself some free or heavily discounted products to your doorstep, free of cost. Happy shopping 🙂

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