99 Tips To Save Money As A Stay At Home Mom!


Stay At Home Mom!

Are you A Stay At Home Mom looking To save Money? Then kindly read below!

As a mom, we face a lot of difficulties maintaining day to day budget! We have millions of tasks and chores we do every week. And we have to maintain the expenditure as well. So, it’s essential that we follow a strict budget! But sometimes, no matter how strict we follow a budget we tend to slip up, and we go off track and end up spending money!

I can understand where you come from and it’s very normal to slip up. But what if I tell you I have a few ways which you could try out? These ways will ensure that you can save a little bit here and there. I have come up with a short list of ways a woman or even a mom can save up in here day to day life!

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Let’s start with the list, shall we?

save money mom

Tips To Save Money!

#1. Save Money On Clothing Expenses!

save money mom

This one is a necessity. You spend daily on clothing. And sometimes we are this close to borderline being shopaholic. So, let’s avoid that, shall we? Tips for implementing while shopping is as follows:

1. Share clothes with friends and family

2. Shop Garage sales

3. Check out consignment stores.

4. Buy minimal stuff from thrift stores.

5. Buy most of your clothing offseason. This way you get to buy various collections at a cheap rate. For example, Target has excellent clearance racks, and you just can’t beat shorts and t-shirts for $2-$3 brand new!

6. Make sure you buy a size larger than usual. For example, if you’re a mom and you have a kid, you could buy your toddler two sizes up in dresses, and she’s gotten about 3-4 years out of them.

7. Make it a habit to start at the back of the stores. It is usually where the sale and clearance items are. The markup on clothes is crazy, so wait for it to go on sale!

8. Search Online for Coupons! One good thing about shopping online is that you get plenty of coupons. These coupons serve as a medium for you to buy stuff at a cheaper rate! Exciting right? Well, below are few online sites which come with plenty of such coupons for you which you can use while shopping! They are as follows:

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(i) Honey:

It helps you find the best price on Amazon. It shows various coupons options. It’s as easy as clicking “apply coupons” button on your taskbar (All you have to do is install Honey plugin on your computer). Honey lets you know when the price drops and you can buy eventually.

(ii) Ebates:

At ebates you can earn cash by purchasing. Yes. You can save money easily while shopping at Ebates. You can join for free, and with my referral link, you get $10 after your first purchase of $25 or more!

(iii) RetailMeNot:

Download their plugin or search through their website and find coupons and promo codes to help save you money.

(IV)I Heart Publix

It’s amazing sites to get huge discounts on your shopping. You can use these coupons in grosseries and save money.You can read I heart Publix detailed review and save money on the shopping.

9. If you’re creative enough, then you can design your own clothes!
10. Buy a versatile type of clothing!
11. Always save the gift cards!
12. ThredUp:
This website is a life savior! It’s an online consignment shop. They provide you with a variety of used up clothes but also take used up clothes in exchange. What ThredUp does is that They will send you what they call their “Clean Out bag.” It gets processed, and then they’ll send you an email with your earnings. For the initial 14 days, you can use your credit to purchase items from the thredUP.com. Later on, you can cash out using PayPal or a thredUP Visa Prepaid Card.


save money mom

I know how essential and time-consuming grocery shopping can be. You need to follow a strict budget for grocery shopping. So, here are a few ways where you can save up while shopping for groceries.

1. Always compare Unit prices.

2. Look out for sale papers. Plenty of stores give out circulars which contain information regarding a sale. A few of my favorite ways to check the circulars are:

(i) Flipp.
(ii) Search the grocery directly.

3. Always prepare a precise grocery list.

4. meal prep your meals for the week.

5. Shop your own pantry rather sticking to take out food.

6. Stock up on frequently purchased items whenever they are on sale.

7. maintain a price book where you maintain all the prices and expenditures regarding grocery.

8. The top, as well as bottom shelves at the grocery store, tend to have the cheapest products.

9. Buy generic products and skip the name brands.

10. Skip the convenience packaging.

11. Make your own cleaning products. This way you can save a lot.

12. Make a habit of Buying reusable items.

13. Buy in bulk.

14. Check out co-ops and farmer markets.

15. Cook more vegetarian meals. This way you utilize fewer meat products and save a lot.

16. Use the reusable k-cups.

17. Buy in-season produce.

18. Grind your own coffee.

19. Sign up for loyalty programs. The local stores provide you with plenty of discounts and coupons.

20. Always take advantage of online grocery shopping.

21. Don’t buy precut fruits and veggies. They tend to be pricy, and sometimes they are not on sale as well, so you end up spending a lot.

22. Skip the bottled water.

23. Always follow this: Buying bagged produce vs. individual pieces.

24. Buying sandwich meats at the deli every week usually can be cheaper than prepacked meats.

25. Make your own pancake/waffle dry mix.

26. Reuse overripe fruit in muffins or smoothies instead of throwing it away.

27. Don’t linger in the store. This is a trap because the more you linger around, the more you end spending.

28. Prepare your own food.

29. Organize pantry to keep foods visible.

30. Spread ingredients between meals equally.


save money mom

1. Check for coupons before you go to any restaurant.

2. Check Groupon and Living Social. These sites provide great deals and discount coupons.

3. Try and Skip the appetizers, desserts, and drinks.

4. Always Check to see if the restaurant offers happy hour, specials or deals certain days of the week!

5. Kids eat free! There are plenty of restaurants or stores such as Wallet Hacks who have a list of tons of Kids-eat-free eateries, and it’s organized by day of the week.

6. Restaurant.com: This website offers restaurant gift certificates. For instance, pay $10 for a $25 gift certificate.

7. Gift Card Granny: It provides discounted gift cards, including restaurants.

8. Follow up on Facebook or other social media.

9. Join their email list. This will give you important information regarding the sale details.

10. Order an appetizer for your meal.

11. Don’t forget your doggie bag. I mean never be scared to ask to take your leftovers home.

12. Always Check for restaurant reward programs.

13. Split meals.

14. Family style dining can save you a lot more money than you think.

#4. Save Money On Utilities!

save money mom

1. Make a habit of using LED light bulbs.

2. Use fans more often and the A/C less.

3. Dress warmer or grab an extra blanket to save on your heating bill.

4. Always Buy energy efficient appliances.

5. Make a disciplined habit of Turning off what you don’t need. For instance when you leave a room turn off lights or fan or the heater.

6. fun fact: You can use blackout curtains to help with room temperature.

7. Shop around to compare utility costs.

8. maybe you should also Consider switching to a pre-paid cell plan.

9. Draft blockers for doors.

10. Change your air filters regularly.

11. Use Programmable thermostat.

12. make it a habit never to run a dishwasher or washing machine unless it’s full.

13. Create a maintenance plan for appliances.

#5 Bonus Ideas To Save Money!

night job

1. Consider carpooling to the workplace.

2. Utilize Public transportation.

3. Wash your own car.

4. Do your own nails.

5. Color your own hair. We all know that $10 box of color is much cheaper than a $70-$100 salon trip.

6. If you are an enthusiastic reader- consider Kindle rather than investing in paperbacks.

7. Ditch your Cable.

8. If you go to the movies—make it entertaining and skip the crazy expensive snacks!

9. Cancel unnecessary subscriptions.

10. Make a Family membership to places you’d visit often.

11. You can aways Sign up for a membership at your local library.

12. Make a habit to Ride your bike instead of taking the car.

13. Re-purpose and reuse what you already have.

14. Optimize trips to save gas.

15. Bring your own coffee or pastry or breakfast to work.

16. Negotiate with your bank as well as your credit card company for lower rates.

17. Sell unused items.

18. Get organized.

19. You can also Swap babysitting services with your friends and family!

20. Cut the excessive gym fee and find free ways to get in your exercise.

21. Budget ahead and follow sinking funds.

22. Buy those greeting card/invitations at the dollar store.

23. Try and Raise your insurance deductible.

24. Check out various scratch and dent sales if you need new appliances.

25. Buy school supplies at the dollar store.

26. Shop at the garage sales for toys and books for kids.

27. Buy discounted gift cards of the stores you frequently shop.

28. Buy after the holiday from next year onwards.

29. You can Sign up for surveys to make a little extra cash or earn gift cards.

30. Create and give Handmade gifts.

Final Thoughts:

If you are a mom and you’re also a working mom(or even a stay at home mom), I can relate to the amount of work you put in daily. So, I hope the above ways will help you in some way and will help reduce some of your stress. I can guarantee one thing that if you follow even a few of the above ways you will be able to save a lot more money than you give yourself credit. Happy Reading!

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