9 Easy Online Jobs for Teens That Pay Well in 2020


9 easy jobs for teens

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As a teen, have you ever felt that you want to go out with your friends but don’t have money? Consider those days to be over; in this post, I will tell you fifteen easy ways to earn money and become financially independent?

Who doesn’t want that?

Now you must be thinking that as a teen, who will consider you for a dangerous job? But if you search around a bit, you will find that teens have a great earning opportunity. Being a teen, you must find a job of minimum time duration or no need to spend compulsory hours with that job. You can make money from these job opportunities even if you are underage.

In this world of the Internet, you would be familiar with online jobs. Especially as a teen more so. You can surf on different platforms, where you can find Online Jobs viz. writing jobs, editing jobs, which pay well, to be honest.

Here I am suggesting nine best online jobs for teens, which will help any teen to be an independent teen.


YouTube is one of the biggest platform where you can earn by utilizing your skills in the right way and proper flow. This is like a video blog where you can share your content in the form of videos.

Yes, your videos can make money. Remember, the more your videos get viral, the opportunities of your earnings will increase.

You can follow the given steps to grow yourself on YouTube:

  •  Make an account. If you already have an account, create your YouTube channel. Start uploading videos on Youtube. Once all of your videos cross cumulatively 10,000 views or 1000 subscribers, you are eligible to monetize your videos. Turn on monetization, so you can start earning money from Youtube.



  • Qualitative videos and upload them into your channel. You can sing, act, or make people laugh being as a Comedian. Make sure your videos have some moral values.

The amount you make from your YouTube Channel depends on how many times your videos get viewed.

You can check the following sites of the teens who are earning and growing themselves on YouTube.- MattyBRaps, – Brooklyn and Baily.

Brooklyn and Baily

Presenting your skill in front of the world is the best thing you can ever do because your art leads you to your aim. And YouTube is one of the influencing platforms for your enhanced skills with earning opportunities.


Are you good at academics in your school? If yes, then why not tutor the younger students? You have a great potential to earn as a tutor.

You can be a tutor on any educational platform and provide personal coaching via Skype Video Chat. Tutoring jobs available locally and online, you can apply for online tutoring and can easily earn money with less duration of the task.

I have listed down for you some of the best sites for online tutoring.

  • tutors-live: It provides virtual tutoring and has many streams and subjects. Select your topic and start coaching. This site gives you two free sessions to ensure your accuracy towards your subject and topics.
  • Tutor.com: This is a site which is proudly serving lectures for school and colleges, military families, and libraries.
  • SameSpeak – If you are fluent in the English language or your first language is English; you can be an online tutor here as young as 16 years old.


3)Creative Freelancing Jobs

If you are an expert at creativity like crafts, music, designing, and sincerely dedicated to that creativity, many sites let you showcase your talent while making money.You can checkout this article on 10 best freelance sites in 2020!

  • Freelancer:  Here, you can find global outsourcing marketplaces that let you post and sell your collected output. It operates the bids of all the freelancers to compete. It assembles the work for you and creates a unique impression to the bidders who want to buy your work. You can sell your work to an appropriate bidder.


  • Fiverr – On this site, you can display all your designing work, writing, crafts, etc. and can get paid for freelance work as well. You will get the amount of your rendered work through PayPal.


  • Indeed: You can find many Online Jobs here. Log in to this site, and you can find many online jobs suitable to you.




4. Write Content/Articles Online

If you are a teen, and you love to write, you can become a good content writer for blogs, magazines, websites, etc. Content writing has endless opportunities for earning.

Here is a list of websites that pay you to create content and network with people who can give you good money-making opportunities.

  • Verblio: On this website, you are required to select a writing assignment. Complete that assignment and wait for the client’s approval. If the client likes it, you will get paid for that assignment.
  • Hubpages: You can also join on Hubpages as a content writer.
    Here you will receive an opportunity for revenue sharing. However, the parents’ consent is needed.
  • Helium – If you are a teen of 18 or below, you can write articles for helium and get paid for each article.

You will get more chances of approval when your work has no spelling or grammar mistakes, and the sentences correctly punctuated. The most important thing is timing; complete your as soon as possible (within 24 hours). This will create a good impression of you and your work too.


9 easy jobs for teens


Do you love to craft? You can open your Etsy shop at your home.

Etsy is a fabulous DIYers platform where you can make physical or digital unique products for the selling purpose. The more unique your products, the more earnings you will get.

6)Online Selling

Online selling is the quickest idea for teens to earn money. You can sell clothes, books, electronic devices; at the online marketplaces like e-bay and Amazon.

You can sell anything that has a monetary value.

List out the things which have no use at your home. Surf on different marketplaces, find the best prices, and then sell your stuff. If you have books which you have already read and now it is a space for you, there is a website which sells and purchases books. Recommended sites:
bookscouter, hpb.

7)Food Delivery

If you are a teen under 18, you can get paid by delivering the food orders at the doorstep. To apply for this job, you must be eligible to work in the United States and have access to Android or iPhone.

Click on lifepointspanel  to get yourself registered and start earning!You will learn here that How much pizza to tip pizza delivery guy,so you can get an idea about earning possibility!

8)Make an eBook

If you love to write, making an E-book is an excellent idea for writers to earn a passive income.

If you are a fast writer, create an eBook. It can be anything short tales, moral tales, recipe books, or on any educational topics, which will hardly take a couple of weeks to compile.

Think something about that information which is not evenly available anywhere or not general, Create an eBook and sell it on Amazon Kindle and other eBook selling sites.You can even get paid by reading books on interent!

9)Listen to music

Do you love to listen to music? Seriously! You have an opportunity to make money online by listening to music.

Anyway, I will clear out your confusion. There are many sites which pay you for listening to their music.
Some websites will pay you a reward when you listen to their music and provide them honest feedback.

Slice the Pie and MusicXray will reward you if you have listened to their music and provided an honest review to them.You can get paid by listing music from these amazing sites!


musicOther Ways to Earn Online Money:

You have an opportunity with Uhaul to work as a customer representative if you are 16 or above. You need two things to apply for this job;

    • A good quality USB headset
    • High-Speed Internet


Babysitting is an excellent gig for teens under the age of 18. Sittercity and care.com are recommended sites to the teens who are looking for babysitting jobs.

Here teens have a variety of task to complete and earn money online. Tasks like data entry, translation, writing, etc. If you complete the selected assignment, you will get paid by PayPal. You can earn between 0.02 to 0.035 per word.

I have another idea for teens above 13. Install the Qmee application on your smartphone, and it will show the advertisements whenever you are online. If you click on the given ad, you will be paid online with your Qmee account. Payment will be made via Paypal.

If you have a sweet voice and interested in voiceovers, you must apply to this website. There is no age requirement. You have to create an account or profile and upload your sample voice. Yes, this is like a miracle; you can earn $100 per assignment.

Are you a teen having excellent communication skills, then you can apply here.
Here you will get a chance by the company to review calls and answer the questions about the calls.
You choose your working hours and earn up to $10 per hour, which can be paid out by PayPal.

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