25 Legit Business Ideas For Moms that Earns $3000/week in 2020!


Business ideas for mom

Who Says Mom can’t work? Who says mom can’t come up with a lucrative business idea?

It’s 21st Century and Mom’s rule the business world right now! We all are familiar with a woman’s capability to own and run an establish a business! It’s old news to assume that women take a back seat! Women are quite enthusiasts and are ready to take on the world! Its really old school of you if you think women can’t handle the pressure! Women get what women want! Am I right or what?

I’ve written this article keeping in mind women who are career driven or moms who wish to work and contribute a bit more for her family! So, I have a well-screened list of ideas which will definitely help you out!

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The ideas are as follows:

1. Blogging

night job

Do I even need to tell you about this? I mean this is one of the easiest and the most promising one in the whole list! Blogging is not only a key to success but key to happiness!

If you want to start your own blog, there are plenty of niches that are available for you like fashion, health, lifestyle, affiliate marketing, food, self-help, etc. Pick one and start your blog.

Plus it will be quite flexible, and your schedule won’t be like a 9-5 job! After all, you’re your own boss! If you’re a mom, who has a lot of responsibilities you should definitely consider this as an option!

The common misbeliefs: “I am not a tech-savvy person” or “I don’t have the investment that it takes” etc. are not valid. If you’re a person who knows his way around basic internet workings or can put his ideas into content, then you’re very much capable of coming up with your blog.

Waste no time and start writing!

Check out these inspiring posts to help you start your first successful blog post:

2. Start Your Own Youtube Channel!

If you feel you are funny, or geeky or travel frenzy or even have the slightest knack of imparting knowledge! Well, my friend, this is your calling!

Start your very own youtube channel! You can experiment with a series of content! You’ll be surprised at how good it can turn out in terms of money and viewership!

Youtube generates your income in two ways:

  • One is with ads and,
  • Another is through selling products or affiliate marketing.

When it comes to ads, it creates revenue based on a couple of factors like the number of views you’re getting, or it also depends on the niche you’re in or if you’re using Google Adsense. How Adsense works is that it pays you a few dollars every time someone ( viewer) clicks on an ad that is shown on your videos and will also pay you by impression, i.e., you would get 1$ for every 1000 or so views along with the ad click money.

See? It’s not that time consuming, and you get to put yourself out there and create good content!

3. Affiliate Marketing


What affiliate marketing means is promoting someone else’s product or service. So, when someone purchases the product using your referral link, then you will receive a commission. I know I don’t have to press on the fact of how so many people are earning/making money from affiliate marketing.

There are plenty of companies that offer such services such as Amazon, Clickbank, JVZoo, Warrior Forum, and more companies have the affiliate program.

You’re going to make yourself a decent amount of commission by this program!

Affiliate Marketing is definitely for those who can manage a few tricky steps like to make a landing page for the products or to know how to drive traffic you can for sure earn a decent amount of money.You can earn huge amount as Paypal money generator by following this guide.

If you wish to improve your skills well here is a golden chance to get 2 free months of Skillshare Premium Membership!

4. Candy Making

Candy making is an up and running business! Kids love candy! Adults love candy! It’s an easy-peasy business idea for women to turn their hobby for cooking into a profitable home-based business model.
Homemade candy is quite easier to make and also quite popular. From chocolates to lollipops, kids and even the adults are crazy about candy.
So, what do you think? Worth the try right?

5. Candle Making

candle making

Candle’s are quite a trend these days! People like to own various kinds of candles! It’s quite beneficial in terms of mental health. Candles have these soothing aura!

Plus, you can start with a small budget, and it can be a home-based basis. Like I said the popularity and consumer demand for scented and decorative candles create a tremendous business opportunity for women.

6. Basket Weaving

If you have a knack for creating beautiful things or you’re a creative person, then basket weaving is your option!

Women who want to start a profitable basket weaving business, only requires thoughtful planning (which they are quite good at) and a creative mind.

The basket weaving is one of the highly profitable craft business ideas for women.

7. Card Making

card making

While we are on a topic of “design,” I thought I’ll suggest a few more business ideas surrounding it. A greeting card venture is one of them. Mom’s who find them busy through the day and don’t have enough time can absolutely pursue this!
It’s easy, and you can use your passion for design here! Its cheap and value for money at the end!

8. Party Planner

Who doesn’t like a good party? And if you’re a mom, you are a master at this! Throwing kid’s parties and having to get-togethers or throwing other parties!
This could be a business too. Your ability to throw a great party can earn you money!
Plus, if you enjoy managing events, think seriously about starting this business. Not to mention, this business opportunity is comparatively easy to start, profitable and also enjoying one.

9. Cookie Gift Baskets

cookies making

Helping out kids with teaching them how to make cookies or making those late night batch of cookies just for a treat! Every mom is known to do the above two.
And they’re quite good at it too. So, why not use it as a business idea?
Selling homemade cookie baskets is one of the most profitable business ideas any woman can start with low-cost investment.

And plenty of People search for innovative gifts with homemade specialty items. You can offer special cookie gift baskets for specific occasions.

10. Craft Making

To all those Home-Makers having a hobby of crafts making can convert it into a profitable business. It’s a great home-based venture! This business is known to be inexpensive to initiate.

11. Customized Glass Etching

Are you artistic? Need help trying to create into a business venture? Well, this business is an artistic and profit making business idea. It can be initiated from home.

A home-maker having a creative mind, passionate about glass etching, can start this business with little capital investment.

12. Image Consultant

product review template

If you’re constantly appreciated about your style or how you carry yourself. It might be time to think about being an image consultant! You can use that ability of yours and convert it into a business venture!
It might not be evident at first, about the reasons that people may need an image consultant are quite varied.
And you can deliver the service required and be a help to someone and in return earn money!

13. Jewelry Making

Who isn’t obsessed with owning jewelry? And if you’re one step ahead and love creating them then here is a new business idea for you!

If you’re crazy about jewelry and can handle crafts materials like beads, charms, etc. you can definitely start a jewelry making business.

If you want you can gain some training in jewelry making as well. And later on, start a business with a small investment.

I Have seen plenty of jewelry making business ideas that have a good money making potential. You can start by selling in your local community, gift stores or by an online site like Etsy.

14. Personal Chef

work from home mom

Do you find yourself in the kitchen all the time preparing new dishes or making comfort food? Well, its time you convert that little passion and talent of yourself into a real profitable business!

Create a little menu of your favorite dishes and start a small joint/cafe or even go big and own a restaurant!

If that’s not your calling, then you could always go look for celebrities and cautious health people who generally like to keep personal chef to have a daily basis of healthy and hygienic food. So, If you love to become a personal chef and to work for a celebrity, you may want to initiate this business idea as well.

15. Soap Making

If you’re a passionate craft person, you can start a home based soap making business which needs comparatively low capital investment. You can start with decorative soap making and start selling them to your local community or in gift stores.

16. Wedding Planner

Wedding consulting business may come naturally to an individual who is organized and focuses on details. And who better than a home-maker or a woman who is career driven? They both are a perfect candidate for pursuing such a profitable business.

Not to mention, in the last decade, the need for professional wedding consultants has grown exponentially.

Currently, people are often too busy juggling the demands of their professional and personal lives to oversee minute details necessary to create the wedding of their dreams. This has created enormous opportunity for a start-up entrepreneur considering going into the wedding consulting business.

They need dedicated and trustworthy business owners who can deliver them their dream wedding! So, think it through and go for it!

17. Artist

night job

Do you enjoy painting, sculpting, or drawing? Then you can use that to earn a living from home.
Kindly Check out sites such as AQUENT to apply for creative projects or jobs.

Are you looking for a side hustle? Here’s a golden opportunity to find the perfect side hustle that too work from home!

18. Baby Consultant

Who doesn’t adore babies? Then perhaps helping expecting families is your calling. Right? Baby Planners are well-known consultants who consult new and expecting parents regarding birth preparation and beyond. You can look for courses and find yourself a decent earning gig!

19. Baby Proofing Consultant

Do you have a sight for unsafe conditions? Are you an active advocate for child safety? Babyproofers evaluate home environments for potential and hazardous conditions, and they make recommendations and suggestions to the homeowner to create a safer environment for babies and children. This is a trendy business opportunity!

20. Cakebaker

Do you enjoy baking? Do you always have people complimenting a particular recipe of yours? Well, then what are you waiting for? Turn that passion into a cake baking business. The opportunities are endless. For example, you could pursue – Birthdays, baby showers, weddings, retirement parties, housewarming parties, bachelorette parties, and so on.

21. Career/Life coach

free up resourcesAre you the owner of a successful blog? Do you consider yourself a direct sales guru? Then go ahead and offer your special expertise to others looking for guidance in a specific area. That could be anything. It could be time management, or PR, or stress management or even career guidance. The topics are endless, and not to mention coaching is a terrific home-based career for all year round too.

22. Conference Founder

Do you follow empowering women? Do you count yourself as a motivational speaker? Go ahead and start your own series of conferences or in person retreats for women. This idea involves you to recruit speakers, vendors, and sponsors along with event planning, marketing and a lot of dedication. So, be aware that it comes with responsibilities. You need enough time to pursue this opportunity!

23. Coupon Crusader

Do you get excited about good deals? Whether you’re a blogger or an obsessive social media user, there are many daily deal sites and coupon companies who pay you for sharing deals with your family, friends, and audience. Check these platforms. Some of them are: SheIsMedia and Go Freebies. Go get started now!

24. Expert Advice Giver

save moneyDo you consider yourself a know it all? Do people come to you for advice? I have the right suggestion for you then. Ether is a company that sells expert advice either by phone or via email. So go ahead apply on Ether and set your rate and hours. Ether takes 15 percent of what you earn. Some of the positions you could pursue are a therapist, doctor, nurse, tax expert, or teacher offering their expertise to customers. Go ahead and check it out.

25. Financial Planner

If you majored in finance, business or economics then read this suggestion carefully. For you, a financial planner should be the best idea. Financial planners are required to assist individuals with necessary investment decisions, such as retirement, college, stock purchases, major life events and more.

Final Thoughts:

I really feel positive about these ideas. I think you can really ace one of the above ideas if pursued with enough dedication! I hope the list helps you achieve your goal to become financially independent!

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7 thoughts on “25 Legit Business Ideas For Moms that Earns $3000/week in 2020!”

  1. I love your ideas. In this modern era with the internet at our hands, it is so easy for moms to start a business, while still being at home with our little ones.

    You missed one big idea – network marketing businesses! Similar to affiliate marketing (sharing products you love) but expands past just using links on a website. This is where I and many of my mom friends have built thriving businesses. I get to teach people about an area I am passionate about (in my case, health and ditching nasty chemicals from our homes), have my kids around and earn money. Win win all round!

    • Hello Meagan, I hope you are doing well. Thank you so much for appreciating the article. I really hope more moms connect to this article like you did! And your idea about network marketing business is duly noted. hope you reach out to more moms out there with such fantastic ideas! Thank you so much again for such an amazing comment!


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