Vidizi Review: 3-Step Online Video Creation Software for Social Media Ads

Marketers are boasting crazy impression numbers, click through rates, conversions, and ROI. This is especially the case on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, where video massively over-indexes with those audiences.

But hiring a professional videographer and editor who knows what they’re doing can be expensive and time consuming. How is a small business, ecommerce site, or solopreneur suppose to compete?

I recently came across a potential solution to this problem — a piece of software called Vidizi — that offers a cost-effective way to scale online video creation. Read on to check out my review and get an inside look at this new tool.

Why was Vidizi created?

Like many applications, Vidizi is the product of necessity and practicality. It was invented by Jimmy Kim, a prolific online marketing consultant and CEO of Snaptactix, a company that creates software solutions for online marketers.

About 8 months ago, Jimmy saw a pop-up from Facebook suggesting that video ads are most effective at 15 seconds or less in length. So Jimmy tested it. And, quite frankly, he got some very enviable results.

He spent $2,600 on video ads for an ecommerce product he was selling and made over $52,000 in sales. That exact campaign is shown below:

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