10 Top Sites To Sell Old Electronics And Earn Instant Cash!


sell old electronics

Are you looking to earn some extra cash? Are you tired of your old not so tech savvy electronics?

Well, you’re in luck because here are a few ways you can get rid of your old electronics and actually earn good cash out of it! I am sure you must have quite a collection of old electronics that you can’t wait to get rid of. So, to make it simpler instead of you finding ways I have taken the task up and made a list of sites/ways you can sell those old electronics. So, don’t worry you’ve come to the right place. Check out the done for you list of ways to sell old electronics!

1. BuyBackWorld

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I did some research and have found out that Buybackworld buys backs over 30,000 products! Isn’t that amazing? The process of listing your product to sale is almost similar to other sites. All they need is little detail about the products that’s all. And the main detail regarding the quality. Whether your product is Poor/Broken, Average, Excellent, or New, they offer you a free shipping kit, which includes a bubble wrap pack and prepaid shipping label if you don’t have a printer to print the shipping bill. They have this amazing quick pay option which makes them unique from other sites. So, you need to opt for “BuyBackWorld Quick Pay” option to get paid the very next day after they receive your order. Now, you might have to take a price cut, but if you want your payment faster this is worth the shot! At BuyBackWorld, you can sell in bulk as well.
Payment method: They pay via PayPal or check.

2. Decluttr

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Decluttr gives you the opportunity to sell or buy stuff. You get your payment the day after they receive your stuff. All the shipments are insured for free. At Decluttr you’re guaranteed the first price you’re quoted, else they’ll send your item back to you for free. Decluttr is a simple website and easy to use. How can you sell the products?
You can just search whatever you want to sell and choose a particular quality, i.e., good, faulty, poor. After doing that you can add the said item in the basket. Like this decluttr lets you keep 500 items in your basket, and you can always see the value of each of them before you add them to your cart. Once you’re done with the above process, you will be able to confirm the order and take a print of the final order. All you have to do now is send off the given items in boxes without paying any fees. If you do not have a printer, then Decluttr can send you the shipping label through the mail. There’s a $5 minimum limit for every order at decluttr. This means that whatever you’re selling to Decluttr has to be worth at least $5 before you can complete the order.
Payment method: They pay via PayPal, direct deposit, or check. You could also donate your earnings to charity.

3. iGotOffer

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iGotOffer usually accepts apple products! So you can sell Apple products here for money, but they also accept sometimes Microsoft, Samsung, and Google electronics. You can take help of UPS, FedEx, or USPS to send your products. Like the above sites provide honest information regarding the product. For instance details about the model, carrier, storage capacity, memory, and accessories might be asked. Go ahead and mention them. Once they receive your product, it takes them four business days to process it and send you the payment.
Payment method: They pay in the form of Amazon gift card, or check, or via PayPal.

4. Gazelle

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It’s similar to the above list. You get to sell your products and ship them for a fair price. To know more about how gazelle works lets see an example. For instance, you are trying to sell a mobile phone on gazelle; you need to describe it. How well it works? What condition is it in? Etc. If it is broken then be honest about it. If the phone doesn’t have any cracks or no power issue, then you can list the phone as Good. If the phone is new, then you can list as flawless. Gazelle offers you a personalized free shipping label. One more benefit at gazelle is that if at all your product is not up to the mark they do provide you with a period for you to resend and change the product or provide a revised price to choose from. After that, if you still fail to meet their requirement, then they send your product back.
Payment method: They pay in the form of Amazon gift card, or through PayPal, or check.

5. NextWorth

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Nextworth has a particular category for products they accept. Few of them are a phone, tablet, or wearable. Which only means that you can’t sell old computers, TVs, video games, hard drives, headphones, gaming consoles, etc. They take care of your in the transit process, and they pay via PayPal, and they guarantee the trade-in quote for 30 days.

6. CanitCash

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At CanitCash you can sell broken, old, or unused electronics online, and the site is super easy to use without any issue! There are plenty of options available here. So, there is no issue in getting paid back. At
Canitcash you get an instant quote online before you send them the item. They only ask questions regarding its condition and functionality.

7. Amazon

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It’s one of the most established and well-known platform. At Amazon, You have the opportunity to reach out to millions of people. Their primary aim is to provide customers the right product. They offer a trade-in program as well. You can earn Amazon gift cards in return for selling products. As mentioned above follow the same steps of answering questions about your products and provide honest information. For a few of your products, you will be eligible for “immediate Pay.” whereas the rest of them take a little longer.
Payment method: Amazon gift cards

8. Glyde

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At Glyde, you can sell your product at your own price! People can view your listing at Glyde at a particular price and can choose to purchase it. They have this special feature of guaranteed sale! Where even if no one ends up buying your product Glyde mandatorily pays you for the said product. Glyde provides you with prepaid label and shipping container in which you send out your item. Glyde takes care of all the in-transit process. After the buyer receives their product, Glyde sends you your payment.
Payment Method: Money gets deposited into your Glyde account, after which you can withdraw it straight to your bank, request a paper check, or convert it to Bitcoin

9. Best buy

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They have their own trade-in program for electronics. List the above list you follow the process of listing your product and mention all the products and print the shipping label. They are different from the other sites as they provide you with a lot of brands to choose from.
Payment method: you get paid in the form of Best Buy gift card.

10. Target

Target offers the same kind of trade-in options as the rest of the list does. Also, it’s perfect if you are eager to get a target gift card then this is a winner for you. You follow the same process and at the end print out the label and ship them the product!
Payment method: Pay in the form of Target gift cards.

Final Thoughts:

I hope the above list helps you find a better way to earn instant cash! I hope you can earn good money by giving out old electronics! If you have any queries feel free to share them in the comments below! Happy Reading!

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  1. Gazelle is one I am very familiar with, I have bought a phone from them and have friends who have as well…They are a great site…there are a few unexpected ones on the list like Target…thanks for the list


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