Warrior Forum Is Still The Best Internet Marketing Forum

Warrior forum is still considered one of the best internet marketing forum available in the internet world.




The traffic is declining for last two year on the consistent basis but still it is regarded as one of the best internet marketing forum available in the internet world.

People still come to visit this forum to learn about the internet marketing and grow their online business.

The bitter truth is that there is no such a good genuine forum available in the internet marketing world.People move to facebook and blog to gain a knowledge of internet marketing.

Why is the traffic decline for the warrior forum?

The main reason is freelance.com.

Yes, this looks very surprising reason, but warrior forum is bought by freelance 2 years back in $3 million.The corporate don’t know how to run the forum.

The moderator turns in to the corporate staff and the forum lose the charm.Everything becomes so professional that the forum lose the appeal and it is not the forum we love it.

Now the question comes to the mind that does the forum still worth to visit?

The answer is Yes, Look at the forum traffic.The forum still get 24% traffic from the USA.So there is still an opportunity to make money there.My biggest surprise is that the forum gets around 21% traffic from China.

China is not an English speaking country but still this forum is very popular in the China is very surprising for me.




Let’s look about visibility on the search engine.

As you can see that the forum gets around 20% traffic from the search engine which is quite nice.Warrior forum is still ranking nicely with thousands and thousand of keywords.

Off course, the forum looses the massive organic traffic but still the data is worth to notice.

The conclusion of this post.

There are not any other alternative forums are available in the internet marketing and warrior forum traffic is still good.So i think this forum is still worth and you can learn and can get the updates about the web marketing from this forum.

What do you think?Tell me your thoughts about this forum.Do you still think, it is worth your time and visit?